Saturday, September 28, 2013

The Many Ghastly Faces of Dean Del Mastro

Well I'm glad that Dean Del Mastro just can't wait for his trial to begin.

The lawyer for former Conservative MP Dean Del Mastro says his client wants to go to trial "as quickly as possible" to face four charges laid against him by Elections Canada. "Mr. Del Mastro is confident the trial process will clear his name so he can get back to work," the lawyer said.

Because frankly I can't either eh?

Del Mastro and his official campaign agent Richard McCarthy are accused of wilfully overspending during the campaign and of submitting documents to Elections Canada that they knew or should have known were false. Del Mastro faces a maximum penalty of five years in prison and a $5,000 fine.

Although I have to admit,  the more I read about this case I can't help feeling that my post the other day didn't do him justice.

I mean I tried to cover all the angles, and include as many faces of the Deaner as I could. But I forgot about those videos, and all those other memorable moments. 

Like when he showed his sensitive side and blubbered like a baby in the House of Commons. Or called Justin Trudeau a bad Catholic. Or blasted a sex education exhibit as pornography. Or turned every question about the robocall scandal into  farce.

And of course this is my absolute fave...

Because coming from the Deaner that's high praise indeed eh?

And it seems that Boss Harper was also VERY impressed:

Just last week, Del Mastro, who served as Harper’s parliamentary secretary, was shifted to the economic development portfolio. Parliamentary secretaries get $16,000 wage hikes on top of their MP salaries of $160,000 but are not members of cabinet. As political researcher Tim Abray-Nyman told Postmedia last week, the position is essentially a reward for loyal MPs.

And clearly eager to show his gratitude for sooooo many years of loyal service. As well as publicly demonstrate his complete confidence that Del Mastro would be cleared.

Until he suddenly changed his mind. And dropped him like a hot potato.

Which is why this latest video of the Deaner troubles me so much...

Because in this one he isn't looking so happy... 

Or so confident...

Or so sensitive. 

In fact for a horrible moment I really wondered whether he was going to hit that reporter.

And it did remind me of what blustering bully he is, and what him and his Harperite thugs have done to this country. I mean THAT is or was a parliamentary secretary??

Oh well. Do you think he will ask Stephen Harper to testify at his trial, like Mike Duffy is apparently planning to do if he is charged? Because that would be a BONUS !!!!

And he could return the favour by volunteering to testify as a character witness at Harper's trial. Or just send the judge that little video eh?

Yes, yes, let the trials begin.

And the sooner the BETTER...

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Steve said...

In the real world he goes to prison. In our world likely a plum crown chair.

Anonymous said...

Well Simon,
I was born and raised in Peterborough. Try the comment section in the Peterborough Examiner's account of this story. Small town writ large! My favourite comments had to do with how his father was a good head but he( God rest his soul) would be ashamed of narcissistic son Dean.


Simon said...

hi Steve...I don't really care what happens to Del Mastro, but I sure hope we can use him as yet another example of Stephen Harper's appalling lack of judgement. That's a parliamentary secretary????
Muahahaha... :)

Simon said...

hi p2p...Peterborough is a beautiful place, his father might have been a good man, but Dean is one of the most grotesque politicians I have ever seen. I wasn't planning to write anything more about him until his trial begins. But when I saw him stomping around in such an aggressive manner, it bothered me so much I just had to say something...

Anonymous said...

Man, it must hurt, eh?

Imagine putting yourself out as the guy's loyal attack dog, day after day after day and earning the wrath and disdain of your political rivals. Then Elections Canada gives you a bad day and before you know it, the guy you had been loyal to makes it public that he no longer has a place for you at his feet. Especially since Big Boss Man stuck up for that other unworthy guy who did not even serve him as well as you did until the voters kicked him out.

Man, I'd bet it hurts bad. No wonder he was in such a foul mood when the reporter showed up eh?

Anonymous said...

Hard to determine exactly from the photos, but it looks like Dean is a double D.

Simon said...

hi anonymous....yes it must hurt to be booted out like that, when as you point out Boss Harper stuck by Penashue until the bitter end. But that's what happens when you run with the Con mob. One moment you're in the getaway car, the next moment you're in a barrel. Unless of course you enroll in the Witness Protection program and testify against them. And then it gets REALLY interesting.... ;)

Simon said...

hi anonymous 10:22... yes I noticed that too. Dean does seem to be getting even bigger. I fear all this inactivity is doing him no good. I'm hoping the scandal will drive him to drink, so he can attack the judge like he used to attack the opposition. And be a bad Catholic too. Now THAT would be entertaining... :)

Anonymous said...

I stumbled upon this blog today. It's book-marked now, and I do appreciate your effort, Simon.
I was born and bred in the Kawarthas and every time the Deaner speaks I feel a breeze. I'm not synesthesic, so I've come to believe it's generated by the collective head shaking of Deaner's retired Adam Scott Collegiate teachers.
He's as failed a human as they come and I'll put down a grand if I knew I could get an instant urinalysis for alcohol from him.
There are bloggers doing the right thing everywhere:

Happy New Year, KDawg.