Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Andrew Scheer and the Fascist Connection

The first time I saw Andrew Scheer ranting and raving about the U.N. Global  Compact for Migration, I couldn't understand what he was talking about. Or where he got that bizarre idea from.

Especially since the Compact, which was endorsed the other day by almost all the countries in the world, is not legally binding and does not affect our sovereignty in the least.

So I thought it was just the latest attempt to whip up racism and xenophobia by the increasingly desperate hate mongers in the Con propaganda department.

But now it seems the idea came from an even darker place.

For as Doug Saunders points out, while Scheer made some wild and woolly claims. 

Mr. Scheer claimed that the Compact “gives influence over Canada’s immigration system to foreign entities." He then denounced the “crisis at our borders” and “chaos at our borders” caused by “illegal border crossers” – suggesting that cross-border chaos, danger and criminality would be products of this document.

And tried to make it sound like he was standing up for Canada.

His fevered conspiracy theory actually came from some some far-right parties and neo-Nazis in Europe. 

Where did this weird theory come from? As Laurens Cerulus and Eline Schaart found out in an investigation this week for Politico, it was the product of a calculated social-media campaign by “a coalition of anti-Islam, far-right and neo-Nazi sympathizers” based in Europe. It was taken up in September by far-right parties in Europe, and by figures in Mr. Trump’s circle.

And since those fascists are also strong backers of Brexit, as is Andrew Scheer...


One can only wonder who Scheer is really working for, or who is pulling his strings.

Is he really standing up for Canada, or is he under the influence of foreign fascists?

And since Scheer's ravings are dangerous, and the kind of conspiracy theory that has already driven some deranged men to kill innocent people.

Nobody but these killers themselves are responsible for their actions. But they all had been led to believe fictions about border-crossing bogeymen and the figures who supposedly back them. Given the dangerous implications of such inventions, to amplify them in the name of momentary political gain wouldn’t just be profoundly unwise. It would be absolutely reckless.

And as I recently pointed out, his Global Compact conspiracy theory is now inspiring many homegrown fascists to call Justin Trudeau a traitor and threaten his life... 

It's almost beyond belief. Think about it.

A Con leader uses a neo-Nazi fake news story, to scare Canadians into believing they're going to be invaded by migrants, and whip up hatred against Justin Trudeau for crass political purposes.

And even though Trudeau is then called a traitor by the yellow vested Con mob, with some even demanding that he be executed. 

And even though Scheer knows it's just another big lie, he doesn't condemn those ugly threats, or even call on his supporters to restrain themselves,  

He just keeps spreading that big lie

Because he hates Trudeau so much himself.

How low have we fallen? Why is the media normalizing this behaviour or ignoring it?

And yes, above all, how soon can we crush Scheer and his ugly un-Canadian Cons?

Before they corrupt our democracy further.

And kill the Canada we know and love...


  1. John B.2:55 AM

    They saw it sitting there and just couldn’t resist the urge to grab it. It turns my stomach to see the libertarians offering to clean the sidewalks of the shit that they’ve been plopping on them over the last thirty years. They’re not returning to their roots; they never left. To listen to them, you’d think they’d never been in charge of anything. Justin’s boyish enthusiasm for something he didn’t understand, itself a dangerous expression of extremism, has given them the opening they’ve been awaiting. Maybe he can handle it. In any case, we have no choice but to support him on this issue. I’ll see if I can do it without calling “racism” every time somebody points out how we’ve been suckered.

    There aren’t “good people on both sides”, but there are more than two of them. They aren’t all just different shades of the one or the other that most people are limited to discerning in their little black-and-white worlds. There is no “both sides”. But there’s one that isn’t really a “side” at all and it seems to have taken an absence from our personal politics. It’s the one they tried to show you when they made you support the proposition that they figured you opposed, or when in trade school they taught you how to consider the advantages and disadvantages of some mechanical system with respect to another. My, where did it go and how did we get here?

