Monday, January 07, 2019

The Invasion of the Con Hate Mongers

It's the nightmare that should be keeping us awake at night. The real nightmare at the border.

Not the asylum seekers who are harmless, but the sinister right-wingers of America, whose toxic hate is leaking across that border, poisoning our politics.

And threatening to turn our country into a jungle.

But as least more Canadians in this hopelessly complacent country seem to be wakening up to the monster in their midst.

For when I posted that tweet I was struck by the passionate reaction it provoked, and the number of people who shared my fears about where Andrew Scheer and his ugly Cons would take us.

And are vowing to make sure that whatever happens, Scheer never becomes prime minister.

But even as I gave thanks for that reaction, I received these two comments from some anonymous freak:

Comments directed at a post I wrote more than two years ago which forced me to issue a reminder:

But also reminded me that the tide of toxic Trudeau hate that is now poisoning this country, has been rising for a long time.  

And while most in the MSM have been looking away, the Cons have been fuelling that hate all that time, in a manner that can only be described as criminally irresponsible.

Since last fall’s election loss, the Conservative Party of Canada’s Facebook page has come to look increasingly like the Rebel. Visitors vent, writing that immigrants and twenty-something pot smokers stole the election. Anti-Quebec rants are frequent. Comments are left that promote Western separatism, while conspiracy theories abound: Justin Trudeau is a Muslim convert, Mick Jagger is his father, and he and wife Sophie Grégoire are bipolar. 

What this says about the culture of the Conservative Party today is reflected by the fact that these comments are rarely challenged by others, while the party itself maintains a silence. And so we find a remarkable situation in which Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition allows calls for the prime minister’s assassination from its Facebook page.

So that having sowed the wind, we are now reaping the whirlwind.

With the Cons continuing to threaten Trudeau, and debase themselves and this country.

But what makes all of this even more disturbing, is that we are now only about nine months from the next election.

And as Lorne Nystrom points out, with a leader like Scheer you know it's going to be a dirty one...

And Nystrom should know, since when he ran against Scheer years ago, the creepy Con tried to smear him as a supporter of child pornography.

For that creepy religious fanatic will try to smear or schmear anybody who dares stand in his way.

But there is some good news in that regard. 

Some in the MSM are starting to fact check Scheer's claims.

And he's coming out looking like a serial liar. Again. 

As well as a nasty little man who would deliberately try to confuse Canadians, for crass political purposes.

It's depressing to see to what dark place the Cons are taking us. And to feel that the survival of our country can no longer be assured.

But there is at least this; while the truth will set us free, it will destroy the Cons.

So although this horror story is upon us, I'm still confident that decency will prevail, and that our and Justin Trudeau's nightmare will have a happy ending...


  1. Jackie Blue7:15 PM

    I sure hope so, Simon. I'm worried for you guys. I don't like where this is going. I think another hashtag for your truth squads should be #ScheerDepravity, because that guy is a fucking beady-eyed sociopath. He's playing with fire and if something really bad happens to Justin Trudeau and/or anyone in his family, Scheer will be the first to shrug it off with meaningless "thoughts and prayers." He's aided, of course, by the willfully ignorant, ratings-obsessed sycophants in the media, as Jay Rosen of NYU's journalism school highlights in this important thread:

    I think a major factor in the 2019 campaign cycle is going to be misogyny. Look at the foaming, rabid lunatics who went after Kim Campbell for calling Trump what he is. Even Newsweek quoted Ezra Levant of all people in their article, because they don't know (and don't care to know) who's actually a credible source of anything in Canada. There's going to be absolute madness from Kenney's incel cohort directed at Rachel Notley in Alberta. That Brian Lilley fake news helicopter pad story brought out the lunatics looking for Margaret Trudeau. The series of tubes is flooded with hatred and threats aimed at Justin's female cabinet members, especially Catherine McKenna. Time and time again the common denominator is angry, insecure men taking out their frustrations on women. Hillary 2.0 all over again.

