Thursday, September 19, 2013

Mike Duffy's Mysterious Visit to the Harper PMO

Oh my Satanic Sherlock. This PMO mystery just keeps getting more and more entertaining, in a nightmarish sort of way.

Yesterday we found out that although the paper trail was lost, or consumed in the hellish fires humming shredders of the Con regime, Mike Duffy did visit the PMO as the Senate scandal was glowing red.

But the Cons won't tell us who Old Duff met with during the 50 minutes he was in that monstrous place. And today the opposition was demanding answers.

Opposition parties renewed their calls Wednesday for Prime Minister Stephen Harper to release any information his office may have about the deal between former chief of staff Nigel Wright and Sen. Mike Duffy to repay the senator’s housing expenses — including who Duffy met with when he visited the headquarters of the Prime Minister’s Office in February, as the Senate expenses affair heated up.

And the log books:

“It’d be really easy for the Prime Minister’s Office to come clean,” said NDP MP Malcolm Allen, speaking at a press conference on Parliament Hill. “Most of this stuff in meetings are logged. I would expect that if (Duffy) met with anybody in the PMO, that was logged. And so it would be really simple to go back to the log and see who that is.”

And who can blame them eh? When the Dark Lord of the PMO claims nobody knew NOTHING...

The PMO is where the truth goes to DIE.

And such a scary place...

The black heart of the Harperite cult where HIS presence rules over an army of young fanatics who would do anything to pleasure their depraved leader. And all are under HIS freakish CONTROL.  

Which of course leads to the next obvious question. After the one about how could Stephen Harper not know what was going on in his own office?

And it's this one: What was Old Duff doing in a place like that for such a secret meeting? Why the PMO instead of a Senate office somewhere, the back room of a mob restaurant, or an underground parking garage?

And was he there to apologize profusely for embarrassing Great Virtuous Leader?Crawling around on all fours while being flogged on his ample buttocks by an over eager Jason Kenney?

Or was he there to make his position perfectly clear?

Because as you know, Old Duff is on the warpath. He feels he's being hung out to dry, and he's not going down easily....or ALONE.

And to me the burning question has always been, what strange hold does Duffy have on the Cons? And what DO you tell someone to get them to cut you a cheque for $90,000 bucks?

Because if I knew I'd be rich eh?

Oh well. There's an easy way to answer all these pressing questions. Demand to see the PMO logs.

And if they're also missing, or have been scrubbed, then we'll know we're dealing with a gigantic COVER-UP.

The police can draw their own conclusions.

And who knows to what bleak place that might lead...

Or to what place of JUSTICE.

Golly. You know John Ivison is reporting that the Harper Cons are planning to introduce a number of consumer-lite bills when Parliament returns, to try to soften HIS image and make them more voter friendly.

But I can't help but feel that as long as this sordid Senate scandal bubbles like the proverbial witch's brew in Macbeth.

For a charm of powerful trouble,    
Like a hell-broth boil and bubble.         
Double, double toil and trouble;    
Fire burn, and cauldron bubble.

They don't stand a chance of a snowflake in HELL...

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the salamander said...

.. we assume someone is diligently determining where the obvious suspects were on Feg 11 and Feb 12 .. at those particular times.. With a top down approach, one could track down where the Prime Minister was, or Ray Novak, or their limo, Nigel Wright, Arthur Hamilton, Jenni Byrne, PMO operatives or droogs, most of the obvious senators or ministers, Pamela Wallin etc etc et dreary mean spirited entitled etc ..

At what point does Canada and Canadians have to ask the obvious and classic question.. 'Do you know where your children are?' That's because the constant behavior is of children that are misbehaving in a public sandbox.. That's a polite way of stating the status quo in Ottawa. Childlike misbehavior by unsupervised rude children.

In reality this loutpack are not children and we don't know what they are doing, planning, hiding. These are adults.. some detructive, some entitled, all in some sort of suspended belie that they are princes, or countesses, lords, rulers, supreme, above the laws, smarter than all the minions and indians.. and far more deserving.. and untouchable..

They all need to step outside of their fantasy world.. cut back on on the Harper coolaid, dry out, shake their heads, stop repeating the idiotic mantra and walk away.. go home .. if they still remember who they are, where they came from.. or recognize Canada.

Otherwise we need to start looking hard at these distorted people.. and see them collectively as rats in the granary.. or a tainted beef in a rabid partisan herd .. yes maybe that's it .. mad cows

Anonymous said...

"The police can draw their own conclusions."
On a perfect world in an alternate universe, maybe.
harper owns the cops. Nothing will ever be brought against him from that quarter.
20-30 more years of harper and his crime family.

the salamander said...

PRIME MINISTER OF CANADA - Stephen Harper - Photo of The Day (February 2013)

Feb 11, 2013 -

Prime Minister Stephen Harper looks through antique documents
with his speech writer Arthur Milnes in his Langevin Block office.
February 11, 2013. (Photo by Jason Ransom)

Feb 12, 2012 -

Prime Minister Stephen Harper is briefed by Patrick Rogers
in his Centre Block office on Parliament Hill. February 12, 2013. (Photo by Jason Ransom)

In case anyone is wonder where a self admitted oblivious Stephen Harper was on those two dates.. .. ..

Seems it was much later.. in May.. almost 1/4 of a year later that he became informed via his TV
that he was out of touch with reality, his PMO, gossip, and his star senator Duffy and his Chief OF Staff

We can only hope he is more in tune.. informed.. coherent.. and more based in a state of reality
if robo-aliens interfere with a federal election, the Minister of Defense goes fishing at an inopportune time,
the Minister of Environment decides to poison the boreal wolves
or Chinese gunboats are escorting LNG supertankers to Kitimaat
and orca, wild salmon are becoming extinct..
along with polar bears, eagles, sea otters, caribou, wolverine etc etc etc
Or .. any creatures that appear on the coin of the Canadian realm ..
or .. well.. uh .. just fill in the blanks if you have 30 minutes, or an hour to spare

Anonymous said...

Simon said...

hi saalamander...that loutpack will not change its stripes or ever abandon their Great Leader. Ray Novac is his bum boy, Jenni Byrne is his pitbull, and the others are just clones and fanatics. Many of them are products of the right-wing think tank circuit, or the Manning Skool for Cons,and the final scene should be a mongrel mix of the Three Stooges and Jonestown...

Simon said...

hi anonymous...well you may be right. After the way the RCMP has been caught playing footsie with the Cons, this is their last chance to regain their credibility and prove that they are working for Canadians not the Cons. I'm more optimistic than you are so I put the chances of that happening at about 50/50...

Simon said...

hi salamander...good work Sherlock. So he was in his office studying antique documents, while Duffy and company were locked in no doubt frenzied negotiations only a few feet away? Hmmmm...lordy please let me be in the court room when he tells that one to a judge... ;)