Thursday, April 05, 2018

Andrew Scheer and the Fascist Horror of Faith Goldy

It looked like some kind of low budget religious TV program, with a host and a guest who were made for each other.

Faith Goldy, the monstrous Christian Crusader and white supremacist, and Andrew Scheer, the creepy religious fanatic and alt-right sympathizer who would be Prime Minister.

Sitting in one of Ezra Levant's ratty Rebel studios, all but swapping spit, and talking about all kinds of alt-righty things.

From freedom of speech i.e. freedom to hate, to duck hunting.

It seemed like a marriage made in heaven. 

They obviously got on like a house, or a church on fire.

She had always made it clear that she thought Scheer was "our people."

And he needed her to reach out and massage his rabid base.

And of course to pleasure his good buddy Ezzie...

For future considerations.

But then of course it all went terribly wrong. 

Goldy was praising Nazis at that infamous rally in Charlottesville.

Trying to make it sound like they were the good guys, and those peacefully protesting their presence were The Enemy.

When the car arrived...

One person was killed, and many others injured. Levant was reluctantly forced to fire her.

And now Goldy is promoting this kind of fascist garbage. 

If you’re wondering what books Faith Goldy is reading these days, it turns out the answer is 1930s fascist propaganda that calls for eliminating “the Jewish menace.”

One of Goldy’s recommended books – “For My Legionaries,” by Corneliu Codreanu – is described by the Southern Poverty Law Centre as one of “the canonical works of global fascism,” a text published in 1937 by the anti-Semitic leader of a murderous Romanian fascist group that advocated “the elimination of Jews.”

And although she is now claiming it was just a mistake, and that she somehow missed the objectionable passages.

Goldy – who previously appeared on a neo-Nazi podcast, recited a creed written by a neo-Nazi and endorsed a manifesto calling for an “ethno-state” for the “Aryan” race – now says she no longer endorses the book.

Scheer, who has never disavowed her by name, like he has never disavowed the Rebel by name, or its depraved owner by name, has some questions to answer.

One, why did he consort so happily with Goldy when it should have been obvious where she was coming from?

And why did he hang out at the Rebel for so long?

When it should have been obvious what kind of hate mongering operation Levant was running. 

Scheer has done several one-on-one interviews with The Rebel, including one after his victory, and one in December with Levant. He twice listed The Rebel as one of his go-to news sources, both during and after his leadership campaign. He hired (Hamish) Marshall, at the time one of three Rebel board members and perhaps its most important business cog, to run his campaign.

Two, why did he hire Hamish Marshall as Con campaign manager?

And of course, the biggest question of all.

Where would he take this country if he was ever elected Prime Minister?

And you know what I think.

Andrew Scheer is a clear and present danger to our democracy.

His values are not our values.

And he should be forced to resign long before the next election....


  1. Anonymous12:07 PM

    I'm not sure where she's going duck hunting in early July. Most places don't open the season for ducks until sometime in September. Does she not know they're migratory birds? "On the Hunt"? Since when is that spelled with an H?

    1. Jackie Blue1:48 PM

      I wonder what did he mean by "duck hunting" with that girl. Getting down deep in the muck in the twilight hours before the dawn, underneath the stars, all alone together at a crystal blue lake outside his cabin in Saskapatch...?

      Hey, I'm just asking the questions. It would be irresponsible not to speculate. People are talking about it more and more, believe me...

    2. I'm not sure where she's going duck hunting in early July.
      City girl pretending?

      I would doubt she knows the difference between a .22 and a 12 gauge.

    3. Hi anon@12:07 PM...Faith Goldy likes to think of herself as a hunter of all things, all the time. Her Twitter site has a pinned tweet asking students on any campus organizing an "anti-whiteness" event to give her a call, so she can be there. And when she's not playing hunter, she likes to play Crusader, so as you can see she's not just out of it, she's probably dangerous... ;)

  2. Anonymous1:30 PM

    What a lovely couple they make Simon. A match made in Hell as it were. An alt-right love affair for the ages. The Sasquatchewanian and Facist Faith. They cluck how they'd kill a poor duck, WTF?
    This is a great post Simon. People need reminding of how Schmear likes to woo the most repugnant of life forms that have absolutely no place in a civilized society. I have unwavering faith in Faith's assertion that Scheer is "one of ours". That's great Goldy, he's all yours.

    1. Jackie Blue3:38 PM

      I think we should start calling them Andrew Scheer's Manson Girls. The aptly-named "Faith" has all the makings of a modern-day Canadian version of Squeaky Fromme. Or, minus the trailing "e," Squeaky Fromm, demon seed of Paul Fromm.