    1. Hi John...I understand what you are saying, but the fact is we are now in a very different Canada. The influence of Trump has corrupted our political system as it has so many others. And while there are many shades of politics in this country, there is now one big divide. Are you with the Trumplings or are you with the Canadians. We need to acknowledge this, unite, and fight for this country and its values as hard as we can...

  2. Because he hates Trudeau so much himself.
    True but he also is consumed by ambition.
    One can only wonder who Scheer is really working for, or who is pulling his strings.
    At the end, himself, himself himself. He just naturally is gravitating to the fringe alt-right as he probably has a natural affinity to their world view.
    See "Social dominator" in Bob Altemeyer's book Authoritarianism

    1. Hi jrkrideau...I'm sure that Scheer is consumed with ambition, but he is an alt-right sympathizer, and there are some dark forces in his corner, with a lot of dark money, and I hope to prove that to you soon. As well as prove that Scheer is supported by Christianists headquartered in the U.S. I realize I may sound like a conspiracy theorist, but I assure you I'm still perfectly rational. I think...😉

  3. Jackie Blue1:19 PM

    Is he really standing up for Canada, or is he under the influence of foreign fascists?

    Enemies both foreign and domestic. It's not just the 21st century little Hitlers of Europe, or Putin for that matter. Well before Trump made us a satellite colony of the Kremlin, the U.S. has had a grudge against Canada's existence practically since the first batch of Loyalists fled certain execution in the 18th century, and wants to bring it permanently under its thumb (and back to the 18th century) as the de facto 51st state. Ironically, the very kind of "globalism" that Yankee Doodle Andy would wholeheartedly support, and Justin and his father have done everything they can to resist.

    There is no Conservative Party of Canada; it's a mere shell company of the GOP. The Mercers funneled money to Rebel to produce their Islamophobic garbage. Harper used to roll around in the sticky swamp bed with U.S. petrosexual oiligarchs, and Scheer is the unholy spawn of that union. U.S. religious fundamentalists and gundamentalists want to bring white patriarchal theocracy and the devil's language of the Second Amendment to "sissified socialist" Canada. Trump, as the inevitable figurehead for this axis of evil, is exactly the big-daddy type whose puked-up hamberders Scheer would lick off the floor. What do they share in common? An abject hatred of the amorphous, foreign "Other," a venomous jealousy of Justin Trudeau, and an (anti-)social media cult of mouth-breathing morons who lap up every word because it gives them someone else to blame for their failures in life.

    And that doesn't even include the U.S. hedge fund ownership of Postmedia and its trickle-down effect on the national broadcaster. Nor does it begin to scratch the surface of Silicon Valley's global hegemony. Facebook and Twitter certainly don't care what Scheer and Marshall, or Levant and his gutter-dwelling parade of meme-warfare bigots, are using their platform to put forth. One because Mark Zuckerberg and Jack Dorsey exemplify the stereotype of the Aspergian "Mr. Robot" computer nerd for whom everything in the incomprehensible human world is reduced to bits of code and meaningless streams of data. There is no such thing as hate speech to them, because hate is an emotion they don't "get" unless it's translated into a yellow smiley symbol, and speech is just letters on a keyboard that maybe Siri or Alexa are programmed to vocalize. Two, because they get revenue for every click and more clicks for amplifying the lowest common denominator. They would certainly have a big-bucks bonanza for every page view, share, "impression," whatever, of the viral iPhone Zapruder clip were anyone to act out their Oswald fantasies against the telegenic media magnet PM.

    Once again, Canada is under threat from the elephant in the bed. The problem now is that the elephant trainer is one of your own. The call is coming from the right side of the House.

    1. Hi Jackie...Great comment. Unfortunately a lot of Canadians are still stuck in the past. They don't understand how the right-wing in the U.S. and Europe and Canada are now interconnected. And that the Cons are part of that sinister web that is trying to change this country beyond recognition. They don't see the Christianists who have now help elect Scheer, Kenney, and Ford. They don't see the private healthcare lobbyists circling over our Medicare system like buzzards. And unless they wake up soon, we could still end up badly...

