Sunday, September 29, 2013

Stephen Harper and the Dirty War on Canadians

Well I see Stephen Harper and his ghastly Con regime have stepped up their dirty war on Justin Trudeau.

Now he's not just a junkie, he's selling pot to kiddies. 

The Prime Minister’s Office and a Conservative cabinet minister are accusing the Liberal leader of being more interested in making gateway drugs such as marijuana more easily available to children than in addressing Canadians’ economic concerns.

“It seems Justin Trudeau’s focus is on legalizing marijuana, which will make it easier for children to access,” Stephen Lecce, the prime minister’s deputy director of communications, said Friday.

And although I'm not surprised. Because by now Great Ugly Leader is so crazy desperate he can barely control his bowels, let alone the voices in his head.

I must say I found the timing of this call to decency a little ironic. 

Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne is asking the province’s Liberals not to use negative tactics in the next provincial election, expected to take place as early as next spring. Wynne spoke to about 500 Liberals at a convention in Hamilton on Saturday, saying that she knows there is a lot of pressure to engage in divisive politics, but added that she hopes to change the often negative tone.

And more than a little disturbing. Since I quite like Wynne eh?

And I'd hate to see her end up badly...

Or cooking like a roast in the flames of her own idealism.

Especially since you'd think she might have read the NDP's post mortem of its last disastrous campaign in British Columbia. And absorbed its sobering conclusion: nice guys finish LAST. 

Playing nice during the 2013 election was a dismal failure, and in the next election the NDP must run “a more aggressive, bloody-minded campaign,” says an internal document penned by Adrian Dix’s campaign leader.

“A more aggressive, bloody-minded campaign than the one we conducted would have nonetheless acted on the traditional political principle that the best time to kick your opponent is when they are down,” Topp wrote.

Or read Michael Ignatieff's new book to find out what happened when he asked Stephen Harper to play nice. 

Tellingly, he recounts an exchange between himself and Harper after they successfully concluded a deal to pass the stimulus package. “I told him if he wanted our cooperation he would have to call off the attack dogs. He fixed me with his cold eyes and said nothing.”

Not much later the first attack ads, framing Ignatieff as “Just visiting” and “He didn’t come back for you,” hit the airwaves. For a guy who never even bothered to get an American Green Card, it was infuriating. But those ads worked brilliantly and Ignatieff believes he never really recovered.

With predictable results...

Because what he and all the other progressives whose bones now litter the political landscape failed to understand, is that Stephen Harper simply cannot help himself. He gets a kinky thrill out of attacking others, his depravity knows no limit.  

And that if you wish to defeat him and his foul Cons, first you must destroy them as they would destroy us.

If the progressive parties don't understand that by now they NEVER will. And they will surrender this country to its enemies over and over again.  

Yup. Now more than ever, fight them, fight them, fight them. Save our Canada from those MONSTERS.

Kick them when they're down.

Hit them where it HURTS....

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the salamander said...

.. Ah yes .. Stephen Lecce .. I recall him from the dubious Fantino by-election and subsequent general election.. it was up in Vaughn, Ontario.. One assumes Elections Canada has those two elections, the campaign bank accounts and transfers high atop their investigation list.

Lecce somehow circumvented rules about PMO operatives leaving Ottawa and proceeding directly to a federal campaign and then reversing his course later to proceed directly back to Harper's embrace in the PMO.

Lecce shared an office during the Fantino campaigns with a red goateed mystery man who managed the data abuses and robo geeking, while american robo operatives campaigned on the streets.. rumor had it the mystery man closely resembled the guy from RackNine .. Phone records from the Vaughn campaign office would certainly clarify the who, the when and the connections ..

I don't believe Lecce has ever been deposed regarding who that man was he shared the office with, nor regarding the extra bank accounts so flush with donations, that funds were dispersed to finance numerous other campaigns.. Quite odd how that all worked

If and when Fantino goes down for electoral campaign 'irregularities, so too will Stephen Lecce.. Harper's golden boy.. much like Ray Novak.. another who knows far far too much of the dirty world of war rooms, the PMO, backrooms, backstabbing and who's sleeping with whom

Anonymous said...

