Sunday, September 08, 2013

Stephen Harper and the Last Days of the Con Mob

Golly. Last month I told you how the changes in the PMO meant that Boss Harper was preparing to declare war on his enemies.

Now here comes Scott Reid to back up my claim.

By comparing Great Desperate Leader to Sonny Corleone !!!!!

Stephen Harper is going to the mattresses. That is the unmistakable message behind the recent overhaul of his office and team of advisers. But the shakeup of his staff in favour of flinty longtime loyalists tells us not only that the prime minister is girding for war in the style of Sonny Corleone.

It also provides clues about his inherent instincts as a leader, his gnawing distrust of many fellow Conservatives and even the truth behind that controversial cheque cut to Mike Duffy. Add to all of that this small prediction: If Harper loses the next election, we’ll look back upon this reconstituted PMO as the beginning of the end.

You know when some in the MSM start noticing Stephen Harper's legacy of destruction.

Or comparing the PMO gang to this one...

You know it won't be long before Harperland, the ghastly mob story, is OVER.

Because once we've established that the Con regime, and it's depraved leader, have been acting like gangsters, it won't be long before the voters revolt and throw them out of office. If the police don't arrest them first.

Of course, I'm not predicting or even hoping for a violent end. Just a slow shabby shuffle into the garbage can cement barrel of history.

And Scott Reid and I also don't agree on which mob the PMO is modelling itself after eh? Or whether it's even a mob or a CULT.

But Reid is right about Sonny:

Remember. Sonny also went to the mattresses. But he didn’t survive the war.

And it's true that Boss Harper is preparing to go down fighting. By siccing his faithful PMO pitbulls on his enemies.

And unleashing his new and terrifying weapon Jenni Byrne...

To go after Justin Trudeau.
But fortunately this too is true eh?

You can't act like a gangster AND call yourself a Canadian Prime Minister. And get away with it forever.

Not even in Harperland.

The new gang of Reformers and fanatics in the PMO will lead them all to the slammer.

And the Con mob's days are numbered...

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the salamander said...

.. Edward de Bono .. a recognized leader in the art of 'Problem Solving' & Lateral Solutions .. and Thinking .. suggests ..

'There are three basic aspects of thinking: "what is"; "what may be"; and "what can be". We are almost totally obsessed with "what is". We underestimate the extremely valuable contribution that "what may be" has made to progress. We do very little about "what can be" - even though our future depends entirely on this aspect.'

.. de Bono also suggested that problem solving could include alternative, unusual or random approaches.. and that by stating the problem, in the most effective possible way. the solution is most likely included or defined.

He asked children to suggest solutions to complex biological facts as well as social and cultural problems. The results were simplistic and breathtaking..

If indy artists, writers, bloggers, historians, advocates, biologists, schoolchildren, teachers, seniors etc.. put some focus on developing questions along these lines, they could be addressed & delivered in Question Period by current opposition MP's.. The government responses, whether dumbfounded, evasive, deceitful or intelligent would go on the record (Hansard)

The idea that the obvious, the truths, the solutions, the correct pathways would be evident in the questions is very intriguing to me.. The answers or lack of response from a complicit, corporatist, evangelical federal government would also interest me, and one would suppose a lot of voters.

So back to 'the what may be' .. if used as the basis of a question.. say from Tom Mulcair or Justin Trudeau or Elizabeth May or any opposition or Conservative MP .. directed specifically to Stephen Harper..

A question such as 'Will you tell Canadian schoolchildren why you believe Canada's wild salmon, orca, eagles, sea otters should be driven to extinction by Chinese supertankers carrying our tar sands oil and fracked liquid natural gas to China?'

After all, that's what may be if Stephen Harper has his way. That is the end result of his policies and actions at this point in time. That is certain with another majority Harper government.

Related follow up questions would certainly inquire re who in the federal caucus would accurately explain how ships sonar affects marine life in say.. 100 words or less.. and how informed Mr Harper, his previous or current Department of Fisheries & Oceans Minister is on this critical matter. And if there was nobody capable of such response, why not? Please explain or defend the disastrous environmental oversight and failure. please.

The questions must be developed and the answers as well. Will a cretinous malignant thug government outsmart, outmanouvre and sell out Canada and Canadians..?

I think our opposition needs help.. so let's feed them useful, brilliant thinking and problem solving..

We need to hear why Stephen Harper thinks he, his group of MP's, backroom thugs, PMO cretins, donors, advisors, datawanks, corporate sponsors.. and all their families and friends think Harper's out of control behavior is just fine..

Keep doing your wonderful work Simon .. but we need to communicate at exceptional levels, via 'best practices' .. directly to Canadians across the land, artists, schoolchildren, teachers, biologists, parents, advocates, seniors.. and we need to coordinate with.. uh oh .. our precious First Nations too ... !!!

Kirbycairo said...

