Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Mitt Romney and the Con Cicadas

Oh boy. I don't know how to say this, but I feel I almost owe Mitt Romney an apology. 

For while it's true that he's a shameless huckster who lied so much he almost fooled enough Americans into making him President. 

Which scared the bejeezus out of me eh? 

And although it's also true that he's a crass zombie who wanted to screw the poor, torch the planet, bomb Iran, and return women and gays to the 1950s. And even threatened to push the U.S. and the rest of the world off a fiscal cliff if he lost. 

I have to give the guy SOME credit.

Because he did make Cons all over North America wail like banshees today, or grind their teeth like a swarm of horny cicadas. Bzzzzzz... Bzzzzz.

By fooling them into thinking he was going to win, so they were soooooooo disappointed. #!@#!! Or very sad. Or just plain delusional. 

He did make Karl Rove look like an idiot, or worse. 

“Karl Rove looks like a gross egg that has a head cold.”

This is priceless. Unless you were one of the suckers who gave Rove all that dough.

And Mitt's victory party may have been a bust.

Down on the floor, eyes started to water and redden. The boisterousness that had fueled the party a few hours earlier fell to a whisper. It got harder to find a supporter not holding a beer or a glass of red wine, and then impossible, when campaign aides started to keep reporters off the floor.

More states fell. Iowa. Colorado. Then Ohio. Save for the dour voice of Brit Hume, broadcast over the worst party you have ever been to, it became eerily silent in Boston.

But I enjoyed it enormously. 

And I thought his concession speech song was refreshingly honest...

Gosh. It's hard to believe that I once thought he was SCARY.

And although I do want everyone to know that I never lost hope. 

I also have to say this:

Hope is great eh?

But I do so love the sound of Con cicadas in the evening. 

Bzzzzz....Bzzzzzz.  #!@#!!

So victory is even BETTER...

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Kev said...

I have to admit it isn't the Romney's of this world that scare me the most, no those who genuinely terrify me are the average people who continue to empower the Romney/Harper's of this world by voting for them. For without that support they would be nothing.

Anonymous said...

If I was Karl Rove, I'd be applying for acceptance into the 'Republican party pundit protection program'. His 'investors' will be wanting their money back.

sassy said...

I agree Kev.

Simon said...

hi Kev...I know what you mean. And the most depressing thing is that the right-wing is so successful in convincing so many poor people to support them, with all kinds of wedge issues. They get them thinking they are carrying a cross for the American or Canadian Way, when all they are doing is carrying water for the millionaires. It's depressing, but better than it was a while back, so we are making some progress...

Simon said...

hi sassy...think of it this way, if we took the slave states of the old Confederacy out of the mix in the U.S., and Alberta out of the mix in Canada, the Cons in both countries would be left with almost nothing. As it is they will slowly be marginalized, and as they are the Con movement will split into warring factions, and they will tear each other apart. At least that was the lovely dream I had last night... ;)

Simon said...

hi anonymous...good one. Three hundred million for diddly squat, if I were Rove I wouldn't accept any limo rides in the middle of the night. And get this, as if the Trump assault wasn't bad enough, I hear that Rove is now claiming that it was a case of "voter suppression." Muahahahaha. Lord I am so unworthy, what did I do to deserve this? So I can keep doing it again and again... ;)

Anonymous said...

Maybe if so called progressives got over themselves and actually listen to people out side their narrow comfort zone.......