Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Why Andrew Scheer Is Looking So Desperate

Oh dear, poor Andrew Scheer has that desperate look on his face again. And no wonder, everything is going wrong.

Last night his "emergency pipeline debate" went nowhere, after all he could do was shout "Mr Trudeau build that pipeline!!!!"

Which seemed a bit ridiculous, considering the situation, especially since the Prime Minister is in Europe.

So most of the media didn't bother to cover it.

But if you thought that went badly, his attempt to use Trudeau's India visit to embarrass him, again, was even more of a fiasco.

When Daniel Jean, the PM's national security adviser, appeared before a Commons committee to make it clear there was no conspiracy or no cover-up. 

Justin Trudeau’s national security adviser said it was his idea to brief reporters about a controversy that took place during the Prime Minister’s trip to India in an effort to counter what he called a co-ordinated misinformation campaign against three Canadian public institutions.

Whatever our shabby Con media might have said, as the only decent reporter in the parliamentary press gallery points out. 

Of course, the real hitch in all of this is that some of the sensationalized reporting around the original briefing, coupled with the torque applied to it by Andrew Scheer and company to the point where the story being proffered in the House of Commons didn’t match reality (which is Scheer’s stock in trade these days) have spun this whole narrative beyond what was a “faux pas,” per Jean.

It was Scheer himself who put forward a false narrative and has been caught with his pants down over it. But let’s also be clear – a lot of the reporting around this has not been stellar either, between sensationalization and omitting of aspects (like his concern about the misinformation being fed to Canadian media), coupled with a refusal to call Scheer out on his disingenuous framing of the whole thing, has led these false narratives to grow out of control.

Which didn't stop the Cons from demanding that the Liberals should apologize to Narendra Modi's Hindu extremist government.

“The Prime Minister clearly has to say this was a failure of the Liberal caucus and of his office to properly vet the list for this trip and he should apologize for that, and apologize to the Indian government,” Tory foreign affairs critic Erin O’Toole said.

On the same day the New York Times' editorial board had this to say about Modi's cruel and bigoted regime. 

Prime Minister Narendra Modi of India tweets frequently and considers himself a talented orator. Yet he loses his voice when it comes to speaking out about the dangers faced by women and minorities who are frequent targets of the nationalist and communal forces that are part of the base of his Bharatiya Janata Party.

Which had some wondering why the Cons seem to love India more than they love Canada, and why they hate women and girls so much?

With the second question being easier to answer than the first one...

But speaking of bigotry, or of all things disgusting, the worst was still to come.

When it was revealed that Scheer's good buddy Ezra Levant had also defiled the Humboldt Broncos tragedy.

By using it to sell subscriptions to the ratty Rebel. 

Is there anything Rebel Media won’t do for a quick buck? On the same day as Jason Kenney’s current and aspiring United Conservative Party MLAs were lined up to speak at a Calgary rally organized by the alt-right website, Rebel Media’s Ezra Levant is using the tragic deaths of a Saskatchewan junior hockey team to hawk $5/month subscriptions to access “premium” Rebel content.

Which rather than shame the Cons, seems to have encouraged them to launch their own fundraising drive.

With this appalling video...

Where they claim they are on the road to victory, and that Justin Trudeau's supporters are turning against him.

When in fact, the opposite seems to be the case. 

With this new poll suggesting that Trudeau is gaining popularity, and heading for another crushing majority.

The latest Nanos federal ballot tracking has the Liberals at 41.1 per cent support, followed by the Conservatives at 29.2 per cent, the NDP at 15.8 percent, the BQ at 3.8 per cent and the Greens at 8.2 per cent.

While Scheer is falling like a stone.

If these latest poll results are accurate Scheer may soon be looking for a new job.

No wonder he looks so miserable eh?

And no wonder he's smiling...

Wowser, wowser, wowser.

Isn't it good to know, that even in a dark time.

Decency still counts...


  1. Anonymous12:04 PM

    Rebel viewers must be wondering why the hell Scheer wants a Canadian PM to apologize to brown people! This goes against their basic operating system and will not compute. No wonder Scheer's not connecting with this attempt to Bengazi the India trip.

    1. hi anon@12:04 PM...I hadn't thought of that, but asking Trudeau to apologize to the Modi government should bother every decent person. Modi runs a Hindu extremist regime whose supporters attack Muslims and Christians, and when it comes to when act like animals....

  2. Anonymous12:44 PM

    Maybe there is hope for our country...

    1. hi anon@12:44...I realize we are living through dark times but never lose hope. We are still more and better than them, and we are still going to win...

  3. Anonymous1:56 PM

    If Scheer is falling in the polls I think it's because Canadians are getting tired of his constant negativity. It's depressing enough living in Canada at this time of the year, so hearing Scheer attacking Trudeau over and over again is the last thing we need to hear. Can't he act like a Canadian instead of an Indian or an American, what's wrong with that guy?

