Friday, November 23, 2012

The Liberals and the Tempest in a Tar Pond

Holy inquisition. What Harperland Voodoo is this? 

David McGuinty is being burned toasted at the stake by the LIBERALS, for telling the truth about the Alberta CONS? 

Ontario Liberal MP David McGuinty apologized Wednesday and resigned his post as the party’s natural resources critic after he said Alberta MPs need to take a nationwide view of energy policies or go home.

While the Cons wank themselves into a frenzy, or swing from the rafters of the House of Commons like a pack of horny monkeys with blue behinds, so inflamed is their outrage. 

Well, of course, happy and outraged. Deeply, terribly outraged. Yes, yes, incredibly outraged. Profoundly saddened even. So immensely outraged, in fact, that the Immigration Minister was sent out after the meeting of the Conservative caucus to specially address the matter. And no less than four Conservatives—each of them an Albertan who could claim a personal affront—were sent up before Question Period to variously fume.

Or so PHONY.

Macaca. Macaca. Somebody throw them a banana. What a tempest in a tar pond.

For let's face it eh? The blessed martyr McGuinty may have been a bit premature by wishing the Alberta Cons would take a hike BEFORE we crush them in the next election. But everything else he said was bang on.

The Cons from the ridiculous one-party state of Alberta, are as provincial as they come, and as greedy, selfish, and arrogant, as their redneck cousins from Texas.

For the last forty years they have been badmouthing people in the rest of the country,  and sacrificing pancakes to their Cowboy God demanding that he let the Eastern Bastards Freeze in the Dark  

In Ottawa, as the ongoing cap-and-trade saga demonstrates, the rhetoric, of West vs. the Rest lives on. The “job-killing carbon tax” line is nothing if not a dog whistle to westerners still fearful of Ottawa’s grubby hands. That the line itself is baldly hypocritical isn’t really the point. As long as Conservatives believe there are votes to be won, it’s worth poking ancient regional wounds.

Nobody has played the politics of alienation and division as loudly and as aggressively as they have. 

They don't call their mad emperor "Ol Firewall" for nothing eh?

And now as they kill jobs all over the country with their out of control Big Oil policies and their Made in Alberta Dutch Disease, or sell us out to foreign interests, or prepare to shove a pipeline up the ass of British Columbia. 

Or offend us in so many other ways with their Big Lies, their religious fanaticism, and their bully behaviour.

The two votes marked the current tone in the House, where the partisan rancour is becoming increasingly toxic... Several backbench MPs heckled Morin and the NDP with shouts of "Bullies! Stop bullying us!" as they left the House after the vote.

Still they expect us to LOVE them? And are surprised when we don't? 

Liberal leadership front-runner Justin Trudeau is under heavy political siege for saying two years ago that Albertans were not doing a good job of running the country.“Canada isn’t doing well right now because it’s Albertans who control our community and socio-democratic agenda. It doesn’t work,” Trudeau said.

Oh boy. I realize that Harperland is a parallel universe. And that the truth is what 'Ol Firewall" says it is. 

But in the real world the truth is Alberta is NOT The West. We don't need to waste any time trying to win the hearts and minds of the monkeys with the blue behinds, in that reactionary one-party state. Because we will win the next election by uniting the rest of the country AGAINST them.

And David McGuinty and Justin Trudeau were just saying what millions and millions and millions of Canadians feel.

We really do hate those ghastly Cons.

And can't wait to send them back to Alberta...

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  1. Anonymous7:21 AM

    Simon! Come on, man! Either get with the program or go back home! It's OIl-BERTA,damnit! OIL-BERTA! Repeat after me-- OIL-BERTA, OIL-BERTA! Ahh, now you're getting it! Doesn't it roll off the tongue nicely? Oh, and please don't compare them to texans anymore. I am, as of yet, not aware of an instance where the oilbertans tied a chain around a black man's neck and dragged him behind a pickup truck until his body became dismembered. oilbertans are a pretty shitty lot but they aren't quite to that level of demonic perfection yet. Anyway, have a cheery, perky day! Don't let the "Black Friday" propaganda get to you. We'll all be able to watch people being trampled to death in 'murkan stores tomorrow on YouTube so just be patient. I know "ol' fuckwad", or is it "firewall", will be watching and wanking to the screams and sounds of bones snapping. He's such an eccentric little buggar. Cheers!

    1. Anonymous11:31 AM

      A slave to the Quebecer, bow down to your froggy master slave.

