Monday, May 09, 2011

Why Do the Liberals Hate Young People So Much?

It's been a week since the Liberal Party went down the black hole of history.

So you'd think that by now their supporters might be ready to blame themselves. Or apologize for the fact that so many of them voted for the Cons. The ghastly blue TRAITORS.

But no, all they seem to be doing is going after the young people in the NDP, and in particular Ruth Ellen Brosseau. Hack a doodle. Hack a poodle.

Don't these pathetic losers have anything better to do? Like stand on a corner and beg for quarters.

Because they're going to need them...

Don't these pompous asses know ANYTHING about Quebec?

Don't they understand that Quebecers were so desperate for change they would have voted for a dog catcher if necessary. Just not a Con or a Liberal.

What is it about the Liberal dog that it can't understand it's not getting any more entitlement?

And no cheese either...

Woof. Woof. But but but... we is the natural governing party of Canada. WAAAAAAAH !!!

Look....NOBODY has tried more to bring the Liberals and the NDP together more than I have. For the reasons I explained last night.

But if the Liberals insist on attacking the young people in the NDP, instead of coming to terms with reality. And fighting the Cons instead of voting for them.

My patience has its limits.

And if they want a war dog fight they'll get one...

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  1. I'm gonna watch the vid again, I think for the 20th time. Thanks.

  2. Last night, I think it was CBC, who did a story on the new youngest MP in history. I actually found it quite refreshing. Don't tell anybody ;)

  3. I have been surprised to find so many LPC folks attacking young NDP MPs and Ruth Ellen especially.

    It has been as if they were attacking Harper. It is amazing they did so over the nomination papers when the LPC Giant in Quebec, Denis Coderre's own papers were not filled in correctly.

    Have a look here Fact Checker

    Aside from this, it just looks as if they wished the NDP was as crushed as they were. So much for being friends on the left and center.

  4. Anonymous2:47 PM

    If the Liberals had the same amount of seats as they had before Jack would be begging! The Liberal Party has had some young ones in its day, not quite University age. but young Layton should get off his pompous ass as if he the king..can't have 2!

  5. It amazes me that people think Layton is pompous. We all know he loves a camera, but do they think Jack is the leader most Canadians would have a beer with for nothing?

    Its okay if LPC supporters want to think of Jack as pompous, that means they continue to under estimate his leadership.

  6. hi Toe... I'm too much of a dog lover to like that video. If I was the dog I would have bitten that guy's face off. I was actually looking for one where a golden retriever tries to go through a doggy door but can't because it has a stick in its mouth. Oh well. Dogs are like the Liberals, most of the time I like them, but sometimes they piss me off... :)

  7. hi Steve...I didn't see the interview but I've heard he's quite eloquent. I just hate the camapign some are carrying on trying to portray these young MPs as some kind of daycare. And BTW...I like Justin Trudeau too. Don't tell anyone... ;)

  8. hi you know I try not to be narrowly partisan. And I regretted writing this post about ten minutes after I had cooled down. ;) Let the NDP be the NDP, let the Liberals heal themselves, and let both meet at the end of this long dark tunnel, and unite to defeat the Cons...

  9. hi anonymous...the Liberals have or had some fine young MPs like Justin Trudeau, and Mark Holland.
    And yes if the results had been different no doubt the reactions would have been different. As I mentioned before we should just take some time to cool down (me included) stop attacking each other, and work towards a better future for ALL of us...

  10. With respect, the Corneiller column I linked to had nothing to do with the youth of the candidates. So I have no idea why you've glommed on to that.

    E.g.: "Faced with the outcry, the NDP has responded by emphasizing the virtues of youth. The age of members is not the issue. If a youth comes from the area he represents, knows the hot issues and is able to communicate with constituents, there will be no more disadvantaged than any other member inexperienced. Some of the most respected federal parliamentarians have entered Parliament as they were in the early twenties."

    The age of the members is not the issue she wrote and I cited her approvingly. Absence during the campaign, Layton's hypocritical attack on Ignatieff for absence and the unilingualism of Brosseau (and perhaps others) were the issues, all of which I think are fair and legitimate.


  11. Great. now we're all bickering over the scraps. New blood is what the LPC needs. New blood and new ideas. And most of all, a good pair of ears to do a little listening instead of preaching.

    Ahh, we'll figure it all out.

  12. Simon, I do try to be friendly with some of the LPC folk, but I am telling you, there is a large contingent that have always felt NDP supporters simply needed a few kind words in the last week of a campaign to ensure LPC success. And its worked for them until the last couple of elections.

    The appeal started to wane in the last election and this time out ppl actually said Jack was the opposition.

    A merger is unlikely at this time. Maybe in a couple years it will be more serious.

    I have talked to many LPC bloggers and supporters. Two common views they have is that Unions already have too much power and the NDP can not manage finances.

    On the union front, I believe Unions have too few rights so thats a potential deal breaker - and the finance myths are just that. As you and I know The NDP provincial govt's over the years have the best record in govt. among the three main parties.

    Its still a stretch to merge. The final thing to mention I guess is that people still think of NDP as being very left. They are about where Trudeau was when he was first elected PM. The LPC is where the Mulroney Tories were.

  13. I think that progressives all buy into the media narrative, whether by default or by choice.

    I find it all rather sad and thanks Steve V for saying you liked the youngest member of the do be parliament.

    I really don't know Justin Trudeau but I don't find him offensive in any way.

  14. hi Impolitical...Manon Corneiller is just a Liberal hack, and you're just the latest Liberal blogger to go on about Brosseau and use her as an excuse to attack the NDP. Although, I must say you're definitely not the worst and simply had the misfortune to find yourself on the front page whjen I clicked on Prog Blogs during my lunch break. I didn't have time to dig up the worst offenders. And I didn't have time to elaborate on the assault on the young MPs that other Liberal bloggers, and the MSM have been mounting for days.
    I will however elaborate on that in my next post...

  15. And Jeff and SteveV are two of the easy ones to discuss these things with. Impolitical is cool as well and ScottT

  16. hi Scott...yeah it is unfortunate I agree. And I probably should have kept my mouth shut. But I had a lousy morning, and I do have a temper. ;) So WTF let's spend the next ten years fighting each other.
    Sounds good to me. NOT....

  17. hi Rick...I'm sure you're right that time will heal everything, and I did mention that in my post last night. And I have cooled down now. However, when I think of all those blue Liberals voting for the Cons, and you remind me how they still consider the NDP to be Communists, I feel that thumping in my head, and my ears are starting to turn red. So I better stop right now... ;)

  18. hi Jan...yes the MSM corporate media has just been awaful, and that includes my favourite paper the very Liberal Toronto Star.
    You'd think we were in Allende's Chile, before they killed the guy.
    As for Justin Trudeau I'm glad he survived, and I do note that the Star recently listed his pros and cons for the Liberal leadership. And among the cons was "the callowness of youth."
    Smack me with a salmon, this country is fucked and I give up...

  19. hi Rick...I like SteveV and Impolitical, and as I mentioned the only reason I linked to her was she was on the front page. But this assault on the NDP has been going on for days. And as for Xtra I have absolutely no time for that rag. They never write about bullying, they're against gay marriage and for promiscuity. And not long ago they removed me from their blogroll because I'm apparently not gay enough. So they can just bite me...

  20. I find Trudeau overly cocky. His dad was cocky, but he proved himself first. This kid is cocky because his dad was cocky. It doesn't work for me.

    If the Libs want to inch their way back into my good graces, the next leader has to be (but definitely won't be) a woman. Instead, it'll be another grey haired career politician and aren't we all just so sick of those?