Thursday, September 26, 2013

Dean Del Mastro Charged by Elections Canada !!!!

I'd almost forgotten Dean Del Mastro, Boss Harper's parliamentary secretary, he's been away for so long.

All I can remember is that he was always blaming others for ethical lapses eh?

So I really can't wait to see how he handles this one. 

Conservative MP Dean Del Mastro is facing four charges for violations of the Canada Election Act, including that he exceeded the campaign spending limit and submitted “misleading” documents related to his expenses to the federal agency.

In June, Del Mastro expressed his frustration at the length of time Elections Canada was taking with its investigation into his expenses, saying he felt “violated and betrayed” by the federal agency. The charges come nearly 16 months after Elections Canada opened its investigation.

The investigation focused on the $21,000 payment he made to a polling company from his personal account, which did not appear on his official campaign return and which would have put him over the campaign spending limit.

And of course I also can't wait to see how Stephen Harper explains it all.

I mean first his favourite Senator gets into trouble, then his chief of staff, his old buddy Bruce Carson is due to make a court appearance soon. Who knows what's going to happen to Pamela Wallin or Patrick Brazeau.

And now the Deaner?

Ooga booga beluga. Does Great Ugly Leader know how to pick them or what?

Gawd. I'm practically speechless. Just like I used to be when I saw the Deaner answering every question with an absurd attack or a bubbling stream of senseless gibberish.

And I bet they feel the same way at the CBC...

For who can forget the way he went after the public broadcaster, as if he wanted to kill it and eat it.

Or for that matter who can forget the way he went after Adam Carroll for telling the truth about Vic Toews...

Because I'm still having nightmares about that one eh?

But of course right now I'm thinking about Stephen Harper's nightmare, and how he needs another scandal like a drowning man needs an anvil, and I'm feeling GREAT !!!!

So if you should see me prancing  dancing down the street, with my big bunny earphones on.

And a smile on my face as big as the moon in the sky, or a big pizza pie.

It shouldn't be too hard to figure out what song I'm playing...

Golly. Could this be just the beginning?

Could Pierre Poutine be next?

Until the investigation began, Del Mastro served as the Conservative government’s main attack dog in question period on a range of issues, including the ongoing robocalls scandal.

Oh I hope so eh?

Because all I would need after that is Placido Domingo, or Mike Duffy, to play Del Mastro, a full symphony orchestra, and we could call  it an opera or the Con Gotterdammerung.

And of course I just LOVE sordid crime stories with happy endings...

I told you, I told you. Tell the orchestra to kick it up a notch eh?

We have them where we want them.

And we are going to DESTROY them...

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Anonymous said...

And don't forget Micheal Sona. He'll be singing in the courts soon, in the key of Steve flat.

Beijing York said...

Hopefully Sona spills some names. It's so obvious he is not the brains behind the operation - just a faithful idiot soldier.