    2. Anonymous6:01 PM

      Manson girls indeed. Add Michelle Rempel, who knifed us in the back with her Fox News treachery. Candace Bergen, who I can picture stabbing her little JT doll every night before bedtime. And Lisa Raitt, who stabbed every person in the heart who has ever suffered from, or have lost someone due to cancer with her despicable "cancer is sexy" comment.

    3. hi JD...yes they do make a lovely couple, and I'm sure that when Scheer heard her name was Faith, and saw all her Crusader slogans (although hopefully not the ones tattooed on her ass) it was love at first sight. And yes, people like Levant and Goldy get normalized far too easily in this country, but they are the scum of the earth...

  3. Jackie Blue1:44 PM

    Hamish Marshall needs to testify before a parliamentary committee, and Elections Canada notified that the CPC is running a fraudulent campaign. Forget the Chaka Khan guy, Scheer needs to be hauled before whoever the new ethics commissioner is. And Levant needs to be thrown behind bars, not just for 30 years of aiding and abetting this kind of hatemongering filth, but as an accessory to credible threats of violence against the Prime Minister and his family.

    Scheer getting his "news" from the right-wing radicalization outlet that the mosque shooter practically binge-watched before going on his shooting spree, and chumming around with Ezra's goons and she-wolves of the SS, is no different from Trump getting his daily dose of derangement from Fox and using their wild-eyed conspiracy theories as the basis for policy. Or giving Infowars "press credentials" as he declares duck hunting season on Jeff Bezos and WaPo, locks NBC in a cage at his rallies, and posts wrestling memes on Twitter of himself giving a knockout punch to CNN. Fascists declare war on a truly free press while building and emboldening propaganda outlets. Trump is a fascist; we all know that. But so is Scheer.

    They all belong either in jail or otherwise discredited. Canada's cons, like the GOP, need to be burned to the ground and disinfected from the neo-Nazi infestation they've taken on.

    1. Hi Jackie...I'd love to see Hamish Marshall before a parliamentary committee to explain his long association with racist right-wing causes which the Rebel championed when he was there. And as you know, I refuse to accept the idea that Levant and his gang should be able to run a hate mongering site without fear of being busted. In a society as diverse as this one we need to promote tolerance not hate, or we'll end up living in a nightmare...

  4. Anonymous4:22 PM

    Only in Canada would the media be more interested in the overnight bag the Agha Khan gave Justin Trudeau, than ask why the leader of the opposition had spent so much time consorting with alt right extremists and Nazis. And whether his campaign manager was still getting his inspiration from Ezra Levant's racist Rebel.

    1. hi anon@4:22 PM...please don't mention that overnight bag, for just hearing our Con media go on about it gives me a splitting headache. Especially since I'm still waiting for the Con media to denounce scheer's alt-right activities. Or for that matter, Pierre Poilievre's $18,000 junket to Taiwan. As they say in French two weights, two measures, and the Con media should be ashamed of itself...

  5. Jackie Blue5:57 PM

    Simon, I thought you should see this too. These people frighten me, because if they don't vote him out, they'll take him out:

    This is the sort of people who find something in common with Andrew Scheer. The ugly and dangerous monster face of today's Conservative Party.

    Why the hell does the press find socks and dinner parties to be of more importance? Really, I sometimes wonder, and I lose sleep over it: does the old boys' club of neanderthals in the media and among the Conservatives hate him so much that they actually want him to die?

    1. Anonymous2:26 AM

      "does the old boys' club of neanderthals in the media and among the Conservatives hate him so much that they actually want him to die?"

      I would not be surprised at all if they did or at the very least, they would have to stifle their giddiness as they expressed their "thoughts and prayers".

    2. Hi Jackie...yes I saw that, the Anti-Racist Canada site does some great work keeping tabs on those right-wing kooks. And I only hope the RCMP is doing that too. Like the proverbial frog in the warming water too many in this country have allowed that kind of material to become normalized. Who of course it's not normal, it's crazy and it's dangerous. I'm a pretty passionate person, with wild highland blood in me, but I have never advocated violence like that in all the years I have been blogging, and never will. Unless we demand that standards be raised, sooner or later tragedy is sure to follow...

    3. hi JD...most of the clown demanding that Trudeau be overthrown or executed for treason are just old wind bags taking out their frustration on the world. But the more of them they are, the more they can contribute to an atmosphere of violence, and trigger some sick person to do something awful. WE need to recognize we live in hateful times, and strengthen our hate laws to deal with it...