    And I think this is a coordinated project that goes beyond simple bog-standard white patriarchal panic. The 2020 cycle is heating up in the US and there's already been desperate and venomous attacks on Elizabeth Warren, Kamala Harris, Kristen Gillebrand, and of course the two young congressional first-timers Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Ilhan Omar (originator of the "impeach the motherfucker" rallying cry). Somebody needs to look into who's backing the CPC, because they're damn near identical to the US Republicans in their rhetoric and tactics. And someone already needs to fumigate Harper's IDU.

    Justin Trudeau is the target of a particularly nasty brand of "assumed" homophobia and transphobia (and bigoted conflations of LGBT people with kiddy diddlers). Those yellow vest Facebook pages are already accusing him of being a pedophile, or having "connections" to pedophiles, posting over and over again an old photo of a random picture he took at some charity event years ago with Bono and the now disgraced Kevin Spacey. There's even a bizarre bot campaign going after Sacha for having a "woman's name" (for whatever reason, there's an angle among right-wingers lately to focus on people's nicknames as evidence of "fraud" -- "Beto" and "Sandy" are their latest shiny objects, and now Campbell is being called "Avril" which is apparently her birth name). Get ready for Scheer to float another fake news Kokanee meme but worse this time around. I smell a Canadian Pizzagate being cooked up, and it stinks.

    They'll stop at nothing to regain power for its own sake. They need to be not only defeated at the ballot box, but I think face an investigation. Where is your Robert Mueller? Something is going on here, and if something is not done about it, someone is going to get hurt.

    1. Hi Jackie...I share your fears about where the Cons are trying to take this country. Toxic masculinity and rancid misogyny are poisoning our country, and many Canadians don't even realize what happening. The dirty old men and other toxic Trudeau haters are trying to turn back the clock and can't stand the idea of women in politics. Trudeau is being attacked for standing up for women's rights and gay rights. And so foul are these men that they even went after Elizabeth May when she announced she was getting married. It's enough to make a guy like me vomit. But the good news is that the Congress is now full of new ,smart , and tough women, and the good ol' boys are about to get a whupping. And here in Canada the millenial generation supports women and gay rights, and misogynists like Andrew Scheer and his religious fanatics are also going to get dragged kicking and screaming into the 21st Century...

  2. Anonymous9:29 PM

    Well said Simon but remember the Con strategy with the extreme comments is verbal terrorism designed to destroy the middle ground creating two highly charged political opposites. The autocrat who can harness the energy flow between the two groups wins, at least in the short term. Scheer is a piss poor facsimile of an autocrat but fairly good at giving the verbal terrorists free reign while deceiving the Con moderates into believing it is the Libs that are taking extreme positions. Once he has served his purpose he will be replaced by an autocrat more capable of sucking the energy out of the highly polarized politics he created. Thanks to social media and pseudo free speech it seems a political version of Extreme Fighting could be our destiny but unlike the entertainment version the autocratic winner will try and weaken our democratic institutions and the defeated won't be allowed to go home and recuperate for the next challenge. I believe Trudeau and some of his ministers have a solid counter strategy but have been unable or unwilling to implement the electoral reforms necessary to keep the next election from becoming a winner take all UFC event. Then again forcing political parties to behave in a moral manner during an election doesn't mean they have to behave that way once they are elected.

    1. Hi RT...I realize that the Cons are trying to destroy the moderate middle ground, and use wedge issues to try to build on their grubby base. And I greatly admire Justin Trudeau for managing to keep his cool, while I occasionally lose mine.😡
      We need a happy medium, where Justin can stick to the high road, but has a posse of men and women who can hit the Cons where it hurts. Or at the very least call the Cons what they deserved to be called, traitors to our country and its values...

  3. Anonymous9:31 PM

    Where are all those Trudeau haters coming from? I feel like I’m living in the movie “The Invasion of The Bodysnatchers.” Canada was never the same after so many years of Harper. I’m glad I grew up when it was a much better place, and I hate to think what the future will be like.

