Friday, September 20, 2013

Stephen Harper and the Great Economist Leader Myth

It's one of the most depressing things about living in Harperland eh?

The way Great Monstrous Leader commits one democratic atrocity after the other, but gets away with it by claiming he's the best leader to manage the economy.

And so many Canadians still swallow that fraudulent myth, hook, line, and SINKER.

When in fact Stephen Harper has the poorest economic growth record of any Prime Minister since R.B. Bennett, back in the dark days of the Great Depression.

And as Lawrence Martin points out the opposition isn't doing enough to blow that Con myth to smithereens. 

Newly released global competitiveness rankings from the World Economic Forum place Canada at a dreary 14th. On the trade front Canada now has a billion-dollar deficit. Our current account deficit of three per cent of GDP makes Canada the worst performer in the G8 in that category.

The country’s manufacturing base is being further eroded while government policy gives full-blown priority to the resource sector. The middle class in shrinking. Our productivity rate is lousy. Depending on whose statistics you believe, inequality is either getting worse or hardly improving.

And yet, the Conservatives continue presenting themselves to Canadians as good stewards of the economy. The fact that they’re still getting away with it testifies more to the inadequacy of the opposition parties’ messaging talents than anything else.

So Great Buffoon Leader is able to continue to pose as an economist, while acting as a tool of Big Oil, and brainwashing Canadians with his grotesque Porky Action Plan ads. 

Which although they are massively unpopular do serve a purpose:

"I think the message behind the Economic Action Plan was primarily political, that is, to show Canadians that the government is doing a good job with the economy." Nicholls says the Harper government will likely tweak the spots to make them appear fresher in the next two years, but the ads will continue "to work at a more subconscious level: Conservatives-economy-good."

By associating the Cons with images of a feel good economy, and helping cement the myth that they're good money managers. When in fact their insane petro-state policies are tearing the country apart, and leading us to economic disaster.

It's depressing, but there is some good news buried in that heap of manure. 

For the day the opposition gets its act together, and comes up with an ad campaign that combines this slogan:



With this general idea...

And a not so gentle reminder that the Cons are trying to scam us with OUR money.

They will blow the myth right out of the water.

And sink Stephen Harper...

Because if you look at every single poll, the only thing keeping him afloat are his phony economic credentials.  And when they go, he goes.

Yup. It's time progressives took off their gloves and attacked the Cons as savagely as they would attack us. Or even more brutally, because they deserve it eh?

Time to attack their economic record.

And hit them where it HURTS...

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Anonymous said...

I think that Ayn (as in 'swine') Rand is Steve's economic and philosophical hero. Someone should tell him that her second rate novels were aimed at the teenage girl audience.

bcwaterboy said...

Martin hits the nail on the head by pointing out the single biggest obstacle the opposition parties have and that's tearing the growing the economy line away from the cons. The same challenge exists in bc where the outrageously incompetent Christy Clark has successfully copied this formula for success.

thwap said...

When the financial system crashed in 2008 and threatened to take everything else with it unless saved by massive taxpayer funded rescue plans, I mocked the shamelessness and hypocrisy and stupidity of right-wing fucks who'd still yammer about the supposed damage leftists would do if they ever got control over the economy.

Alas, the brain-washing remains thorough. Despite this $200 billion dollar recession, people still mindlessly believe that the policies of the status-quo are the best of any possible set of choices.

I say whenever I can that that's complete garbage.


I must say this is so funny. I did not laugh for a while like today. Thanks for making me laugh and smile.

Anonymous said...

World Banks have a running list of company's, banned from building on it's global projects. 117 of those 250 banned company's are Canadian.

On the global scene Canada has really slipped, even on Human Rights. Harper's corruption is being noticed as well. It seems to me other counties are shunning Canada, because of Harper. What kind of an idiot, would hand their country to Communist China? Not even another Communist country, would be stupid enough to do that.

Anonymous said...

Harper is going to call a snap election this Spring or Fall 2014 to try and catch the other parties unprepared.

CK said...

Stevie's master's thesis, in case anyone is interested. He was a sick, evil puppy even in youth.

Hugh said...

Massive, debt-growing deficits every year since 2008. Brilliant fiscal management.