I agree, Simon. Taking the high road with these thugs is useless. To get rid of them , the opposition needs to be relentless in the next 2 years in just telling the truth about these corrupt big oil puppets. They have lots of corruption and outrageous behavior (I won' t take no for an answer.) to choose from and more to come as the desperation of the cons grows. Wouldn't it be wonderful if the mainstream media stopped treating them like a legitimate government?

I still dream that enough very courageous cons will cross the floor, at least sit as independents and dear leader loses the majority.


Anonymous said...

Carrying on the fine liberal tradition of fucking the taxpayers, cutting back on Provincial services because she won't reign in the idiotically high spending the liberals have made their careers on, obfuscating the truth, still leading a very non-transparent government just like her pal mcguilty (part of the pre-election deal she had to make with him, I'm sure), refusing to take him to task because of all of his shady dealings as Premier and you still quite "like her"? If she wasn't LGBT, would you still quite like her because that is the only thing that I can see that, in your myopic, obsessively gay way of thinking, makes her one of the good guys to you. Anybody buddying up to the likes of the ford familia has no right to be called honourable or honest or anything close to it and you know it and she has done so recently or the Star and Sun are both just totally lying to make her look bad. Maybe time to get a grip on reality, Simon, instead of seeing everything through LGBT coloured glasses.
She's nothing but a female version of mcguilty and still part of his political machinery here in Ontario. When/if we get the libs and cons out of Ottawa and Queen Street, we might have a chance of getting this Province/Country back to some semblance of normalcy that you always say you want so much. Until then, it's just the same tinpot dictatorship be it city or province or country. You're a fucking bigot, Simon and a hypocrite. The only two things that are unlikeable about you is your face.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely agree, Simon. Not sure what it is with Justin and Wynne and all this if a man strikes thee on the left cheek .... stuff. It makes them very qualified .... to be the Pope (at least in Justin's case, Wynne might have to wait a few more years until our friend Francis turns the ship around, eh)?

Remember what James Travers wrote in the Toronto Star shortly before he passed away .... something about how the Harper Cons were vandalizing the country and the Liberals (who were HM Opposition at that time) were allowing them to get away with it?

Remember also that "Beer and Popcorn" Reid was an advisor with the Liberal Party at that time and he too had stated that with Harper, you have to go for the jugular, always. Otherwise you're his dinner. Ignatieff apparently chose to ignore that advice and is now trying to convince us that no one had warned him about it. Pathetic, eh?

Hopefully, Justin knows what he is doing and my fears are unwarranted.

Anonymous said...

All Dictators have the same typo personality. The Dictators of the 30's and 40's all, lied, thieved, deceived, were corrupt, used dirty politics, dirty tactics and cheated to win. Sound familiar? It should. Once a Dictator is in control, their countries fall into ruin. Dictators are sociopaths, they are only interested in their own power and glory so, to hell with the people.

Harper is of no surprise to me? He was Policy Chief for his, Northern Foundation of 1989. Some very dubious characters assisted Harper, to organize his Northern Foundation. When Harper's team named him a dictator and a control freak? That fits with every Dictator through the decades. Hitler, Stalin and Mussolini are, the old faces of evil and were lunatics. Harper is the new face of evil.

e.a.f. said...

Yes, the Greens, Liberals, NDP, etc. need to get out there and make some "hay" while the sun shines. If they don't they will be shit on the heels of the slimers. There is currently enough out there for all parties to inform Canadians of what the Cons are doing to this country. There is enough "corruption" going around in the Conservative Party to make even Conservatives weary of it all. If other political parties don't start making some hay with the Cons. "missteps", they won't win the next election. The other political parties need to understand the MSM is not going to spread the message.

Steve said...

