Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Rob Ford and the End of the Moron Nation

Well it was never going to be a pretty sight eh? You can't put lipstick on a Con.

But there was Rob Ford  as ugly as ever. Blaming everybody but himself, after hitting the ground with a sickening thud. 

An Ontario judge ordered today that Toronto Mayor Rob Ford be relieved of his duties as the city's chief magistrate after it was found he violated conflict of interest rules, but the outspoken politician says he'll fight the decision.

Heaving with indignation, vowing to fight tooth and nail, or in his case toof and hoof, to keep his job. Because you know it's all a conspiracy.

"This comes down to left-wing politics. The left wing wants me out of here and they'll doing anything in their power to," he said.

When in fact everyone but him, his brother Doug, and the drooling remnants of his Moron Nation, knows that the monstrous gravy sucking Fordzilla was the author of his own misfortune.

With Ford, it’s always someone else’s fault. But his excuses never clanged more hollow. The conflict of interest violation that could leave Ford jobless is entirely his doing. It was easily avoided through exercising just a modicum of common sense and a bit of self control. But that, of course, has never been Ford’s strength.

A crass, vulgar, millionaire, a political thug who used racism and dirty tricks to get himself elected. 

An ugly bigot who made gay people feel unwelcome in their own city, and bullied anyone who dared stand in his way. A pathetic child man who preferred coaching a football team to running Canada's biggest city. And thought rules were made for others.

The evidence is everywhere. When Ford presses city employees to work on behalf of his family’s company, when he bullies managers who dare to disagree, and sets coaching high school football ahead of his public duties, even to the point of putting city staff and resources at the disposal of his team, it shows an absence of integrity.

The smarmy Con pol who was caught plotting with his fishing buddy Stephen Harper, at a Bubba BBQ the PMO didn't want you to see. 

The dumb as a spoon suburban demagogue who would declare war on the bicycle instead of the car, and throw away $60 million in car registration fees, on his first day in office, in a city choking in its own fumes.

But doesn't have enough money to help poor kids, or save the old animals of little Far Enough Farm.

Like my friend Jake...

Oh yeah. It may not be the best way to get rid of a mayor. But it's the best day EVER in the history of Toronto.

And I've got to be brutally honest eh? I don't really care how Rob Ford is brought down. Nailed by the law, or framed with a hooker.

As long as the Fordzilla's greasy grip on Toronto is loosened...

And he hits the ground with a sickening thud.

Like he did the other day.

Over and over again...

Gawd. It's true eh? The bigger you are the harder you fall.

One Con down.

Many more to come...

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  1. Anonymous4:13 AM

    Do not underestimate these people. The struggle continues.

    1. hi anonymous...don't worry I don't. We won't be safe until we defeat them at the polls in the next election. And progressives better start thinking about how we intend to do that....

  2. Anonymous7:53 AM

    According to my sources, the judge didn't stipulate he couldn't appeal; the judge didn't forbid him from running for office again; the judge didn't forbid him from running a bi-election and it won't be because of any judge that the frod brothers now call in every i.o.u. that any of their upstanding pals in the CONstruction business or any other above-reproach walk of life endeavor to bring to bear all of the behind-the-scenes pressure imaginable or unimaginable so as to assist these two fine, upstanding citizens of Canada. I hope the Sopranos are paying attention. They are probably going to be able to pick up a few pointers on how to really run a right-wing, character-assassinating all-out bloodbath of a reinstatement campaign.

    1. hi anonymous...I'm sure the brothers will do all they can to try to stir up a grassroots revolt, or get their Moron Nation to make a fuss. And I'm sure that they will be running in the next election. But I'm also pretty sure that they won't get anywhere, because even many of those who voted for them now realize they made a terrible mistake....

  3. I cringe at the thought, but something tells me this bully will be able to get away with his "tooth and nail" approach and stay in the Mayor's office. I don't think he's done yet unfortunately, but at least he gets a message of play by the same rules that apply to everyone else.

    1. hi bcwaterboy...he may get an extension, but I read the judgement and it seems just about waterproof to me. And I'm pretty confident that if and when an election is called, if progressives can unite behind a good candidate, it will be game over for the Fords...

  4. Anonymous11:09 PM

    This is the best article yet on the REAL Ford!!! Bravo!

    1. hi anonymous...thanks...there is so much more I could have said, but my posts are already too long... ;)

  5. Anonymous1:38 AM

    Ford will be back, then you will eat crow, and many will laugh.

    1. hi anonymous...well only time will tell. But right now everybody is laughing at Ford, and my guess is even those who were once his supporters have had enough. If somebody like Olivia Chow runs, polls show she could easily win. And that was before this latest scandal. How do you like your crow? With French fries or a salad? ;)

  6. Anonymous12:30 PM

    Ford ran on the premise of finding that magical gravy train at City Hall. I think he really wanted to redirect it to his house for his fries and cheese. It was all about Poutine, more and more Poutine...