    2. hi anonymous...I'm not suggesting that all Albertans are like Texans, and certainly not of the brutish racist type. I'm just frustrated that so many of them keep voting for the Cons despite all the evidence that they aren't good for any of us. And of course, everyone should always bear in mind that I sometimes write with my tongue planted firmly in my cheek, and although we live in grim times, I refuse to stop laughing. :)
      As for Black Friday, you can be sure that I won't be going anywhere near a store today. I find the whole spectacle revolting...

    3. hi anonymous you ever re-read what you write? You really should, because it's pathetic.
      However, it does prove what I said in my post, those who attack other provinces should expect the same treatment....

  2. The bigger point, as Lawrence Martin points out in an iPolitics article today, is that the Liberals shoot themselves in the foot every time they get a chance to advance. I agree with everything you write Simon, but the bigger picture is that the opposition is honest at the wrong times. I love being right as much as the next prog but the Con/media machine cannot be overlooked? The Libs never seem to think of the political or media consequences of what they do or say. The right examines everything the opposition says and the media magnifies. What people out there hear is not the truth about Alberta and the Cons but what the Cons and the press amplify and contort about the party and the province. So much for truth or being right. I don't want to just tell the truth. I want to frikking win! End of story.

  3. Anonymous11:31 AM

    Go back to Quebec. you piece of slime, go back to Quebec. Thanks for speaking white on your website by the way, we hear enough of the jibbering that passes as a language.

    1. hi anonymous 11:31 am...I note thanks to the time stamp that you are the same Con klown who sent that other idiot comment. Fromnow on you are limited to only one comment per post, and only if I think its worth publishing. This comment says more about you, and your redneck ignorance than it says about anything else...

  4. Anonymous1:49 PM

    I only wondered why, McGuinty didn't give the Tory's a kick in the @$$, to hurry them on their way.

    Don't forget. Harper and his ranting raving henchmen called Canadians, siding with pornographers, terrorists, the Taliban and Nazi's. Why haven't they resigned?

    Apologize to those, adoring Communist Traitors of Canada? Not on your Nelly. Shame on you McGuinty. You should have booted the Tory's where the sun doesn't shine, for the rest of us.

    1. Anonymous5:33 PM

      Mcgunity? Haha, he got the boot just like Trudeau. Who you got next? Another lefty lamb to the slaughter!

    2. hi anonymous...yes I was disappointed by McGuinty's apology, because everything he said was true. But don't worry my friends and I have one of the best bank of Con atrocities in Canada.
      And we will be using them over the next two years, to degrade the Cons until we can crush them in the election...

  5. As I wrote in my own blog today, Simon, Alberta is the Canadian version of Israel. Criticize it at your peril.

    1. Anonymous5:33 PM

      Nope, but promoting Quebec uber alles is! All glory to pure Quebec race!

    2. hi Lorne...every time I criticize the Alberta Cons I get a flood of crazy comments. But I don't care, the truth is the truth, and I quite enjoy deleting comments. Now they're there, now they aren't.... ;)

  6. Anonymous9:25 PM

    All the hyper-partisanship is really starting to turn me off politics. Not all Quebecers are separatists, not all Vancouverites are junkies or from Hong Kong, not all Ontarians are from Toronto, not all Albertans are "Nazis" and not all people from the NWT or Nunavut sniff gas all day. I've been fortunate to have visited every province and territory but two and I think if those that like to dump on specific regions or provinces got out more and travelled and educated themselves and appreciated what we share as Canadians, we'd all be much better off.

    Not all Quebecers are separatists

    1. Anonymous3:21 AM

      Your right, but don't plan on Simon and his ilk ever admitting that.

    2. hi Way Way Up...I understand where you are coming from, and I know you are a decent person, even if you are a conservative. ;)
      And you're right, in a perfect world we would not insult each other so easily. But you know that I also have my heart in the right place, and that if I join in the game it's only to annoy the Harperites, who have used regional as a weapon for as long as I can remember. I do recognize that Alberta is making some big strides in the right direction with a premier like Alison Redford who seems a very classy woman. And I promise you that after Harper and his gang are defeated I will never do it again....

    3. hi anonymous 3:21... Me and my ilk? I had no idea the ilk were following me, but you can read what I said to Way Way Up, and take it from there...

    4. Anonymous8:58 PM

      At least we're not exporting Wildrose, exactly. Although I suppose with the amount of involvement between them and the feds.....

      Mea Culpa. Ok, I do apologize for that one.

  7. Anonymous10:56 PM

    Of course not all Quebecers are separatists but when you're too stupid to come up with a logical retort, you have to fall back on the "froggy" meme. It's all these right wing pansy idiots have to work with.