My prediction is that even if Harper were to lose an election he would refuse to vacate the position and attempt a de facto coup to stay in power. And because our parliamentary system relies so heavily on traditions rather than actual written laws, with the support of the GG he could stay in power even if he lost an election. I can see the talking points now - "the opposition is being controlled by mysterious foreign groups and the Conservatives must stay in power until we can be sure that a potential Liberal (or NDP) government is not working for some outside entity. WIth the exception of the Toronto Star, the Media would quickly fall into line and repeat the talking points ad nauseum.

ron wilton said...

I wonder if the ROC(rest of Canada) is even remotely aware of the devious lengths harper has gone to in my province of British Columbia, to achieve his agenda.

For starters he tried to shove his HST down our throats using our tipsy premier gordon campbell, who had earlier been 'recruited' by then chair of CN Rail, david maclean, to steal our BC Rail operations.

We responded by forcing campbell to resign and we then proceeded to ram the HST up harper's patoo', but our fight for 'return' of our railroad is far from over.

harper then 'rewarded' campbell by 'appointing' him as High Commissioner to Britain.

Next he came a'courting our premier replacement by sending his failed 'ethics' commissioner, the then chairman of the now smelly SNC Lavalin and Alberta's Encana corporation, gwyn morgan, to be our preemy's 'special advisor'.

Then he sent his much favoured 'press secretary', chewing gum MacIntyre, to liaise between our nubie preemy and the filthy press. She quickly embarrassed herself with her 'holier than thou' attitudes and was gummed into retreat where she was 'reassigned' and now departed from BC.

Next he sent his director of misinformation and subterfuge, kenny boessenkool, to be the preemy 'assistant', and designer of election frauds and other dirty harpercon deeds.

He was caught red handed groping and fondling one of 'his' assistants and quickly fled to Alberta to work for enbridge.

Now harper has blessed us with another of his sleaze directors, dimwitti pantazopoulous, to 'assist' our newbie preemy in the arts of vote suppression and cheat to win electioneering.

This most recent federal interloper in our 'provincial' affairs is currently 'employed' as a 'lobbyist'(wink, wink, nod, nod), slithering among the offices of most of our dim witted provincial cabinet ministers on behalf of god knows who or what.

Add to this list the hundred million or so dollars harper, in his last budget,has 'assigned' to facilitate supertanker navigation in our coastal inlets for a project, enbridge pipeline, that has not even been 'officially' approved and will never be publicly approved or accepted.

If harper goes to this much effort to deceive all of us far western hillbillies, imagine what he is doing in the far north and elsewhere to help his corporate handlers.

e.a.f. said...

stevie slime trotted off to the G 20 but there wasn't much accomplished, nor was he the centre of attention. That of course went to Syria. stevie is yesterday's news and ought to get used to it.

The scenario of not leaving office even if he lost the election, isn't too far off. Unless there is a clear majority for the "winning" party he could argue, he has the most seats and ought to form government, with the assistance of a few others. Of course that might be very entertaining as Mulcair and Trudeau the younger trott off to see the GG and make a few points.

Simon said...

hi salamander... I completely agree with this:

'There are three basic aspects of thinking: "what is"; "what may be"; and "what can be". We are almost totally obsessed with "what is". We underestimate the extremely valuable contribution that "what may be" has made to progress. We do very little about "what can be" - even though our future depends entirely on this aspect.'

But what compounds the problem is the incredible fragmentation of our modern society, the 24/7 news cycle, the real time/no time nature of communication, the idiot distractions, etc etc which makes it almost impossible to see the forest for the trees.

So yes, we need to communicate at exceptional levels, but we must keep the message simple and powerful if we hope to make an impression. I'm exploring new ways to do that with simple videos, and should have something to show for it soon...

P.S. If I dare screen it... ;)

Simon said...

hi Kirby...I don't blame for thinking that Harper might try something funny to try to cling to power. But remember, during the coalition crisis he practically went to pieces, and had to be talked out of resigning, so who knows what he might do under pressure? My greatest fear is that he will try to play English Canada against Quebec, accuse both Mulcair and Trudeau of being on the side of the separatists, and take this country to the brink. That's what he did in the latter stages of the coalition crisis, and his poll numbers were never better....

Simon said...

hi Ron...thanks for that list of crimes Harper has committed in BC. I didn't realize it was that long, but I will add it to the ledger I am one day hoping to present to the prosecution when the day of justice finally arrives. I think that when the Harperite cult is evicted people all over the country will be shocked to see how much damage they have done. Oh well, first we defeat them, then we put them on trial, then we rebuild this country even better than it was before...

Simon said...

hi e.a.f...I'm afraid you're right. Canada once had a noble role to play in the world. People sought our advice. But not any longer. Harper has disgraced us so often now they just ignore us. And yes, if the Mulcair and Trudeau are in position to form a coalition government after the next election they must put their differences aside and evict the Cons from office...