Saturday, November 10, 2012

Stephen Harper's Disastrous Tour of India

Well I see that Stephen Harper's Great Samosa Tour of India is finally over, and that it was a complete and utter disaster.

As well as the most outrageous use of the taxpayer's dough abroad since Bev Oda bought herself a $16 glass of orange juice in a London hotel.

For although Great Spiritual Leader somehow managed to get his picture taken at every sacred temple of every Indo-Canadian community in Canada. 

His talks with the Indian government ended disastrously. 

Prime Minister Stephen Harper has pushed back against Indian government warnings of Sikh extremism in Canada, saying that the federal government won’t interfere in the right to free expression.

In a meeting with Harper, Preneet Kaur, Minister of State of External Affairs, said the “revival of anti-India rhetoric” in Canada was of “great concern.”

The Indian Prime Minister refused to hold even the shortest news conference with him. The trade mission barely made enough money to gas up this mother of all planes. 

And despite the monstrous samosa orgy on the way over...

He even managed to screw up his date with the butter chicken.

After an initial flip-flop, it is final. Canadian premier Stephen Harper will visit a dhaba in Sector 28 on Wednesday to grab a bite of ''Punjabi desi khana'', about which he has reportedly heard much from NRIs settled in his country. Official sources monitoring his trip here confirmed that a visit to the eating joint, which was popular for both chicken and mutton cuisines, was back on the Canadian prime minister's itinerary after it was cancelled due to security concerns.

Which was planned, then cancelled, then on again, only to end like everything else, badly.

Having kept the Chandigarh Police on tenterhooks for all of Wednesday, Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s — in a last minute schedule change — had dinner at Deluxe Dhaba. The much anticipated visit to Pal Dhaba in sector 28 did not materialise. Harper was accompanied with a 60-member delegation to have a taste of the typical Indian flavour.

With Harper and his entourage stuffing themselves like hogs, under the watchful eye of 500 police officers, and the poor owner of the Pal Dhaba lamenting his fate.

Fully prepared to receive and treat the Canadian PM to a delicious meal, the owner of Pal Dhaba, Mahinder Singh said: “We have been making arrangements for the past one month. At the last moment they changed the venue. All our preparations went in vain. The food we had prepared for 50 people will now be enjoyed by our cooks and waiters.”

Or cursing Harper's name, like millions of commuters...

Commuters had to face massive traffic jams — some nearly an hour long — as Canadian PM Stephen Harper made his way across the city Wednesday. The road from Industrial area to JW Marriot hotel was blocked for almost an hour. “We got intimation that PM is leaving the venue and we blocked traffic. But then he stayed at the venue for another 20 minutes,” said DSP (Traffic) Kamal Deep.

Gawd. Can you believe that eh? They couldn't PULL him away from the table.

Oh well. No doubt the Con operatives in the PMO will claim that the Great Samosa Tour was a huge success.

And that apart from stimulating the butter chicken industry, promoting Sikh separatism, and throwing Canada's his weight around.

Great Globetrotting Leader also made progress in other sensitive areas...

Because you know, there are too many Chinese workers at this mine. 

And too many ungrateful Mexicans at this Tim Hortons. 

So we need new options slaves.

But all I want to know is who will dare stick us with the bill for this outrageously extravagant monster photo-op?

How many pounds did Great Glutton Leader put on?

Was there ever a more shameless Prime Minister?

Was there ever a worse ambassador?

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miramichimike said...

So PMSHITHEAD didn't get any time with the India prime Minister. That is telling. But not unexpected.
He has received the cold shoulder and rebukes concerning his environmental policies from most G20 leaders.
Then again no popular leader of any progressive country wants to have any connection to a fascist.

Voice of tReason said...

Super safe Stevemobiles shipped in (because India is an unstable, terrorist ridden country - in Stevie land)

New trade agreement to send uranium to nuclear armed unstable, terrorist ridden country.


Anonymous said...

Right you are, Voice of Reason. Giving uranium to unstable terrorist country's. Giving our country and all of the jobs, to Communist China.

Where has Harper ever gone, that he hasn't managed to insult and anger everyone? Especially at meetings of Nations. Country's despise Harper's dictating, his bullying and his hissy fits, when he doesn't get his own way. He's a damned pathetic embarrassment, everywhere he goes.

Harper's close relationship with Communist China, hasn't done Canada any good either. I believe India, was one of the country's, that had their secret files, hacked into by China. It's more like India, can't trust Harper. We certainly do not forget, the Air India bombing either.

China is certainly aggressive to the Philippines. They are trying to take a small island rich, in resources, away from the Philippines. The U.S. is in a stand off with China, regarding their threat to the Philippines.

Even the U.S. is wary of Harper. China sold infected electronic components to the U.S. Their missiles and other weapons, had infected components purchased from Communist China. Their jets could have fallen out of the sky. Everything had to be checked and rechecked. Harper redistributed those infected components. Harper poopoohed the dirty Chinese components, to the U.S.

All of those country's, are very worried about their security, because of China.

China is in trouble again. They are cheating people out of their wages in a country, where China owns a mine. China is very famous for their corruption and cheating, of people in other country's.

However, Harper is now, kissing Obama's butt. Harper kicked Obama in the face over the Key Stone pipeline. Now he is doing a major suck-up to Obama. I don't know what Obama will decide, he banned China from investing in a wind farm, in the U.S.

Canada has permitted the Sikh people into Canada. Why I don't have a clue. We have the Arabs in this country too. They call us, dirty infidels and call western women whores. They insult us, we don't run around and kill them for insulting us. They killed people, who had nothing to do with that stupid video. If they are now teaching hate in their schools, we want all of them, shipped back to their own country's. Why do those Arabs come to live here, among we dirty infidels and whores anyway? Send them all back. Send back every one of them, who believe in honor killings. Ship the Chinese triad out too. Ship out the Sikh's as well.

I have neighbors from India. I have Chinese neighbors. They are very nice, good people. I don't think of them as, from India or China. I think of them as friends and neighbors.

I don't like the Arab hate. taught in their schools. I detest honor killings. I don't like the Sihk's, being aggressive. Those people don't belong in our country. The Iranian people in Toronto, thought it was perfectly right, to kill people who had no part in those videos. Get our people out of their country's, AND, KEEP THEM OUT. We are sick to death of their hate, murdering and their intolerance.

Simon said...

hi miramichimike...Yes I'm afraid Lord Harper was thoroughly humiliated by the Indian Prime Minister, treated like a doormat. I saw pictures of them sitting side by side, and the body language couldn't be more telling. Needless to say I'll be sending a telegram to the Indian PM congratulating him on his good taste... ;)

Simon said...

hi voice of reason...I see you live up to your name , because that is a VERY good point. Stephen Harper's disconnection from reality is becoming ever more alarming, and definitely more dangerous. But then look at this way it could have been worse, he could have sold the poor Indians even more asbestos...

Simon said...

hi anonymous... We should not generalize, or make sweeping statements about any groups of Canadians. The Harper government is the problem, not Sikh or Chinese Canadians. We must not let our anger at what the Con regime is doing to this country, blind us, or make us as bad as they are....