Thursday, September 26, 2013

When the Cons Start Attacking Themselves

Well I suppose it was inevitable. The Cons have spent their years in power attacking others like rabid hyenas. It's the only thing they know how to do eh?

So now that they're in trouble, and Stephen Harper is crazy desperate, I'm really not surprised that they've started attacking themselves. 

They have seen the enemy, and it is them — or, more specifically, someone who works with them.

Conservatives are asking people to give money so that Health Canada, which is headed by Health Minister Rona Ambrose, doesn’t again decide to give heroin to addicts.

But who knew it would be Rona?

Even though she has made it abundantly clear where she stands.

On the side of ignorance, where ideology comes before science, and the suffering of real people.

And this makes absolutely no sense either:

“Drug treatment programs should be focused on ending drug use — not giving illicit drugs to drug addicts,” says the newest notice on the Conservative website, which also was sent to email subscribers. “That’s why I was shocked to learn today that Health Canada approved applications to give heroin to addicts — against the wishes of our elected government.”

Not when Ambrose is the head of Health Canada, and a member of THEIR government.

I mean is that crazy or what?

And to what horror will this cannibalistic feeding frenzy lead?

But of course, there is a reason for this madness. And it's rooted in desperation.

Because of all the scandals swirling around the Harper government, the Con base hasn't been sending in as many dollars as it usually does. The old cow is running dry.

So the party bag men are just trying to jerk its chain a little harder.

Even if they make Rona look really bad...

Even worse than she usually does.

And she's the new/nouveau HEALTH Minister? Gimme a break. Muahahahaha.

But of course the really disgusting part is that not only is the Harperite cult willing to shutdown a treament that could save the lives of many suffering people.

The Cons are now trying to whip up the mob against those most vulnerable of Canadians, in order to suck up a few more blood dollars into their already massive war chest.

The Conservative Party spent a whopping $1.1-million on the 19 federal byelections that have been held since Prime Minister Stephen Harper first won power in 2006, over and above the campaign money spent by individual Conservative candidates in each of the electoral districts, Elections Canada records show.

Because their greed is only exceeded by their indecency. Their compulsive desire to buy elections, if they can't steal them.

And his moral squalor that corrupts everything he touches...

And what more can I say eh?

Except prepare to fight those grubby Cons with every ounce of energy, and every dollar we can muster.

For we absolutely must defeat them if Canada is to be clean again.

And of course, Rona, if you're reading this. You idiot.

Get out while you still can....

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