Friday, November 02, 2012

The Con Mob and the Big Sellout

I'd much rather write about politics than crime. But with Stephen Harper and his gang in power I have no choice but to write about both. At the same time.

So welcome to a new season of Con Stories. 

And tonight's scary episode: The Case of the Radioactive Man.

In an exclusive interview with CBC News Networks' Power & Politics, Nathan Jacobson, the Canadian businessman who pleaded guilty to money laundering in a U.S. court four years ago, says he is protecting friends in the Canadian government because he is "radioactive."

Jacobson hosted a number of Canadian-Israeli receptions on Parliament Hill, and said that people from the Prime Minister's Office attended, as well as Immigration Minister Jason Kenney and Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird.

The story of the Con buddy and convicted money launderer who Canadian police took so long to arrest, the Americans couldn't believe it.

American authorities expressed “extreme frustration and confusion” over the failure of RCMP to act on the extradition of fugitive businessman Nathan Jacobson, says a private detective who says he was hired to track Jacobson down.

Snowdy suggested that the political sensitivities around Jacobson may have affected the RCMP’s handling of the case. Jacobson was once friendly with Cabinet ministers Jason Kenney and John Baird. “It would not surprise me if (the RCMP) issued a statement exonerating him from the U.S. conviction and nominating him for an Order of Canada,” he said. “I can’t figure them out.”

But of course, we can believe it eh? Because we know those Con mobsters. And we know that a gang that would try to steal an election, strangle our democracy, murder reason, muzzle scientists, and smother us with the Big Lie, is capable of ANYTHING.

So while we wait in vain for an arrest in the robocall job, or wonder whether Harper's   former confidant will be found guilty of influence peddling.

And comes back to haunt Great Boss Leader...

Guess what the gangster Cons up to now? Preparing to cop a plea or flee the country? No. Selling us us out to the Beijing Mob.

The first thing you need to know about the Foreign Investment Promotion and Protection Agreement, which has been called Canada’s most important treaty since the North American Free Trade Agreement, is that the treaty wasn’t concluded with the legitimate government of China, because there is no such thing. It is nonetheless quite right to call the deal a “protection agreement.” That’s because the Chinese Communist Party has mutated into a classic protection racket that brutalizes and corrupts everything it touches.

This isn’t socialism with Chinese characteristics. This is the Sopranos with Chinese characteristics.

For this isn't a Canadian government, it's a criminal conspiracy. The Sopranos with Con characteristics.
Tom Mulcair was labelled an anti-trade, anti-business extremist Wednesday for threatening to rip up a controversial investment treaty with China.

"Let me be very clear," Mulcair told the House of Commons. "The Conservatives will not tie the hands of the NDP. We will revoke this agreement if it is not in the best interests of Canadians."

For can you believe Harper calling Mulcair an extremist? For standing up for Canada, while he bends backwards to pleasure the Boys in Beijing. Have you ever heard anything more outrageous? Who's that sellout working for anyway? 

And the good news?

It's going to be a scary new season of Con Stories...

But whether this ghastly gang is found guilty of grand larceny, or TREASON.

Or criminal incompetence, or stealing an election, or violating the limits of human decency, or gang raping our precious Canadian values.

We have those sleazy Cons where we want them. Stewing in their own filth.

Justice will be done.

And there will be a happy ending... 

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Anonymous said...

That isn't the way it works in a Communist country. There are no such things as, morals, ethics and honor in Communism. Absolutely everything is evil.

There is no democracy. Civil Rights and Liberties, taken from the people. There is no Freedom of Speech. There are no Human Rights. No election is fair and democratic. Cheating to win elections, if you can't win honestly. Lies, deceit, dirty tactics, dirty politics, thefts, threats and corruption. Rewards for dirty, evil politicians. All in part, with a Communist country.

In a Communist country, control of the masses is essential. Police, judges, courts, media, scientists, absolutely everything is controlled. The military will mow down any person, who dares to oppose. There are tanks to run you down. We all saw those atrocities, right on TV.

Harper was found guilty of, stonewalling, hiding evidence regarding, the torture of the Detainee's. ICC left it up to the RCMP to pursue, Harper's war crimes and crimes against humanity. In a Communist police state, that never happens either.

Good for Mulcair. When it comes to extremism?? We want someone very extreme, for Harper's selling Canada out to Communist China. That is being a Traitor. Selling Canada out to Communist China, is High Treason.

Canada belongs to the people. Harper thinks he has the God given right, to turn OUR country, into a Communist country. Harper even has the gall, to bring that Communist country, right onto our Canadian land. Bugger off Harper, you have no right, to even live in this country. Take your ranting raving, name calling Ministers with you.

Anonymous said...

Dream on Simon.......ain't going to happen. Now Muclair going to jail....more likely. LOL

How's Jack these days?

Anonymous said...

If the CPC is a mob, then when are the hits going to start? Come on now, you know what I mean.

Simon said...

hi anonymous...I don't think Harper is a Communist, I think he is far more messed up than that. He is a Christian Dominionist Straussian right-winger, who is also, according to those who know him, a student of Stalin. And of course, he is also a revolting bully, with authoritarian tendencies.
If any psychiatrist can unbundle all that, I wish him or her luck, for it won't be easy... ;)

Simon said...

hi know I think I've been pretty patient with you. I don't want to discourage Cons from coming here and trying to defend the indefensible.
But I'm afraid my patience has finally run out. For comments like this one aren't worth publishing, even if they show people what Cons are like.
You are clearly a very unhappy, and deeply disturbed person, and your comments are too sick to publish.
So unless you clean your act up I will delete any future ones, or consign you to the spam folder, where you can rest in peace among the viagra and XXX ads, where I'm afraid you belong.
Please seek treatment as soon as possible. Have a nice life and try to be a better person...

sassy said...

Thank you Simon, for saying what many of us are thinking.

Simon said...

hi sassy...if you referring to anonymous... I finally had to do something because far too many Cons equate politeness with weakness. And they think they can get away with anything.
If you are referring to the Con and I have been on the same wavelength for more years than I can remember. I've never seen anything so horrible, and after they are defeated I hope I never see anything like them again...

Simon said...

hi anonymous....must you always be so literal and so violent? What's wrong with you? Have you ever heard me call for anyone to hurt or kill the Cons? NEVER. I stand for peaceful resistance and for them to be democratically defeated. I've seen more violence than you'll ever see, and it sickens me. So keep your violent fantasies to yourself, because I'm not interested...