Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Jim Flaherty and the Slash and Spend Cons

Even in a place as scary as Harperland, it was a frightening sight.

Jim Flaherty holding his head in his hands, delivering his budget update to the House of Commons Fredericton Chamber of Commerce.

Trying and failing to explain why despite the way he is slashing jobs all over the country, the deficit just keeps getting bigger.

A weakening global economy will result in a dramatic increase in Canada's deficit this year, Finance Minister Jim Flaherty said Tuesday in his fall economic statement.

In a speech to the Fredericton Chamber of Commerce, Flaherty said the deficit will jump to $26.2 billion — up $5.1 billion from the $21.1-billion estimate in his March budget.

Failing to explain why he can't count, or why he didn't see it coming:

Because of declining commodity prices — especially oil, which drives much of Canada’s economy — the government is estimating it will collect $36 billion less in royalties and tax revenues, about $7.2 billion for each of the next five years, than it had forecast in the last budget.

When it was so predictable...

(Click pic to enlarge)

Failing to explain why knowing what might happen, the Cons would put all our eggs in one basket, jack up the dollar, and kill good manufacturing jobs all over the country.

Or why at the same time they are killing jobs and slashing services for the poor, they are still giving juicy tax breaks to corporations, and still spending money like hogs on things we don't need.

Like the never ending barrage of Con propaganda.

Or Stephen Harper's monstrously extravagant Great Gourmet Tour of Asia...

Or the buffing fluffing of Jason Kenney's ghastly image.

The Department of Citizenship and Immigration spent almost $750,000 monitoring ethnic media over the past three years, including assessments of election campaign events and "perceptions" of minister Jason Kenney.

Or all the other wasteful ways they use OUR money to help THEM win the next election.

But then why should we be surprised eh? When that's what Cons always do.

First they cut taxes, starve government, and create a structural deficit.

Notwithstanding the Conservatives’ repeated rejections of the PBO claim, last year’s budget was an implicit admission that a significant portion of the federal government’s deficit was structural. If the Conservatives really believed that the deficit was purely cyclical, there would have been no need to adopt austerity measures in order to bring the budget back into balance.

Then they slash government to the bloody bone. Then they spend money on things we don't need, and grow another deficit, so they can kill government some more.

Because that's the only thing, Stephen Harper, Mitt Romney, and little Jimbo Flaherty care about...

For they are ideologues not economists, and if they are not stopped they will lead us off the fiscal cliff, and turn our country into a jungle.

So Lord Jimbo can rule over our economic destiny, from the height of his mole hill. While the demented Lord Harper plays the piano, foreign workers steal our jobs.

And we chase after tourists shouting "Mistah... Mistah... wanna buy a wood carving?"

Great eh?  

And the good news? After this only Cons or idiots will believe they are good money managers.

Harper and his gang are going down.

The Con artists will finally be exposed.

And history's judgement will be harsh...

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  1. e.a.f4:50 AM

    When Mulroney & his conservatives were in power the deficit increased substantially. The liberals brought it down. Then we got Stevie Slime & his conservatives & the deficit went up again. Conservatives just don't know how to run a government & seem to just increase the deficit with no benefit to the voters/citizens.

    The Conservatives are like drunken sailors when they get to the money & just spend, spend, spend. it wouldn't be so bad if they spent on infrastructure, health, education, etc. Conservatives like to spend on themselves & their friends. They need to go, fast before treason steven gives the country away to china.

    1. hi e.a.f...the Cons use deficit cutting like a mantra, so they can cut programs that help poor Canadians, then spend money on useless things while cutting taxes for the rich, so the deficit keeps growing, and they can cut more social programs. It's just a farce, and just one more reason why they should be driven from power...

  2. Anonymous8:13 AM

    It sounds like they might have to reintroduce those two points back on the G.S.T.

    1. hi Mark...they were warned when they cut the GST that it would lead to a statutory deficit, but they figured it would win them votes, so they did it all the same. As I've said so many times before, how anyone can think that those klowns are good money managers is simply beyond belief...

  3. Well that was bang on, Simon. Harperland duped the nation (the 40% of it anyway that are so mud dumb stupid) into believing they are good 'fiscal managers.' Their WHOLE HARPERLAND GIG is designed to fail, designed to cut from government because right wing reactionary Reform Party ideologues HATE government. Government does things like allocate for the poor, the disadvantaged, the infirm, the ill and the marginalized as well as toward a fair and equitable society, but to Reform troglodytes that is considered THEFT from THEIR wallets, because 'I ME MY MINE' is ALL that matters to them, and 'fuckem all' concerning all else is their motto. Oh yes I saw this coming. I KNEW this would be the outcome of Canada's Stupidest Election in history, where hillbilly's, hayseeds and cowboys waved their hats and blew spouts of spittle spray ten feet into the sky screaming YAHOO!! when Harper got his majority. PEOPLE, CANADIANS need to come together and pool resources and create and buy TV ads that run these Connie CROOKS to the ground, exposing every damn lie they've said and every damn negligent bill they've passed.

    1. hi Wazz...well said. That's exactly what the Cons are up to, cutting government and regulation so Big Business and Big Oil can do what they want, and turn Canadians into low wage slaves. They hate the word community, they worship at the altar of selfishness, and if we don't stop them they will turn Canada into a jungle...

  4. Well, here's a blog I am in tune with! I spend a good portion of my early morning looking over whatever the latest Harper disaster is and trying to figure out where we go from here. Like you, I see Harper and the Regressive Conservatards on the way out the door-problem is how do we fix this mess? I think we need to ask the UN to monitor our next election , for a start but how do we stop all the bullshit created by these guys. Can we declare the whole CON government illegally elected so we can void all transactions done by them. Perhaps we take them to court to retrieve monies illegally spent such as Clementland Gazebo Guy.

    1. hi Sue... like you I spend my days carefully recording the Con government's atrocities, and wondering how we can stop them. The way I see it the courts may eventually rein them in, and hopefully arrest a few of them. But since we are more than them, the best way to get rid of them is to unite, stop fighting ourselves, and concentrate on the real enemy. It's not a very popular position to take because people are so partisan. But considering how awful the situation is, I don't see any other way out...

  5. Anonymous1:40 PM

    My first time here. Am I off base or is this just another communist rant site? Any balanced discussions?

    1. hi anonymous...no this isn't another communist rant site. If you want that please go to the Chinese Communist Capitalist Con site, and you can recite the party line along with all your other fellow sheep. On the other hand, if you wish to challenge anything I wrote, you are most welcome. For as we progressives like to say, the truth will set us free...