  4. Anonymous1:35 PM

    It's no surprise that Scheer would use an alt-right, fascist narrative to agitate his knuckle dragging Scheerlings and insult the rest of our collective intelligences. I'm sure his buddies Hamish Goebbels and Ezra Ledouchebag were part of it.
    What is surprising is that someone in the MSM has basically called him a dangerous, reckless liar trying to score political points. Woohoo! The truth shall set you free!! Let's hope this becomes a trend because if anyone noticed, Doug Saunders didn't take a dig at JT before he called out Scheer as other opinions have. Scheer has had it much too easy and has had this coming to him for a very long time. Cheers to many more.

    1. Jackie Blue3:50 PM

      What is surprising is that someone in the MSM has basically called him a dangerous, reckless liar trying to score political points. Woohoo! The truth shall set you free!! Let's hope this becomes a trend ... Cheers to many more.

      Well, Paul Wells just issued a public challenge to Scheer to write an op-ed explaining his rationale for supporting Brexit. So far, crickets. I hope this question comes up in the debates, because he's got a lot of 'splaining to do, Lucy. Especially as it pertains domestically to provincial movements for a "Québexit" and an "Albexit." What's his position on federalism? Does he want Canada to leave the Crown and become a republic? What about Scotland for that matter, or Northern Ireland, or Kurdistan, or Ukraine and Crimea? I bet he can't even locate any of them on a map. I bet he can't locate Canada on a map of Canada. All the better for the ignorant base and their frothing animosity to "globalism." He won't answer valid questions on separatism and foreign policy, because he has no stance on separatism and foreign policy and no knowledge of separatism and foreign policy. He has nothing but memes from Hamish's troll factory and an obsessive hatred of Justin Trudeau.

      For that matter, as an American, even though I can't vote, we're right next door and our history is intertwined with yours. Someone should ask him if he would have supported Southern secession in 1860. I'm sure he'd come up with a cogent response and not malfunction (so as not to alienate the gammon supremacists), like Billy Madison's opponent being asked about something that neither he nor Scheer have no knowledge of whatsoever: business ethics.

    2. Hi JD...yes, it is encouraging to see somebody in the MSM write about where Scheer and his Trumplings are getting their very un-Canadian ideas. Unfortunately Saunders has always been more sophisticated than most of his peers who still seem stuck in the past, and do not realize that the gravitational pull of Trump has changed everything in the U.S.and Canada. Hopefully social media can keep pressuring them to remove their blinkers, because if they don't a lot of Canadians may not realize the danger this country faces, before it's too late...

    3. Hi Jackie...I have answered the question Wells asks Scheer many times, and I find it horrifying that our dumb media just doesn't get it. Or hasn't been able to understand why Jason Kennet and Scheer are singing from the same songbook on Brexit. When the answer should be so obvious. Both are uber right wing Catholics who are for Brexit to stop the European Court of Justice from intervening to protect the rights of women and LGBT people in Britain. I realize that I am lucky to be able to have one foot in Canada and the other in the UK, but I expect more from professional journalists...

  5. Anonymous2:17 PM

    How low have we fallen indeed? Scheer knows that the Global Compact for Migration is not binding but still he continues to mislead low information Canadians, and make it sound that Justin Trudeau is preparing to flood the country with dangerous non white immigrants. It’s racist, it’s disgusting, and the thought that he could be our next Prime Minister is sickening. In my opinion we need a police investigation to investigate any ties him and his party may have with those Nazis in Europe.

    1. e.a.f.3:47 PM

      A/ 2:17 p.m. now that is a great suggestion, the investigation. any one starting such an investigation might want to first check with the police in Germany because in Germany fascism is illegal.
      I'm quite sure if some computer "experts" started investigating some of what goes around, the racists comments, etc, they would find it orginates outside of Canada or put together by hires within Canada.

      Unfortunately, Zukerberg is stuck some where, in his mind back in his dorm room days. When you're young you'll push something to see if it works, never giving thought to the consequences. Then you try again, never thinking of the consequences, just can we do this. Face Book, like tele communications and media, need some game rules and some competition over sight.

