Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Stephen Harper and the Neverending Torture of Omar Khadr

I knew that something was terribly wrong when the very first thing he did when he came to power was go after the equality of women.

I still remember the chill that went through me, when I realized we were now in the hands of some weird ideologue, with cold dead eyes, and a REALLY kinky streak.

A horrible bully who got his kicks from seeing fear in the eyes of others, and would try to drag us into his dark dungeon, so he could do dirty things to us, and the country we loved.

But it wasn't until I saw what he did to the Canadian child soldier Omar Khadr, that I realized that Stephen Harper was an absolute MONSTER.

For he couldn't have tortured him more if he had stuck a chubby finger into the gaping exit wounds in that young teenager's chest...

And poked his beating heart, like a beast, or a pervert, so indecent has been his treatment of that young Canadian. 

So I wasn't surprised to see that on the day that Omar made his first appearance in a Canadian courtroom, Great Ugly Leader couldn't restrain himself.

In Ottawa, Prime Minister Stephen Harper told reporters that his government would oppose any challenge to Khadr’s sentence. Khadr’s lawyers are arguing that he is being held illegally as an adult for crimes committed as a youth. “(It) is very important that we continue to vigorously defend against any attempts in court to lessen his punishment for these heinous acts,” Harper said.

And that on a day when the New York Times editorial board accused him of trying to "guarantee public ignorance" by muzzling scentists, he did soil and shame himself further. If that's possible eh?

Because whatever he says to appeal to his rabid racist base, or pleasure himself indecently. Or whatever ANYBODY says for that matter.

From the creepy nerd Ezra Levant, to all the Con maniacs and Pentagon stooges who have sent me messages like this one over the years:

Julie said... Wow...I'm almost ashamed to be Canadian when I see such a collections of vile, putrid, sub-troglodytes terrorist-sympathizers (that would be the Khadr family) supporters (that would be you) creatures like yourself. I hope you and your terrorist sympathizer relatives all get cancer and die you worthless piece of terrorist sympathizer shits.

For simply standing up for truth, justice, and our Canadian values.

These are the facts:

Omar Khadr is a victim, not a monster or a dangerous terrorist.

He was victimized first by his obnoxious Al Qaeda family, then by the Taliban who dragged him into a war zone to serve as their tea boy, then by the Americans who bombed him, riddled him with shrapnel, blinded him, shot him twice in the back, tortured him, and held him for ten years in that hellish gulag called Guantanamo.

And as if all that wasn't bad enough, was also victimised by his own government. That ignored him, and betrayed him, even though he never should have been jailed because he was a child soldier. And the U.N. protocols that we were the FIRST to sign dictate that child soldiers should be rehabilitated not punished.

And is now being further tortured by Stephen Harper who insists on keeping him in a maximum security facility. Even though one violent prisoner has already tried to stab him.

And even though by all accounts, even after all that has been done to him, he is a pleasant gentle person who is happy to be back in Canada, and just wants a chance to resume the normal life that was snatched away from him so long ago.

But along with his heroic lawyer, the noble Canadian Dennis Edney, is growing increasingly desperate.

“I think we are both desperate,” Edney says. “He is desperate to get out, and I am desperate to get him out, because I can’t continue to spend my life fighting for Omar Khadr. He turned 27 last Saturday. He’s been behind bars since he was 15. I have represented guys who did terrible deeds and they were back on the streets in five, six, or seven years. I don’t know how much more this kid can handle.”

Can you believe it eh? Even after twelve years this human rights nightmare continues. Enough really is enough. I knew the kinky monster would drag us all into his dungeon. But who knew it would be so dark and so filthy?

Or that so many, would be debased so easily. And join in the Con chorus of hatred simply because they hate his family. Huh?

The idiot sheep who didn't realize that a man who would violate international law, torture a Canadian child, and play games with the truth, is capable of ANYTHING...

And that what he did to Omar he would one day do to THEM.

Yup. For the sake of our country and its values. For the sake of all of us. In the name of human decency.

Work even harder to defeat the foul Con regime and its depraved leader.

And free Omar Khadr...

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Wendy said...

Hi Simon,

Senator Romeo Dallaire is one of my all time Canadian heroes (despite being largely anti-military). As an advocate for child soldiers, one can only hope that Dallaire will stand up to Harper and help fight to get justice for Khadr. What think you?

Loved your article on the Layton memorial (too bad Ford had to be part of that ceremony). Your passion for the man and all he stood for was deeply heartfelt and those feelings shone through in your article. Very touching. Thank you, Simon.

Vancouver, BC

gingersnap said...

Omar as a child soldier and being held in the, horrible Guantanamo? How many more years does he have to be in prison?

Yet. Harper is permitting Communist China to set up shop in our country. China's Human Rights for their people, is extremely shameful. Chinese student protesting, were fired on with machine gun fire. They stood in front of tanks.

Mugabe, China's blood diamonds and the Red China Army, is acceptable to Harper. He has even signed a deal with, the Communist China Army. Go figure?

Simon said...

hi Wendy...Romeo Dallaire has defended Omar Khadr and our values in his usual excellent manner. He is one of my heroes too, and a truly great Canadian. I'm glad you liked my post on the Layton memorial. I go by it every day, and I'm happy to report that the seat and the handlebars are now shiny from all the people who jump on the bike and take a ride with him. I see that Brian Topp has written that he doesn't think that Layton's legacy will outlive him, but I'm sure it will...

Simon said...

hi gingersnap...the case of Omar Khadr is one of the most appalling travesties of justice I have ever witnessed. A hideous stain on the reputation of this country. And yes, I suppose you're right, with Harper running this country we might as well be living in China...

lagatta à montréal said...

It is ghastly. The father who dragged his kid into a war zone is DEAD; there is nobody there left to punish.

Romeo Dallaire has defended child soldiers who have committed far worse acts than Omar Khadr is accused of taking part in, such as killing their own families, mass rapes, torture, you have it. The idea being that the villains are those who force children into combattant roles, and that they should be rehabilitated.

Wendy said...

Hi Simon,

Thanks for your response! Pleased to hear that Romeo Dallaire is on your list of heroes. He truly is a great Canadian.

A favour, please. Next time you walk past Jack's bike, please put your hand out and touch it for me. Doing just that is first on my 'to do' list - if and when I am ever able to get back home to Toronto.

Thank you, Simon!

Burnaby, BC

e.a.f. said...

If Omar Khadr had actually murdered some one in a gang shoot out in Vancouver, B. C. , he would have been out of jail by now. He was 15 yrs old. That makes him a kid, who didn't even have much of a choice. His dad took him along.

Omar Khadr should not have been placed in a prison upon his return to Canada. He should be released. Only an idiot like stevie slime would want him kept in prison. Why? Who knows. It simply demonstrates what a nasty piece of business stevie slime is. He makes Canada look bad.