Maybe the dirty pool works when there is a pre existing scab to pick. Its not going to be so easy with Justin,

Simon said...

hi salamander...I fear that we shall only find out what the Cons have been up to all over the country after we defeat them. but I think it's fair to say from the tiny glimpses we get of what's going on behind the curtain, it will probably be a shocking sight. However, as long as the statute of limitations hasn't run out, there should still be time for justice....

Simon said...

hi anonymous...I would much prefer to take the high road, but unfortunately the Cons have so coarsened politics in this country, that sticking to the high road can be like taking a knife to a gun fight. Besides the record of the Con regime is so ghastly that not attacking them would amount to betraying our values and our country...

Simon said...

hi anonymous...I don't look at anything or anyone through "LGBT coloured glasses." And I'm afraid you are the bigot for bringing up Wynne's sexual orientation, and suggesting that's why I like her, even though I never said I would vote for her. Honestly, what crazy bitter stuff is that? Get a grip on yourself...

Simon said...

hi anonymous 11:37...As I said before I would much rather have a campaign of issues and ideas, but not to fight the Cons with attack ads of our own would be to repeat the same mistakes of the past, and almost certainly end up with the same results. My instinct when dealing with bullies of any stripe is to give them a taste of their own medicine. As far as I'm concerned the Cons declared war on our values and our country long ago, and now it's our turn to declare war on them...

Simon said...

hi the years go by Harper is becoming the old face of evil. And I'm more concerned about what he might do in the future than what he might have done in the past. But yes we relly need to defeat him and the sooner the better....

Simon said...

hi e.a.f....I hope the progressive parties come flying out of the blocks as soon as Parliament returns, because now is the time to hit the Cons when the are struggling under the weight of scandal. And also because I wouldn't be surprised if Harper engineers an election far sooner than most people imagine. It's time to take off the gloves, and go after Harper like he goes after our leaders. Anything less would be to surrender as far as I'm concerned....

Simon said...

hi Steve...Justin has been able to stay out of reach of the Con Garbage Machine, and their attempts to smear him have so far backfired. But remember they have a massive and well funded attack machine and they will never stop trying to find something they can use against him. So while it may be to his advantage t stay above the fray, all the progressive parties need to have tough attack ads in their own arsenals. They're not just effective as weapons of personal destruction, they are one of the few ways to can break through the clutter and attract the attention of Canadians. Give me more I say, and the sooner the better...

the salamander said...

.. Simon .. excellent discourse .. and exchange .. you're an exemplary host !

Just a reminder tho .. that words or terms or phrase and their connected context and fact are critical.
Thus one needs to be very specific re 'attack ads' or campaign materials or bumph or fact or fiction or spin..

Thus to identify fictional interpretation, misrepresentation, partisan or corporatist or hypocritical actions in clear concise verified terms is not really an 'attack ad' .. one is simple recounting the facts, dates and those involved.

Thus we look at a quite from Stephen Harper that deserves to be examined and called out ..
attacking the author and the distortion belonging to the author ..

"I look at the contrast with him promoting marijuana use for our children
versus saying yesterday he will have no economic policy for several years," Harper said
(Huffington Post)

Trudeau does not need to defend himself from the distorted Harper 'attack'
Instead Trudeau needs to identify how juvenile, lazy and vicious a prime minister is for such ludicrous interpretation and for publicly spewing it as if some sort of fact.. Boomerang it on Harper
ask him to explain which of his aides or advisors cam up with such distorted ideas
or if Harper himself actually thinks that is what Trudeau suggests he wants to do with 'our children'

Its called counterpunching .. when your opponent launches a wild off balance swing
they are wide open to be drilled and knocked out by your 'counter'

Examine Harper's quote carefully .. its his or someone else's shaky conflation of disparate bits
To call it factual or accurate is laughable.. its barely comprehensible.. without useful meaning
Its just jamming - 'our children' - pot promotion - no economic policy - into one snotty utterance