    2. Hi anon@2:17 PM...When we have an opposition leader promoting neo-Nazi memes in this country we have indeed fallen into a stinking gutter. Immigration is already a very sensitive subject, and to use lies to inflame the bigots in this country further is simply unforgivable. And yes, I would welcome a police investigation, or a public inquiry or whatever, to expose the Cons for who they are, the lowest traitors our country has ever known

  6. e.a.f.3:38 PM

    Scheer may believe if it worked for Trump, why not him. Trump blames Mexico for Central American refugees. How long before Scheer uses the shut down in the U.S.A., to blame them for refugees coming via the U.S.A. into Canada. We could set up a pool????

    Some have concluded the American election and the continued unrest in the U.S.A. was/is fermented by Russia and other outside influences. We will have the same thing in Canada. It has worked in the U.S.A., now it remains to be seen if it works in Canada. Expect Scheer to step up his gross speeches and twitter comments prior to the election. expect to see outside influences participate in our up coming federal election.

    Yes, all that Scheer is aping is Eurotrash fascism not to mention Russian fascism. Putin has travelled a long way on his "nationalist" agenda. It all boils down to racism. This agreement as you point out doesn't bind any country to anything, its simply principles the countries will try to live by. Scheer hasn't had an original thought in decades.

    1. Hi e.a.f...Sadly many in this country are hopelessly naive, and haven't a clue what's happening in Europe. And if they are aware they cling to the absurd belief that it couldn't happen here. When in fact racism is on the rise in Canada and the last thing we need is the Cons pouring fuel on those hideous embers. The evidence that Scheer is an alt-right sympathizer has been there for a long time, and it's about time the media exposed him...

  7. Anonymous6:23 PM

    Nothing can excuse what Andrew Scheer is doing. Spreading a Nazi meme that is provoking the yellow vest scumbags to threaten the life of the Prime Minister is criminal. Period. What is wrong with Scheer? Is this the way he wants to be remembered? I am absolutely disgusted.

    1. Jackie Blue7:15 PM

      Just saw this Abacus poll: 28% of self-identified Liberals say they hate Conservatives... while 49% of Conservatives say they hate Liberals.

      At roughly a 35% floor for the Conservative base, half of that works out to anywhere between 15-17% of the Canadian public (probably more) that harbors and, in many cases, openly expresses hatred towards people who believe in inclusivity and building a better world. 15 percent of ~37 million is 5,555,000. Five and a half million people. When you think that about 20,000 voted for a neo-Nazi to be the mayor of one of Canada's most diverse metropolises, that's a troubling statistic. And it only takes one to change history.

      Gee, I wonder where they could have gotten the idea that "their way of life" is under attack?

    2. Hi anon@6:23 PM...No nothing can excuse what Scheer and his Cons are doing. It's absolutely disgusting and totally un-Canadian. Nobody should be allowed to threaten the life of a prime minister and get away with it. And I'd feel the same way if the PM was a Con. So I have no idea what Scheer is thinking, but his legacy will be a foul one, and his name will live in infamy...

  8. Anonymous11:14 AM

    How can it be that Scheers brand of divisive politics seeks to destroy the power of the very government he craves to control? Traditionally this would be domain of someone seeking personal gain, a provincial separatist, an ego maniac planning a military coup as a backstop....Another explanation is that he is simply a religious zealot who believes that due to immorality and corruption society has entered the latter days and its his duty to save, protect and isolate the morally pure from the impending apocalypse. In this light climate change, wars, infighting are just signs of impending doom and not anything mere humans can do anything about. In short he aspires to be the leader of a self fulfilling prophecy!

  9. Hi RT...I truly believe that like Jason Kenney, Scheer is a religious zealot. And while Stephen Harper just went through the motions Scheer is the real thing. What other reason could explain how a man with five children could care so little about their future on a burning planet? It's beyond belief. But unfortunately despite the activities of the religious right in the U.S., and the way they are propping up Trump, in this country religion is considered a private matter, so the religious fanatics are able to pursue their ghastly agenda with impunity....