Wednesday, November 21, 2012

The Many Faces of Stephen Harper

Oh boy. Colour me purple. I see that some professor has finally figured out what I've known all along.

Stephen Harper employs a small army of people to try to make him look pretty.

How many times, for example, have we seen a less-than-flattering photo of the Prime Minister in a newspaper? One in which he is downcast or aloof or sitting slouched, as he often is, in the House of Commons? Although Mr. Harper is a reticent man, not given to smiling, notice the great number of photos you see of him sporting a wide grin.

Journalism is supposed to reflect reality, but if Mr. Harper is ever angry, we’d never know it. His photo presentation is a propagandist’s dream – and it is not by accident.

And although that's not exactly news, for never has a Canadian leader been so ugly and so vain, this is definitely alarming eh?

“Through the ‘drip, drip, drip’ of digital visuals, they may be winning a subliminal priming battle,” he writes. Editors are looking at these photos, one Tory strategist told him, and “over time this can frame how they perceive the PM.”

So I just want to tell the professor don't worry I'm working on the problem...

I've been working on it for a long time...

And I intend to continue portraying Great Ugly Leader as he really is, in all his vanity and depravity.

Until he looks like Mitt Romney did the other day, pumping gas in La Jolla, California...

For that's what a Con loser should look like eh? Poised between mooching a cigarette or trying to steal your wallet.

And oh yeah, I'm doing it for Canada, but I'm also doing it for myself.

For the idea of living in a country where democracy is a farce, scientists are muzzled, the truth is what they say it is, and Big Brother is PRETTY, is simply too much to bear.

And since I am not alone.

I know that as long as I keep laughing at them, I might yet survive this nightmare.

Harperland sucks.

And ain't this the prettiest picture?

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Anonymous said...

Mulcair reneged on his word, regarding the Enbridge pipeline, some time back. Justin Trudeau just reneged on his word too. He now approves of the Enbridge pipeline. He approves Harper selling this country out to Communist China. Harper has approved all company's, to hire that cheap labor.

The only politician who had the guts, to call Harper on his Treason, was Elizabeth May. The rest of them sat there like, useless gutless wonders. Those useless twits approve of, Harper giving China the bulk of the tar pits. They approve of Red China taking all of the resource jobs. In BC there are 2,000 Chinese coming to take BC's mining jobs.

Harper has given a Communist country the right, to sue anyone opposing the Chinese. Their destruction of our country, has Harper's approval. If people in BC oppose the Enbridge pipeline? Harper has given Red China the right to sue.

CSIS even warned about, Red China's intrusion into Canada. BC was specifically mentioned. Campbell who works for Harper, gave BC's resources to Red China too, plus all of the jobs. This was quite some time back. Harper and Campbell plotted the Chinese takeover, way back.

However, as much as we yelled and posted about, Campbell giving Red China all of BC's resources and jobs, no-one listened. Citizens of BC were totally ignored. CSIS was also ignored.

Now the panic is on. It's too damned late now. Flaherty said. They are not Conservative. We already knew that, long ago. Harper was Policy Chief, for his Northern Foundation Party, from 1989.

Flaherty says. Harper is doing something stupid. I don't remember Harper, doing anything, that wasn't stupid. Is Flaherty talking about this? Harper gives a speech in New York, at the Council of Foreign Relations. This was Sept 25/2007.

Harper is dividing Canada up, between Red China and the U.S. The American oil workers are going to work in Canada. U.S. Veterans, are going to build the Key Stone pipeline, out of Alberta. America won the contract for, the tear down of the old smelter in Kitimat. They are also building the new smelter. They brought their own workers with them. The U.S. owns some of the mines, going into Northern BC, they are bringing their own miners with them.

If China owns new mines in Northern BC, they will bring their own workers.

It is also known, Harper cheated to win the election, with his rob-call election fraud. The warning was before the election. What has the opposition done? They have done squat.

Willy said...

Hi Simon,

Thanks for the shout out

Simon said...

hi anonymous...Elizabeth May is doing an excellent job in Parliament, but let's face it, the Greens aren't going to win the next election. And if we divide the vote further the Cons will win again. Personally I'd like to see one new united progressive party or a coalition, for I truly believe its the only way to really destroy the Cons. I'll be writing more about that soon...

Simon said...

hi are most welcome maestro. I'm really fascinated with what you are doing with Gifs, I don't think I've ever seen them used for politics so well, and I'm really envious. ;) Keep up the good work !!

Beijing York said...

What Simon said. I love your GIFs, Willy.