Saturday, September 14, 2013

Pamela Wallin and the Sad Tale of the Monkey Senator

Oh goody. Hooray !!!! We're all more than $100-thousand dollars richer (divided by 35 million). And all thanks to Pammy !!!!

Senator Pamela Wallin says she has sent personal cheques totalling $100,600.98 plus interest to the federal government to repay expense claims as ordered by a Senate committee last month.

And just in the nick of time...

The Senate's internal economy committee had given Wallin 30 days to repay the money following the committee's review of an audit into her travel expenses by the independent accounting firm Deloitte. That deadline would have been Monday, Sept. 16.

How did she know I absolutely MUST have one of those fancy new i-phones with the fingerprint lock. So I don't have to write the password on my wrist every day eh?

Thank you Senator Wallin. You're not just a winner in Wadena. Or were. 

In my book wallet you're still a STAR !!!!!

If we had more generous public servants like you, we'd ALL be better off.

And as for your so-called "colleagues"....those scurvy backstabbers on that internal infernal economy committee, don't worry about them Pammy, they're just JEALOUS.

"Unfortunately, the Senate committee succumbed to a 'lynch mob' mentality. There was no regard to procedural or substantive fairness. I am disappointed and angry about the way in which this matter was handled, and any implication that I behaved dishonestly," Wallin said.

Jealous because they don't have your star power. Or your air miles.

Or they're acting under orders from Boss Harper and the PMO gang. And are scared out of their minds...

Can you believe it ? That's all the thanks you get for spending half your life at 40-thousand feet serving your constituents.

But what a scandal eh? What with the Cons fighting each other already, and Pammy so angry, and Mike Duffy so bitter, and Stephen Harper so desperate.

Golly. If they ever get into the ring together it will be worse than this Irish brawl...

Or even MORE squalid.

Oh well, in other celebrity news, I have sad news to report. Darwin the monkey, the most famous Canadian after Justin Bieber, is NOT going home to mummy.

Darwin, the monkey that escaped in an Ikea car park in Toronto, Canada, last December, will not return to its owner. Ontario Judge Mary Vallee has ruled that under Canadian law Darwin is a wild animal, and a sanctuary should keep the Japanese macaque.

Even though she paid for him. Even though she made him the most stylish monkey in the whole world. Even though the family that brushes its teeth together SHOULD stay together.

Even though she had such GREAT plans for him...

And he had such great POTENTIAL. Senator Duffy meet Senator Darwin !!!! 

Oh boy. Isn't life in Harperland cruel and unfair? It's like everything is upside down eh?

Pammy is angry not sorry. Old Duff thinks HE is the victim. The Senate paper trail is missing.

And Darwin's in a cage, while Stephen Harper is still running loose. 

But fortunately not for much longer...

Yup.Think about it people. It really can't get better than this. Pamela Wallin is on the warpath. Mike Duffy is threatening to drag Harper into court. Nigel is making plans to save Nigel. Patrick Brazeau is preparing to make a spectacular entrance.

Like the one he made the night he fought Justin Trudeau...

With probably the same humiliating result.

And Great Ugly Leader has never been so desperate and dangerous.

Wow. This is going to be even MORE exciting than I hoped it would be eh? 

The sordid end of the Con regime.

And the best show EVER...

P.S. I divided up the money Senator Wallin gave us, and it came to $0.0028 each. So much for my fancy new i-phone. So much for Pammy !#@!!!

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