Wednesday, January 30, 2019

The Monstrous Cons and the Hate That Kills

It's now been two years since Alexandre Bissonnette walked into a mosque in Quebec City and opened fire.

He killed six people, and wounded five others, as 35 other worshippers including several children looked on in horror. 

The next day Bissonnette told police he had attacked the mosque, because he was worried refugees would come to Quebec and kill his family.

And later we found out that his views on Muslims were heavily influenced by the far right in Canada and the United States.

And that he worshipped Donald Trump.

Who two days before the shooting had imposed a travel ban on seven Muslim-majority countries, and had right wing bigots all over North America howling and wetting themselves with excitement.

So I was surprised to see that Andrew Scheer now calls what happened an attack on freedom of religion.

When in fact it had nothing to do with freedom of religion, but was clearly an attack on Muslims, period. An act of naked bigotry.

As well as an attack triggered by a fear of refugees.

The same kind of fake fear that Scheer likes to promote over and over again...

Blowing his dirty dog whistle until spit runs down his face.

As does his ghastly underling Michelle Rempel.

Who is also doing what she can to stoke those fears.

As only that disgusting Con can.

Even as the poison spreads. 

And even though the Con's never-ending demonization of Justin Trudeau has resulted in a flood of death threats aimed at him by Scheer's yellow vested supporters.

And has the mayor of a small town in Manitoba, Murray Wright, thinking that he too can get away with threatening a Canadian Prime Minister in this grotesque manner.

The mayor of a small town in Manitoba has apologized for telling a yellow vest protest that he’d like to see Prime Minister Justin Trudeau duct-taped to the front of a pipeline pig.

“I know what I’d like to do with Mr. Trudeau but I’d be in jail if I did that,” said Wright. “I’m sure that the first pig we run through the pipeline when we get it built out west that he’s duct-taped to the front of it with that pig behind his ass when it goes.”

Which makes it only too clear once again how far the poison is spreading, and how low the hate mongering Cons are prepared to go. 

And is the same kind of sick hate that led the idiot Scheer to go after a Google algorithm result yesterday.

Even though as anyone who knows how search engines work, knows that it means absolutely nothing.

But was a crass attempt to stir up even more hatred against the Muslim community, on a day when many were mourning the victims of the Quebec mosque massacre.

And yes, how low is low? 

And when is enough, enough?

Remember the victims of blind hatred whoever they are.

And in the name of human decency, never let the Cons govern this country again... 


  1. John B.12:39 PM

    So I wonder how Mayor Wright feels about Mr. Here-for-Canada in view of that guy's record of achievement in pipeline construction. I guess he might be willing to give him a pass based on an assumption that they hate some of the same people or things. I think that's how it works.

    1. Hi John...Yes, I'm sure hate blinds Wright to the pipeline failures of Scheer and Great Leader Stephen Harper. That is how it works. I give thanks that I was able to grow up in a Canada where public officials didn't insult prime ministers of any party in such a disgusting way. I criticized Harper almost every day for almost ten years, and I never ever even came close to using such disgusting language. Manners matter and they used to set us apart from the Americans, but not any longer...

  2. Jackie Blue12:54 PM

    An actor from the TV series Empire, Jussie Smollett, who is black and gay, was brutally attacked -- technically, he was lynched -- by a violent mob of MAGA hats in Chicago yesterday. The Chicago police department and the FBI (Trump's least favorite agency) are investigating it as a hate crime. Social media, meanwhile, is alight with frothing morons mocking Barack Obama's "If I had a son he would look like Trayvon Martin" statement and calling Mr. Smollett the same vile racist and homophobic slurs he was taunted with in person as the Trump cultists choked him with a rope and poured bleach on him.

    I mention Mr. Smollett because if Scheer keeps up this ad hominem shit, someone is going to go after Omar Khadr the way those beasts in the U.S. went after him. Let alone what they're likely to do with their JFK-invoking rhetoric about Justin Trudeau. Now even members of the political class are making thinly-veiled threats? The O.J. Simpson formula of "If I could, not that I would, but if I could, this is how I would." That scumbag mayor needs to step down or be fired, and face police action for incitement to violence against the prime minister.

