Friday, September 06, 2013

Will Obama's War Cost Stephen Harper the Keystone Pipeline?

Well at least we now know what Stephen Harper expects for his strong support of Obama's missile strike on Syria.

He wants Obama to do the right thing and give him his Keystone XL pipeline 

Prime Minister Stephen Harper has sent a letter to U.S. President Barack Obama formally proposing "joint action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the oil and gas sector," if that is what's needed to gain approval of the Keystone XL pipeline through America's heartland, CBC News has learned.

Even if it means getting down on his knees, and allowing Obama to dictate the conditions:

Sources told CBC News the prime minister is willing to accept targets proposed by the United States for reducing the climate-changing emissions and is prepared to work in concert with Obama to provide whatever political cover he needs to approve the project.

But what Great Stooge Leader doesn't seem to understand, or maybe he does that's why he's so desperate, is that a missile strike on Syria will almost certainly doom the pipeline.

And the reason is simple. Obama's Democrats are badly divided.

Liberal Democrats such as Lowenthal have a natural resistance to war, but they also want to back up one of their own in the White House. Then there are the polls showing that a majority of voters oppose military action. Of the 653 e-mails, phone calls, and social-media comments Lowenthal's office has received, only 11 favor strikes.

Many of his supporters are in a state of open revolt. 

"What I'm hearing back home is about 100 percent no," Rep. Carol Shea-Porter (D-N.H.) told reporters while explaining her opposition to Obama's call for action. The congresswoman added that the chances of getting the House of Representatives to approve the use of military force looked increasingly slim.

And while the Syrians repair the damage of his "limited" strike, Obama is going to be really busy repairing the damage to his political base.

Because that damage is so extensive, it will require a grand gesture to win back that support. And what better way to do that than killing the Keystone XL pipeline?

What better way to recast his tarnished image, seize the high road again, win back his base and some of his wealthiest backers, than by going out as the man who declared war on global warming?

Or at least the Keystone XL pipeline...

In fact, if the missile strike goes ahead, it may be the ONLY way he can even hope to win back that support before the next election.

Which would leave Stephen Harper in a rather awkward position.

After having fought climate change for years. After spending millions trying to fool the Americans into thinking that the Cons were trying to save the planet not torch it. After telling Obama we didn't need his pipeline, because we've got the Chinese.

He finally surrenders, goes down on his knees, only to discover that Obama has left their room in the squalid Syria Motel, and that the war he has been cheerleading for so loudly, may blow up his precious pipeline.

How ironic eh? And how PATHETIC.

What will he do now?

Standing tall for Canada Big Oil.

On his short furry legs.

And always a LOSER.

So long pipeline.

Bye Bye Great Leader...

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Anonymous said...

Oil is proof abrahamic religion is a lie! Money is the excuse.

Anonymous said...

Actually, Simon, you have made a very good point that a strike on Syria would almost certainly doom the Keystone. Definitely more insightful analysis than some of the talking heads we see on TV (e.g. CBC At Issue or CTV).

And there are some in the media (e.g. Chris Hall in the CBC) who seem to still propagate the myth that Harper is a chess player, thinking several moves ahead of his opponents. You have provided yet another example of how stupid Harper really is, not thinking about the implications of his encouraging Obama to strike Syria.

You'd think that with the highly paid people (by taxpayers) he surrounds himself with in the PMO, someone would have pointed this out to him, eh?

wazz said...

The bitter fact is no matter what Obama wants to do, the world and certainly the UN do not trust America anymore to tell the truth. After Flubya and his pack of lies about non existent WMDs in Iraq. The international community looks at the US now as a coop of liars acting out of their own interest, pure and simple. Obama has no support in America, Congress, the Senate, the UN or internationally for any strike. If the US bombs Syria anyway, take the hoodlums to the world court and charge the wackjobs. We don't need the delusional Yankees to 'save' the planet and world.

Simon said...

hi anonymous...well I don't know if I can blame religion for Big Oil. But what I do know is that wherever it goers it corrupts entire societies...

Simon said...

hi anonymous...yes I'm surprised that nobody in the MSM has looked ahead at how Obama is going to rally his base after this debacle. I've never seen Obama's supporters so divided, I can't see how he can rally them again without some grand gesture. And the pipeline looks like a natural target. As for those who still think Harper is a political genius, I don't know what to say, except that some people are REALLY easy to impress...

Simon said...

hi wazz...I don't know what to think. Kerry and company are racheting up the rhetoric so much it is starting to remind me of the orchestrated buildup to Iraq. Hitting the dictator's installations might make people feel better, but what is it going to accomplish? And if we undermine the U.N, as imperfect as it is, what does international law mean? I very much fear where all this is leading us...

e.a.f. said...

If Kerry had an hopes of ever making another run for the white house, he lost it his chance when he started the war talk regarding syria. It as entertaining as hell to not have heard a word from Hillary Clinton.

Stevie is desperate. For years he didn't think the climate was all that important. Didn't like anything to do with reducing pollution and now, hey lets get with that agenda. Obama is not going to get the o.k. to bomb Syria and then he won't go ahead with the pipeline and stevie will be stuck with shit.

Simon said...

hi e.a.f...I quite like Kerry so I'm disappointed to see him shilling for that absurd missile strike. But then he has to cover Obama's ass, so at least he has an excuse. Which is more than I can say for Harper. He has mishandled the energy/environment dossier so badly for that alone he deserves to be fired...