Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Dean Del Mastro Wants Us To Know He's Not Happy

Gawd. Or Mama Mia. I thought we'd seen the last of Dean Del Mastro, when he lost his appeal, and the judge ordered him to spend a month in the Big House.

But I forgot that he got sprung after only a week behind bars, so that he could launch yet another appeal.  

Former Conservative MP Dean Del Mastro is out of jail on bail and his lawyer says the Ontario Court of Appeal will hear his case again. 

Del Mastro went to jail last week after losing his original appeal of a conviction in the fall of 2014, when he was found guilty of violating the Canada Elections Act during the 2008 election.

And now he's back, and on the loose again. And he wants everybody to know that he's NOT a happy camper.

He's still outraged that anybody could think he was a crook.

After the way he served Stephen Harper so faithfully...

And so shamelessly.

And now, believe it or not, he's also outraged by the long form census. 

With Canadians facing a deadline today to complete their census questionnaires, former Conservative MP Dean Del Mastro is raising concerns about the personal questions on the long-form version of the survey.

“Last week a long-form census was dropped at my door,” he wrote. “It’s 36 pages long and asks a significant number of questions that I don't feel government has a right to demand under penalty.”

He doesn't think the government should know how many same-sex or common law couples there are, or the true extent of mental illness in this country. 

And is only echoing the same insane reasons the Cons used to gut the census, and leave us stumbling around in the dark.

To pleasure the screaming voices in Stephen Harper's head...

And to make matters worse, Del Mastro doesn't seem to realize that he is probably not the best person to complain about this:

Del Mastro said he was concerned to learn that, instead of asking questions about the respondents’ income on the long-form, Statistics Canada is receiving this data directly from the Canada Revenue Agency.

When after his fraud conviction, and his recent stay in the Big House.

Who can blame Statistics Canada from wanting to get their information from the CRA rather than from the Deaner?

And all Del Mastro is doing is encouraging the crazies....

The census is also targeted by an online campaign,, that encourages “minimum co-operation” to make it more difficult for Statistics Canada to collect the data. It suggests refusing to fill out the census online and instead requesting the large-print version. It also hints that spilling coffee on the form, cutting the form with scissors and applying kids’ stickers over its barcode are techniques that could complicate scanning the forms.

The ones who believe that their TV sets are sending them messages from outer space, or reading their minds.

But then the real reason Del Mastro and all the other Cons hate the long form census, is because its return is just another step in the unravelling of their once beloved leader's legacy...

Who if there was any justice would have joined Del Mastro in the slammer...

For he corrupted them all.

And yes, will somebody please tell Del Mastro to STFU. Or pretend he's still in solitary.

And above all please speed up that seemingly endless appeals process.

So we can send him back where he belongs...

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  1. Anonymous9:12 AM

    I refuse to fill mine out, went straight into the garbage. Big daddy government can figure out where to build parks and bus stops without me.

    1. Anonymous6:03 PM

      Is there anything you do that would contribute to society?

    2. Anonymous8:22 PM

      Anon 9:12 am, hope you join Fat Boy in The Big House.


    3. hi anon...well good for you, and I hope you feel proud of yourself. But remember the census is useful for more than where to build parks and bus stops. It's also needed to determine where to build places like hospitals and senior homes. So let's hope there are some near you when your time comes...

  2. Anonymous9:18 AM

    Also, why is our personal information being handled by a software subsidiary of the American weapons giant Lockheed Martin?

    1. hi anon...well if that's still the case, that is a good question. Why can't Canadians build their own program. But I filled out my form online, it worked really well, and I'm sure the CIA already knows all it needs to know about me and you... ;)

  3. Apparently, the always delusional Del Mastro believes that people care what he thinks. I hope he gets the help that he obviously needs, Simon.

    1. hi Lorne...yes, what a monstrous ego. And after having been found guilty of fraud, I find it outrageous that he should be tacitly encouraging people to sabotage the census. Those Cons don't have a shred of social responsibility, and their paranoia is pathetic. Still I must say I'm happy that Del Mastro got the long form census, it seems only right... ;)

  4. Anonymous12:28 PM

    Dean Del Mastro is an ARSE!!!!!!! I think filling out this information will help in getting us services that we need in our community. I could care less if the government knows my relationship preference or not. I do not think the government cares either who I sleep with as long as I am not a child molester!!!!! This information needs to be collected to determine how best to spend tax dollars within our communities. Mental Issues are a big concern in this country.... Yet some of the population will be the first to bitch about government services, but will not even fill out a form to perhaps better these services. People like Anon 9:12 would certainly rather bitch!!!!! Anon 9:12 must live somewhere between Manitoba and British Columbia. Keep up the great work Simon. Canadians with common sense will fill out the forms as required.

    1. hi anon...yes it is extremely selfish. And the idea that people should hide their living arrangements, or conceal that either they or others in a household are suffering from mental illness is absolutely pathetic. We need all the information we can get so we can provide proper services for everyone...

  5. Anonymous4:37 PM

    To the other anonymous who posted. Don't fill it out but just be prepared to pay the fine.

  6. Anonymous6:01 PM

    I got and filled out the short form version. I wonder, does the long form version ask if you've recently spent time in jail? I wonder how Del Fatso would answer that one.

    1. hi JD...I don't know, because I also got the short form version. But I hope the version he got takes long time fill out, and is full of embarrassing questions, for nobody deserves that more than he does. And all the other Con clowns...

  7. e.a.f.7:36 PM

    A, 12:28 and TMofS had great responses.

    got the short form, filled it out on line and sent it off. Took 5 minutes and was happy to complete it. Now the government knows. My sibling got the long form, completed it in 30 minutes on line, sent it off and was happy to do so. Now the government knows.

    This is the type of information the government needs to know. It helps them plan. One shift the government maybe seeing is an increase in aging baby boomer siblings buying homes together, either one large unit or 2 unit homes. After the failed marriages, the children out the door, smaller pensions than anticipated, and the ability to pool resources. A couple of years ago I became aware a number of people had started to do this. it surprised me at first and then found out a number of others had done the same thing. If we don't have a census, how would the government know.

    always hated that long form, thought it was an invasion of my privacy, etc. Not any more. I like that you can either have paper mailed to you or do it on line. No census takers, so the information remains some what more private. But in the grand scheme of things, if the government or someone wants to know about you, just go through your garbage. It tells people everything they need to know.

    Guess De. Mastro didn't like his week in jail. well, welcome to the real world.

    1. hi e.a.f...yes, that's the other thing that bothered me about Del Mastro. He just got a slap on the wrist despite having twisted or denied the truth in every which way, but you think from his wailing that he had received a life sentence. After the way he behaved in court, he deserved another month at least...

  8. If TV's Dr. Phil were to contact Del Mastro, he would simply ask him:

    "What part of your original conviction do you not understand?"

  9. hi David...yes I wish somebody would ask him that question, because the way he's acting I can't decide whether he is scamming us, or whether he has hypnotized himself into believing he's not guilty. And only Dr Phil while could answer that one...

  10. e.a.f.9:59 PM

    I think Del Mastro may honestly believe he is not guilty of anything. he did what he did to get re-elected and that was the name of the game. Win at all costs. It was the party policy, so in his mind, he wasn't guilty of anything. he just doesn't get it and there are people like him.

  11. I wish you Anonymous folks would end your posts with Anon Bill, Anon Barb, etc. It's damn annoying all these anons.

  12. Completing the census is very important--it's the right thing to do. We had nearly 10 bizarre years of Harper's decision-based evidence making, instead of evidence-based decision making.