Saturday, September 28, 2013

Stephen Harper and the Con Planet Burners

You couldn't ask for a scarier example of what Stephen Harper is doing to Canada, and what he is planning to do to the planet, than seeing how him and his ghastly Con regime reacted to this grim scientific warning.

The world's leading climate scientists have set out in detail for the first time how much more carbon dioxide humans can pour into the atmosphere without triggering dangerous levels of climate change – and concluded that more than half of that global allowance has been used up.

Not by acknowledging the dangers of climate change they have so long denied. But by attacking their political enemies. 

The Conservative government has responded to an international report on "unequivocal" global warming by slamming past Liberal inaction and renewing its warning of an alleged NDP carbon tax.

Like the hapless stooge Leona Aglukkaq did today...

While environmental groups and some governments around the world used the report as a clarion call for action, Conservative Environment Minister Leona Aglukkaq issued a statement saying her government is already "playing a leadership role in addressing climate change."

Making fraudulent claims worthy of a Con artist, or a Russian spammer.

While attacking the NDP's "$21-billion carbon tax."

"Unlike the previous Liberal government, under whose watch greenhouse gas emissions rose by almost 30 per cent, or the NDP, who want a $21-billion carbon tax, our government is actually reducing greenhouse gases and standing up for Canadian jobs," Aglukkaq said in the release.

You know, the carbon tax that never existed. The Big Lie that the Cons keep repeating to try to smear the NDP, while sending out the subliminal message that a carbon tax is a bad and dangerous idea, when it's actually a really good one.

It's insane, it's depressing, it could only happen in the shabby Orwellian petro state called Harperland, in the foul Kingdom of the Con Planet Burners.

But of course the real threat, and the not so subliminal message we should all be REALLY worried about, is the one Great Pipeline Leader is now pumping out of every orifice...

Because as I pointed out last night. 

And as Chantal Hebert suggests today, what sounds like a warning for Obama, is really a warning for Canadians.

If Harper says that he will not take no for an answer from the U.S. on Keystone — a project over its future he ultimately has no real control — should one not conclude that he will also not accept that provinces such as British Columbia, Quebec or Ontario throw roadblocks in the way on the pipelines that are on the drawing board to bring Alberta’s oil to the East and West coasts? In those cases the Prime Minister actually has the power to walk his talk.

And the burning questions that must now be answered are these: Is he really prepared to force his pipelines through over the objections of the provinces?

Is he really prepared to fracture the country, and declare war on Canadians who oppose his oily obsessions? If so is he still mentally fit to remain in office?

And could anyone ever trust a leader who lies all the time, muzzles scientists, and would have us believe the truth is what he says it is?

And all I know is this eh?

He is desperate, he is dangerous, he is capable of ANYTHING.

And if our beautiful threatened planet could speak it would send out the same message our poor broken country is desperately sending out:

Defeat that foul Con regime and its depraved leader.

Save me from those MONSTERS...

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Edstock said...

Well, my opinion is that it seems the First Nations will kill any BC pipeline, and unless they can avoid First Nations land going East, an eastern pipeline is dead too. Why? Because Stevie can't get anything organized before the next election, and if he tries anything can't you see the First Nations in New York, at the UN to demand the UN intervene? Rights of Indigenous Peoples. This gets better and better.

Simon said...

hi Edstock...I hope you're right, the First Nations have proved to be the best defenders of the land. But after what has happened to every protest movement in this country recently, and considering the obvious state of demoralization, I really wonder if anything can stop the frenzied Con oil pigs. Until the happy day they are defeated, and led off honking loudly to the sausage factory...