Tuesday, September 17, 2013

The Gun Lobby Goes After the Harper Cons

Well it seemed like a good idea at the time eh?

Kill the long gun registry, screw those dead women, get the RCMP to hide the cost of destroying the records.

And pleasure his rabid base.

Because he thought they would be easily satisfied...

But unfortunately for Great Majority Hunter Leader they weren't. 

Firearms owners who backed Prime Minister Stephen Harper through a decade of battling against the federal firearms registry are now challenging his government in court and turning against the Conservatives over transparency about ongoing firearms program costs and allegations the government has not yet destroyed the registry for rifles and shotguns.

Now they're after the Cons, Quebec, AND the RCMP.

Another controversy over the former registry is growing in Mr. Harper’s (Calgary Southwest, Alta.) backyard, where another faction of the National Firearms Association is assisting in efforts to mount a class-action lawsuit against the RCMP over the contested seizure of hundreds of firearms, mostly rifles and shotguns, from homes that were vacated by their owners as floodwaters raged through High River, Alta., in June.

Because High River is their Benghazi eh? They think like teabaggers. They don't want ANY kind of gun control, they want things to be as free and as good as they are in Amerika...

And when David Frum went after their beloved NRA and its gun nut friends yesterday.

They were furious, foaming furious I tell you, because mass murder and irony are lost on them and they REALLY believe this:

But that's what Great Tyrant Leader gets for cozying up to those freaky gun fetishists, whose paranoia knows no limit.

Note to the Prime Minister: If we let governments continue on their regulatory binges, SWAT teams will be hurtling through our windows to confiscate our prohibited light bulbs and unregistered rolls of toilet paper. A state that doesn't stop at Mr. Rew's door will stop at nothing.

And now that they are after him.

I can hardly wait to see how desperately he defends himself...

Because he needs their votes so badly he might do ANYTHING to please them, and shoot himself in both feet. Fail to satisfy them, and give us a howitzer of an issue to use against him in the next election.

But serve him right eh?

That's what he gets for creating a wedge issue for crass electoral purposes, and destroying the registry, rather than reforming it, by lying about its cost:

Government ministers and Conservative MPs repeatedly cited the long-gun registry’s lifetime cost as $2 billion, a total favoured by sport shooting lobbyists but refuted by auditor general reports and the Canadian Firearms Centre’s own annual accounting. Internal government figures, released to the Toronto Star through an access request only after the registry was finally voted out of existence in February 2012, showed the actual savings of killing the registry totalled about $2 million annually.

That's what he gets for endangering the lives of police officers and first responders, and trying to turn us into another Amerika, even as it drowns in its own blood.

That's what he gets for betraying the precious legacy of these women...

Yup. You can't say it enough times eh?

Defeat Stephen Harper and his NRA Cons, and disarm his crazy friends enemies.

Before they betray our Canadian values further.

Before they kill us all...

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Anonymous said...

That has to the stupidist peice of shit i have ever read. Maybe some fact finding before you publish this left wing elitist drival. Would go a long way in defending your credability.

Unknown said...

Simon stay off the glue. I've never read a more small minded, one sided piece of shit article in all my life. Maybe you should get some facts before you decide to write something and embarrass yourself.
After reading this waste of internet I've learned I'm a gun nut and I have a freaky gun fetish because I enjoy hunting and target shooting.
As far as the tea-baggers that want no form of gun control; you're absolutely wrong. The NFA wants responsible gun control. We are an organization of professional firearms owners and supporters of freedom of responsible ownership. Here's the link if you need it: https://nfa.ca/

If you ever read this my suggestion is that you get your head out of your TV and stop letting Hollywood dictate your views of the outside world. Go make some friends and meet people.

Anonymous said...

You have got to be the most ignorant bozo in Canada. I suggest you take a little trip into rural Canada and try peddling your gun hating BS. No ones going to shoot you but, you might just get the spanking your mother should have given you before you moved out of her basement.
As a "gun nut", I can only say, stay the hell out of Alberta, princess.