Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Harperland: The Horror and the Resistance

If you want to know what Stephen Harper and his monstrous Con regime have done to this country, all you had to do was look around you today to see it in all its horror.

A Parliament shutdown by a Prime Minister to prevent the opposition from asking questions about a sordid scandal involving his own office.

Hundreds of scientists demonstrating outside, and all across the country, to demand that the government stop muzzling them. 

Demand that they stop strangling the TRUTH.

While the national police force was revealed to have concealed the costs of the criminal destruction of the gun registry.

The RCMP repeatedly stonewalled media inquiries for months about the price tag for destroying the federal long gun registry data, even though the federal police force had a full cost estimate in hand. The Mounties had a detailed breakdown more than a year ago that showed fulfilling the long-time Conservative promise to kill the registry would cost about $1 million.

And played footsie with the Con regime.

The file has always been politically sensitive for the government, and an Access to Information request on data destruction by The Canadian Press was flagged by the RCMP to the public safety minister's office.

The same police force that is investigating the Senate scandal. The one we're supposed to believe won't be influenced by its political masters, even though it quacks like a duck, and walks like a poodle.

I mean really, think about it eh? Where else could all of the above happen in a developed western country except in this ghastly Harperland? This shabby, sinister, pariah nation, this Banana Republic, this budding police state.

Where the stench of corruption burns the nostrils.

The mad emperor crawls through the gutter...

And the opposition can't ask any questions because our Parliament is padlocked. The truth is what the Harperite cult says it is, and our democracy lies bleeding, while the Cons celebrate.

The government has committed prorogation. It took the old parliamentary session to the alley, cracked it on the skull with a lead pipe and then heaved its lifeless form into the ash bin of history. Good.

Like only they can. For that's how low we have fallen.

And to this we have been reduced.

Opposition New Democrats launched a virtual question period through social media Monday afternoon as a way to hold the government to account, following Prime Minister Stephen Harper's decision to prorogue Parliament.

Asking questions in 140 characters or less, on Twitter, and getting no answers.

Except ones like this one...

Because C---O---N are the first three letters of contempt, and the Harperites have enough for all us.

But you know what? Even that little Twitter protest is better than nothing. Like a candle in the darkness.

I wish it was bigger and brighter like it was once was, when The Great Canadian Resistance took to the streets to protest the shutting down of another Parliament...

Because it was beautiful, and I never felt so free or so proud to be a Canadian.

But if we light more candles, if we can all come up with new and fun ways to denounce and shame the Cons on social media or in their own ridings, we can keep the heat on them until Parliament returns.

And then launch our all-out campaign to drive them from power, and dump them in Monte Solberg's "ash bin of history" where him and his Cons belong.

Because we have to eh? We simply have no choice. We really can't continue to live in this Harperland, this crazy place, this Banana Republic, this budding police state.

Now is the time to send out the message as loudly as we can.

The Great Canadian Resistance still LIVES. Enough is ENOUGH.

And we want our country back...

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Lorne said...

Yours is a message that needs to be heard far and wide, Simon. I'll do my part in spreading it on social media.

Simon said...

hi Lorne...thanks, it's not much of a message, but it's better than just feeling helpless, or giving in to despair. I know progressives can be incredibly creative and I just want to challenge them, and myself, to come up with new ways to help spread the message: the Cons have gotta go !!!!