Tuesday, September 03, 2013

The Con Mob and the Missing Paper Trail

If and when Stephen Harper and his Con gang are ever hauled before a judge and asked to explain themselves, the first question they're going to have to answer is this one:

Why when by all accounts the PMO was convulsed by the Senate scandal, is there no paper trail? 

The CBC recently reported that the Privy Council Office, the PM's public service, claimed in June that it had no documents of any kind related to the scandal nor anyone involved in it, including Harper's former chief of staff, Nigel Wright.

In total, the departments responded to more than two dozen requests for documents. In every case, the response was the same: The search yielded "zero" pages because the information "does not exist."

All of which is bound to leave many Canadians wondering how it is possible that not a single federal official in two pivotal departments was moved to write a single email during all these months of what is arguably the Conservatives' worst political crisis since Stephen Harper became prime minister seven years ago.

Because living in the moral squalor of Harperland I can only think of TWO possible explanations:  

Either the Cons decided not put anything in writing, because they had nothing to feel guilty about eh?

Or they did write things down and are either hiding the documents or have had them shredded. Or buried in cement barrels at the bottom of the Rideau Canal.

Or maybe they memorized them, and are too dumb to remember. Or they ate them, in which case it's too late. It's also in the Canal.

But it doesn't really matter. Because whatever way you cut it or dump it, it still leaves  Boss Harper and his Cons looking even less like a government and even more like a MOB...

Because that is how a mob does business eh?

And the slightly good news?

If Canadians ever find out the truth about the Senate scandal, it almost certainly won't be through their legal right to access government documents. So far, about all that's holding the Senate and Harper administration accountable are Mounties armed with warrants.

And the even better news? If the police don't get them. 

CBC sources were unanimous on one point: Horton and his investigators are tough, thorough, extremely well-prepared and seem deadly serious about a probe that could lead to criminal charges of fraud and breach of trust.

As Horton says in one court filing: "I believe there was an agreement between Duffy and Wright involving repayment of the $90,000 and a Senate report that would not be critical of him, constituting an offence of frauds on the government."

It's looking more and more like the voters will. 

The Conservatives are bleeding support from older voters, Ontarians and ethnic Canadians who helped the party win a majority government in 2011, say pollsters, noting Liberals are the ones gaining.

The Conservatives are also losing support among ethnic Canadians who helped the party win 32 of 47 seats in the GTA in 2011, the Forum Research poll shows...Overall, the Forum poll put national support for the Liberals at 38 per cent, with the Conservatives and NDP polling at 29 and 22 per cent, respectively.

If the Cons don't steal the election like they tried to steal the last one.

But until that happy day arrives, we have to live with these depressing realities:

Boss Harper and his gang are making a mockery out of our parliamentary system. Access to Information is now nothing more than a bad Orwellian joke.

And because so many Canadians allow the Con mob to get away with one democratic or moral atrocity after the other. They just don't give a damn, or they're too lazy or too dumb. Or they can be brainwashed too easily. Or just NUMBED.

Democracy in Canada is about as dead as a Dodo...

But wait, don't despair. At least no more than usual. Here's the BEST news. He won't get away with it. It's just too blatant.

You can control information, you can muzzle it, but you can't make it disappear. That looks really bad.

Even the dumbest Canadians can understand that.

And the only reason he doesn't, is because he's crazy DESPERATE.

He played Boss Harper and got away with it.

He played Big Brother until the Big Lie became the new normal.

But then he tried to play both roles at the same time.

And it was his downfall...

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Ron S. said...

Sounds like they learned the lesson well from the BC LIbERalS. What they should do is seize the personal emails because that's where it in all likelihood took place. Seize them and read them. They can't delete it permanently from their own computer's.