Monday, September 23, 2013

Stephen Harper's Outrageous Prorogation Vacation

Well at least now we know another reason Stephen Harper shutdown Parliament. Not just so he could dodge questions about that sordid Senate scandal.

Or take a long paid vacation before he went over the deep end.

But also so he could travel across the country, and launch his new/nouveau re-election campaign.

By shamelessly buying votes with OUR money. 

Because all you need to know is that this is just an expensive shell game.

Further details will reportedly not be made available until Monday at 10 a.m. — by Finance Minister Jim Flaherty — at the Don Montgomery Community Centre in Scarborough. But the subway is expected to cost hundreds of millions more than the previous plan that focused on a light rail line.

And all you have to do is look at the little Con sign in the bottom left, and the Porky Action Plan banner, to know what this is all about.

Or look at what the Con caucus has been up to, to know that they've also gone HOG WILD!!!

Blowing austerity out of one orifice, and dollars out of the other. 

Across Canada, Conservatives fanned out to announce money for small-craft harbours and ferry docks. Tuesday and Wednesday, they made 17 announcements in Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Quebec, Ontario, Manitoba and British Columbia about spending commitments or government assistance of some kind. Seven more announcements were made Thursday.

This week, in addition to the harbours and ports, there was help for the canola industry, infrastructure, aerospace, defence research and increasing western Canadian exports. With so many events – hundreds of them all summer – the organizational work and time required to pull them off is mind-boggling. Atop this foundation of small announcements is the string of spending commitments made by the Prime Minister as he moves around the country.

OMG. It's like a feeding frenzy. Or a Boxing Day at a Walmart in Alabama. If you check out the Con Twitter feeds from this fall and summer all you see is one porky presentation after the other.

I mean I couldn't BELIEVE the string of announcements in this Con's riding...

Until I remembered he only won the riding by 18 votes. And it was one of the ridings hit by robocalls. So it must be important eh?

And all this from a Con regime that claims that it needs to slash jobs and services to bring down the deficit.

Apart from the focus on so many organizational details, what’s instructive about these particular summer spendfests is that they come from a government supposedly all about shrinking the size of government, eliminating the deficit, cutting programs, retiring civil servants and otherwise being tight-fisted with the public purse.

And that Harper is a REAL economist, not a crazed right-wing ideologue.

All these funding commitments co-exist within a government that is ending programs for science (see the end of federal involvement in the Experimental Lakes project in Northwestern Ontario), slicing foreign aid, cutting the CBC, reducing embassy staffs abroad, making a hash of the defence budget and so on.

Oh boy. The hypocrisy burns. The stench clogs the nostrils. My parents taught me to expect so much better, to run from people like them. Or call the police.

But as I told my Mum today, it would be worse if it was working eh?

But it isn't.

The funny thing is that despite these summer spendfests, with their huge organizational tail, polls suggest the government is appreciably less popular than when last elected.

It's a BUST.

And so is Great Pipeline Leader's greasy charm offensive in British Columbia.

Grand Chief Stewart Phillip, president of the Union of B.C. Indian Chiefs, told host Evan Solomon the federal government was nowhere to be seen until earlier this month, when he received a flurry of requests from various ministerial departments asking to meet with him. When asked by Solomon whether this "charm offensive" was working, Phillips said it's leaving members of his group with "a very uneasy feeling" that the federal government's approach is not in the best interest of First Nations.

Because as it turns out, apparently you can't bribe EVERYONE. You can't fool ALL the people ALL the time.

And like so many other Canadians have learned the hard way, when a bunch of Con men suddenly materialize in your community, you have to protect your moral values with one hand, and your future with the other eh?

Gawd. When did the tragic tale of Stephen Harper's Con regime turn into such a grubby crime story?

Do they have ANY idea what we're going to do with all this sordid material?

And how do you think this story will END?

Yes, yes, that's it. Please let it happen that way.

Let the voters, or the police, put those nasty Con men away.

Before they do more dirty things

Before they steal our country...

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Edstock said...

Put Stevie in Omar's cell, after we get Omar out.

e.a.f. said...

Hey, I like Edstock's suggestion. I great slogan for a caimpaign!