    1. hi anon@1:56 PM...I think his constant negativity is definitely working against him. The man is a human attack machine and I can't believe that most Canadians will put up with it for much longer. Just ask yourself, what does Scheer stand for? And the answer is NOT Trudeau, which is simply pathetic...

  4. Anonymous3:00 PM

    "We're going to win together". Simon, after my spouse and I watched that video, "we threw up, together". The no star cast of has-beens were as riveting as a dog defecating and the finale with Smirky McF*ckface brought heaves to our eyes. Ugh!
    It's nice to finally see the truth come out over the Con's manufactured India "scandal". They are so predictable now but yet the Con media laps up their bullshit and tries to feed it to us over and over again. Piss off you useless, pitiful excuses of so called journalists. Go south and join the alternate universe Fake Fox news. They're always looking for people of zero integrity to add to their team.

    1. hi JD...yes that video was something wasn't it. I may have to take the tape and change the audio from squawking to squealing by adding some piggy sounds. To make matters the Cons actually have a making of the video video. And it's so bizarre I must find some excuse to run it. ;)
      As for the India story, they're still beating that hollow drum, but I honestly believe that most Canadians have had enough, and the more they insist the more Canadians will see through that pathetic attempt to smear Trudeau. What's even more disgusting, if that's possible, is seeing people like John Ivison going wild trying to find anything to attack Trudeau with, as Scheer sinks slowly beneath the surface. I expect the Con media to start throwing their own excrement at Justin before this is over...

    2. Anonymous12:41 PM

      Hi Simon, OMG, a making of the making video? An unplugged(as in reality) version of these clowns pretending to be normal? That would be torturous but you have to run it now. I'd like to picture them all sitting around sipping some of Michelle Rempel's homemade wine while she proudly proclaims, "I stomped the grapes myself in my bathtub".

  5. e.a.f.3:05 PM

    It wasn't the first time Atwal got invited to something he ought not to have been. Christy Clark, when she was Premier, had him at the leg. when they were presenting the budget. He had managed to obtain an invitation. The guy is trying to rehabilitate himself, in my opinion, so he can run for public office. In the midst of all the work which goes on, he works at getting invites.

    As the writer of Blog Borg Collective wrote, its like the Bacon Brothers getting an invite in 32 years to some other political event here in Canada. Atwal is a criminal, no different than the Bacon Brothers (for those in other parts of the country they were involved, allegedly, with the murder of 6 people, 4 gangsters and two innocent by standers).

    Now if we went through the Cons list of invitees to any number of events I do wonder how many have criminal records. Lets see if the Cons can say they never met or invited criminals to their events.

    Scheer might want to move on with his attacks. No one is interested in his latest topics. I'm VERY, VERY UNHAPPY with Trudeau about the pipeline and the proposed increase of tankers on the west coast of B.C. would it make me vote for Scheer? Absolutely not. Scheer is much worse than Trudeau could ever be and its just one aspect of Trudeau's record as P.M.

    The pipeline debacle will cause the federal Liberals to loose some votes in B.C., but not all. People aren't that dumb. They know the federal Liberals will provide better government than the Scheer crew, which is just the Harper crew with a smilie and its not a nice one.

    1. hi e.a.f....I strongly suspect that Atwal has some kind of working arrangement with the Indian security services. I think that in return for a steady supply of visas he passes on gossip from the many events he attends. As for the Kinder Morgan story I'll have to write something about it soon, but I am one of those who doesn't believe the pipeline will ever be built. And Trudeau is just doing what he is doing to try to dampen down separatist sentiment in Alberta. And yes, to all those dumping on Trudeau, I would just say, so you prefer Scheer? There are fanatics both sides, and the ones on our side need to see the big picture...

  6. Anonymous11:02 PM

    Oh Simon it is so hard to look at that crew of bigoted cons, I all Most quit watching. What a group of pathetic has beens, But Sheer is another element below them if that is possible.

  7. Handmaid's Tale returning soon.....Thank you, Margaret Attwood for your insight!

    1. Hi Kathleen...yes, I'm glad that story is enjoying a revival, because believe me Andrew Scheer is a natural for the role of the deranged commander. I don't think most Canadians have any idea what a religious fanatic he really is, but that's OK we have plenty of time to pull back the curtain and show him and his coven...

  8. hi anon@11:02...yes, it's not the kind of video you want watch before you go to bed, because it might give you nightmares. I think it's an attempt to soften their image, but I don't think it's going to work...

  9. Anonymous12:20 PM

    First time to comment as "Anonymous" which I usually despise but I am one of Scheer's constituents (not one of his supporters). I did him a service some time ago in return for 15 min of his time - what I learned was that he wasn't very smart, had no international knowledge (was very provincial at that) and couldn't think very well on his feet. I don't even think that he is personally responsible for the s**t that comes out of his office.