    This isn't even funny anymore, although there were any number of easy jokes to be had about the "Scheer incompetence" of Andy's perceived computer ineptitude. It wasn't ineptitude. He got it from a right-wing Reddit forum that, I believe, Stephen Taylor had originally founded. If you can stomach it, look up it's basically maple-flavored 4chan. Makes Rebel Media look like harmless pranksters.

    And speaking of Rebel, none other than Iowa's resident Nazi, Steve King, did the same blaming of Google's algorithm when Sundar Pichai was called to testify before Congress about perceived "anti-conservative bias" in Google search results. Steve King, no surprise, endorsed Faith Goldy for mayor of Toronto. He's older than dirt and probably never figured out how to stop the VCR from flashing 12:00 (or 14:88), but there's no way Scheer is that clueless. He picked up and ran with the ball. Now, call me a conspiracy theorist, but there's only so many common denominator coincidences you can have before it starts to look like a coordinated plot.

    The authorities need to investigate the Cons before someone (else) gets hurt. And what happened with Your Ward News needs to be replicated onto Rebel Media and that Reddit forum. Enough already. This has SFA to do with the energy sector and everything to do with raw, crude hate.

    1. Hi Jackie...I saw what happened to Jussie Smollett, and it's sickening although only too familiar. Bigots are such cowards. I had to deal with them when I was a teenager, and I can testify to that. Call their bluff, rough them up a bit, and they'll always end up running. And yes you're right about Scheer, he's the worst kind of cowardly bully. He whips up hatred against Justin Trudeau, but counts on others to do his dirty business, and whenever he is confronted runs for cover like his daddy Harper. But if he keeps up this foul game he will provoke some c violent person to do something horrible, and this country will burn and never be the same. The total destruction of the Cons has never been more important or more urgent...

  3. Jackie Blue1:10 PM

    BTW: More fallout from Googlegate -- looks like Andy got duped by a Russian or Hamster the computer chipmunk has outsourced his disinfo factory to Moscow. The plot thickens as Andy's nose gets biglier and yuger.

    1. The last I heard just about anyone with a bit of internet knowledge can set up an account in Russia or just about anywhere else. It is more likely one of Ezra's rabid but not too bright acolytes came up with this "brilliant" idea.

  4. Anonymous7:11 PM

    The Con’s cynical attempt to divide Canadians by stirring up hated will forever mark them as the Trump Party of Canada. We used to be a relatively harmonious society until first Harper and then Scheer turned us against each other. If we don’t defeat them in the next election, I’m very afraid Canada as we know it will cease to exist.

    1. Hi I told John B. I miss the days when we were a more harmonious society and manners mattered. The Cons have infected this country with a disease that used to be confined to the U.S. The only thing they know is how to divide Canadians, and how to appeal to the lowest instincts of humanity. But don't worry we are going to defeat them and save our Canada...

  5. Its wrong for dog whistle politicians to be above the fray. If you dog whistle you should be put in the pound when shit hits the sidewalk.

    1. Hi whistle politicians are usually cowards like Scheer and Harper. They stir up hatred but are oblivious to its consequences. And they don't call them dog whistles for nothing...

  6. e.a.f.10:56 PM

    Scheer doesn't want other parties to go after him for his racism, so he sent out that tweet, so he can refer to it later. Behind his hand, he is telling his supporters to "beware, the Muslins, Buddists, Shiks, are coming". its a divide and conquer world. He is trying to emulate his hero dtrump.

    However, all the hate may come not much. One of the American political newsletters I receive, was reporting that during the shut down, which is all about hate, Hannity's ratings dropped and Maddox's increased.

    1. Hi e.a.f...I too think that all that hatred will be counter-productive. Scheer is stepping it up to try to keep some of his supporters from going over to Bernier's People's Party but it won't win him many new supporters. Harper tried it in his last year in power and it got him absolutely nowhere...

