Friday, September 06, 2013

Stephen Harper's Con Klown Summit Show

I must admit when I saw Vladimir Putin getting ready to greet Stephen Harper I wasn't sure whether the Russian Dictator was going to shake the Canadian Dictator's hand.

Or slap him.

And all I could think of was, that'll teach them to hold ANYTHING in Russia. And who's the designated food taster?

Because from the way Great Leader is ballooning, no doubt from the stress of the Senate scandal, and the way he's probably going to attack the buffet table, I don't think Old Duff can handle it eh?

Which made me think that this last totally useless G20 summit before The Great Middle East Conflagration might at least be amusing.

Only to find myself moments later, cringing with embarrassment, and staring in disbelief at this scary sight...

Not one but THREE Con klowns in St Petersburg, cheerleading for war, posing as economists, and telling the world everybody should follow their example !!!!

Prime Minister Stephen Harper is taking a firm position on two controversial issues at this year's G20 summit, with little hope of achieving a wider consensus with his fellow leaders on either front.

With two cabinet ministers in tow to hammer home his messages, Harper made it clear that a military strike is necessary against Syria; and that countries should be setting hard targets for reducing their debts, as Canada is now doing.

Preaching austerity at time when it has been shown to be an utter and total disaster.

A recent study found austerity in Britain shaved six per cent off that country's GDP over the past three years, amounting to about $143.5 billion U.S. in lost income, or $5,400 U.S. per British household.

Lecturing the world about debt, even though the Cons ballooned the deficit with their porky spending, have crippled government with their criminally irresponsible tax policies.

According to the Parliamentary Budget Office, Canada's deficit is "structural," meaning at least some part of it would have existed regardless of the financial crisis. It was created because tax rates were cut too low to support government spending.

And by keeping interest rates so low for so long are punishing savers, threatening pension funds, and encouraging Canadians to load up on debt like there was no tomorrow. 

And they're the debt-fighting champions? OMG. Can you believe those shameless Con artists? Trying to scam the world, like they're always trying to scam Canadians. They just can't help themselves.

Oh boy. I realize the other leaders have learned to ignore Harper's delusions of grandeur.

Or his desperate attempts to attract attention...

But it doesn't look good eh? It must make people wonder what kind of people we are who would allow such a boastful ape to pose as a Prime Minister.

But then of course he's not putting on that humiliating show for their benefit. It's just another photo-op designed to fool Canadians into thinking that he's a real economist. Because he knows that's his last chance of clinging to power, and he's desperate. 

After months of controversy surrounding the Senate scandal, Justin Trudeau's Liberal party has widened its lead on the governing Conservatives, according to a new Nanos Research poll. But the Nanos survey also suggests Canadians are already turning their attention back to the economy.

Which makes it even more important that while we attack the Cons over the Senate scandal, we also attack their economic policies more ferociously than ever.

The Senate scandal will take care of itself. When the police lay charges, as they almost surely will, those bad numbers will spike like a fever.

But the day he's stripped of his fraudulent economic credentials. 

The day he's exposed as a scam artist.

Will be the day even the dumbest Canadians, and the whole world.

Will see him as he really is...

In the meantime think of it this way eh?

He set out to impress the summit.

And even on the eve of the Great Middle East Conflagration.

He left them screaming with laughter...

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