  7. Anonymous1:23 AM

    Scheer not stating the obvious in his vomit inducing tweet is not only an insult to the victims loved ones, it further strengthens the fact that he wont admit it was a hate crime because he himself is a main fomenter of said hate. One need not look very far to see the fruits of Scheer's labours and the Manitoba mayor is a shining example of that.
    Those comments from Murray Wright were disgusting, unacceptable, inexcusable and he needs to either resign in disgrace or have council oust him by any means necessary. He basically described how he'd like to murder our PM in a sadistic fashion and I'm guessing the yellow bellies were cheering him on like the rabid dogs that they are.
    If Scheer can cause this much division as opposition leader, imagine what would happen if they cheated their way to victory this October?
    As you said Simon. The Cons can never be allowed to govern this great country ever, period.

    1. Hi JD....what's extra disgusting about Scheer's crocodile tears tweet is that he manages to introduce the words "religious freedom" which is a dog whistle for his religious base. The words they use to attack the human rights of gay people and others. As for Wright, I couldn't have more contempt for that Con hog. How a man like that could be elected mayor of any town in Canada is beyond me. But yes, he is just another reason why the Cons must be defeated ...

  8. Anonymous2:41 PM

    "Andrew Scheer is the most negative, fear-mongering, and serial lying politician in modern Canadian history. Like Trump he blames others for his own vices. No wonder he ran like a coward after delivering that latest lie. When will the media run after him?"

    Hilarious coming from a Trudeau licker who blames the PM's fuck ups on everyone and everything but the PM and supports a PM and government who blames their screwups on everything and everyone but themselves.

    1. Jackie Blue6:16 PM

      The article was about violence and hostile rhetoric that Scheer and his red-hat brigade are, for lack of a better word, Trumping up. Funny, I don't see Trudeau hiring the founder of some violent anarchist website to run an ad-hominem Cambridge Analytics-style agitprop campaign. I don't see Trudeau calling for Scheer to be strapped to a solar rooftop and burned like an insect under a magnifying glass. I don't see Trudeau shitposting memes to sow fear and hatred of minorities. I don't see Liberal supporters on Liberal social media networks making crass comments about Mary Scheer's sex life, threatening to rape Jill Scheer, or calling the Scheer children vulgar names and questioning their paternity, in ostensible "protest" against the Conservatives' oil-or-bust energy policy. I don't see them wearing shirts with nooses that say "Come East, Scheer." Sound familiar? Projection much?

      Is Trudeau perfect? No. No one is. But he has been as professional as anyone can be considering the circumstances, in the face of the most absolutely disgusting, immature, and incendiary rhetoric coming from the peanut gallery and 4chan troll farms of the GOP North. If anything he is too decent of a person for the kind of gutter-level politics that seems to be in vogue lately, thanks to Hair Twitler in the U.S. and his "apprentices" in the Clown Party of Canada. Scheer fuckups, Scheer depravity, Scheer insanity. SAD.

      Now go put on your crossing-guard cosplay and jump in your overpriced, coal-rollin', anatomically overcompensating big rig with Truck Nutz on the trailer hitch, and drive on down in your wrong-way convoy to the next Rebel scum stormtrooper Klanvention. Or feel free to peruse the content at from the comfort of Jason Kenney's mom's nonexistent basement. Go clean your room, and finish eating your lobster. Quit blaming your own screwups on everyone but yourselves.

    2. Hi Con...goodness gracious you stinky troll, now you follow me on Twitter? Thank you, and thank you for repeating that tweet which is attracting quite a bit of support. But I hardly think you are in any position to accuse people of being a "Trudeau licker." When you crawl behind the cowardly Scheer with your mouth open, gobbling up his excrement and inhaling his farts. Honestly Con, I realize you're desperate, but have you no idea how pathetic you sound?

    3. Anonymous11:43 PM

      Anon@2:41PM go blow your #weakandy. It's you Cons who are guilty of licking your leaders. Slurp, slop. Didn't your mother teach you any manners, or was she just as much as a whore as you?

    4. Hi anon...please leave his mother out of it. For all we know she is or was as ashamed of him as any decent person. It's important even as we fight the scummy Cons that we remain better than them. Thanks.

  9. Anonymous2:46 PM

    The steady drip of Con poison over the past 3 years is having some effect on the Canadian psyche. Their official website reads like an immersive horror novel where the author sets the background and the reader develops a personalized story line. The readers find themselves in an old decaying debtors mansion with disembodied spirits of ISIS fighters and waves of malicious immigrants and count Dracula directing them from the crypt. In exchange for money and political support the authors help you develop your own heroic story about how your team will prevail and the evil will be dispatched. For some it could mean using a gun for others development of a simple questionnaire that identifies ISIS fighters and a leader with magical powers that revokes their citizenship. Perhaps the scientifically minded could throw in some advanced DNA testing that identifies any potential future fighters and exiles them or converts them into harmless teddy bears. The options in this make believe story are endless and the Cons will continue to feed a highly personalized negative narrative until reality bites, hopefully in crushing political defeat or eventually in the form of a Venezuelan moment. Fortunately many of those trapped in the Con web are intellectually lazy and like to be told what and how it has to be done.... enter Mad Max the game changer. Karma in action, the Cons develop the interactive story and Max provides the solutions.

    1. Hi RT....That's quite a nightmare scenario you paint, but sadly only too true for many Cons who with their enlarged fear glands, can be easily manipulated by people like Andrew Scheer and Hamish Marshall. I don't know what we can do to help those poor suckers short of removing their fear glands when they are still young. But as you point out, the cowardly Scheer is only hurting himself, since the more fear-mongering he engages in, the more of his supporters will abandon him and flock to the Bernier Party. Karma indeed...

  10. .. keep up the fine fine work Simon.. and as always, Best Regards.. You etch your name and work daily at Hall of Canadian Fame levels... BUT..

    My gentle suggestion is pass on the Mound stuff.. You and he are cut from different cloth.. yet share the same energy and powerful and tireless ethics.. he in his hard working prolific codger way - you in your finely honed luminous journo/artiste way.. All wondrous & irreplaceable in my view. Hell, sometimes Kinsella wearies me.. but look what he and Lisa did re the hate rag in The Beach(es) They stuck their neck way way out.. and kicked ass. How about Kyle Morrow ? Same.. re The despicable Jason Kenney.. now Kyle gets life threatening hate mail. .. You catch my drift.. If Moind aint your cup of tea.. Amen Amen.. I just hate to see such peerless folk gettin a grump on.. best to saddle up your war pony like you always have.. and go count coup.. you're damn good at it ! All the best ! The salamanders have spoken .. !

  11. Hi salamander...Thankyou, I appreciate your advice. I wasn’t really planning to get into any kerfuffle with the Mound. I just wanted to suggest that maybe he might not take over Progressive Bloggers, and give other bloggers a chance to showcase their blogs. It wasn’t about me, I was just acting for them, for those who might not dare to tell that monstrous ego to stop being so selfish. But somehow whenever I come into his dark orbit, blood rushes to my head, and my fiery Scottish nature erupts, and I can't help telling him what an asshole he is. And then there is the fact that he is a filthy homophobe who has sent me filthy messages, and never apologized. But don’t worry, i’ve done my duty for the others. The Progressive Blogger administrators are fine with the Mound turning it into his personal Facebook page, even if he drives any young people away because he’s so boring. So I won’t bother about that, and will concentrate on my own work, as I shift more effort to Twitter, and finish my novel. There will be enough excitement in the next few months, and I have to save up my energy...😼

  12. Anonymous6:22 PM

    I fear of many things... but the fascism and totalitarianism of the right wing scares me the most. Playing nice with them and being civil will do nothing... we have to fight them.