    1. Anonymous10:49 AM

      For pennies per person and thanks to social media sites such as Facebook any one with vague concerns about taxation, immigration, the changing job market, feeling lost in the political wilderness have been targets of a steady drip of user tailored Con propaganda for the past 3 years. Why is Facebook free... because advertisers pay money for access to your preference profile and use of the platform to promote their wares. Some of it is harmless "for sale" or "buy my product" promotions but a significant portion is cleverly cultivated propaganda. Find yourself passionately hating Trudeau or joining the Yellow vest "movement"; it was not free speech at play you were suckered but now too committed to admit it. The common thread in all of the propaganda is "Trudeau hate" as this not only binds the base on a range of diverse issues but as election time approaches can be used to drive marginal Liberal supporters to other political alternatives or just stay at home. Twice the leverage.... beautiful give Hamish a bonus!

    2. Hi anon@9:31 PM...I share your dismay to see what the Cons are trying to do to this country. And like you I blame Stephen Harper for having infected this country with the Republican virus. However, this is no time to despair. We need to get ready to fight the Cons as hard as we can in the next election, until the Trumplings surrender, and our values are safe again...

  4. Anonymous12:26 AM

    The Cons want Trudeau dead, because it's the only way they can beat him. It's a simple as that. We have been too soft on them, and that's got to change.

    1. If not Trudeau, there certainly would be Freeland. For the haters, both of them would have to go. If comments start to really target Ms. Freeland, we can rest assured Russia is behind a lot of it, along with our friends to the south. Neither country is fond of her. Don't know why, oh right, she has a moral center and is smart.

    2. Hi anon....I haven't the slightest doubt that many Cons want Trudeau dead, and for the reason you mention; it's the only way those losers can hope to beat him. And I also agree with you, we have been too soft on them, and that's got to change...

  5. Anonymous10:10 AM

    The Nanos poll is back to normal. Trudeau is resilient.

    1. Hi anon...yes I saw it, and I think I may have to do a whole post on those new numbers. 😉

  6. Anonymous11:41 AM

    Andy must be feeling pretty giddy these days knowing that all of the hate spewing scum that regularly threatens JT and his family are a lock to vote conservative and he will gladly accept their support. All he has to do is blow his little dog whistle along with his fearmongering, deceptive ads and then let his brethren rebel and sun stoke the fires that empowers these lowlifes. He then sits back and gleefully watches his enemy JT get threatened in the most abhorrent of ways. His refusal to restrain the hounds is proof that he condones these death threats and is as cowardly as one can get.
    Scheer is quite plainly, a piece of shit. An opportunistic, self serving Harper lapdog who only wants power for the sake of the power trip. He brings nothing to the table other than whatever JT does he would do better, except for telling us how he'd do it.
    I to feel that decency will prevail, Simon. Canadians need only look at what has become of America under Trump and ask themselves if that is really what they want to see happen here.

  7. it would be interesting to know if all of this is coming from inside Canada. We know that during the last American presidential election a lot of the material was being organized by other countries.

    I suspect a lot of this is coming from countries which don't care if Scheer is P.M., they just want Trudeau and Freeland gone. Scheer will be much more open to dealing with countries like China, Russia, Saudia Arabia, These other countries are hoping for a second harpercon and one who is much dumber than Harper.

    If Canadians elect Scheer they will get what they deserve, a clown much like dtrump. Of course the rest of us may not deserve it, and neither do a lot of other groups Scheer and his racists followers will target.

  8. Hi JD...I haven't the slightest qualm in accusing Scheer of promoting violence against Justin Trudeau. When you accuse Trudeau of doing one bad thing after the other, even though it's all lies, you just encourage the wackos to act out their sick fantasies. Despite all the threats aimed atJustin the depraved Scheer has never asked his supporters to tone it down. Instead he's still claiming his messages are "positive" and is refusing to take any responsibility for the hatred he has unleashed. But yes, I have to believe that decency will prevail, or I would give up on this country, and say it deserves what it gets....

  9. John B.6:47 PM

    Until recently that fringe electoral segment to which the cons are directing an often blatant appeal has been undervalued. As in parts of Europe, Trump’s success in drawing its American counterpart into the voting booth has intrigued CRAP Party bean counters at both the federal and provincial levels in Canada. While they won’t say anything in direct support of the craziest, they’ll be careful not to offend them and outright disavowal by leadership is out of the question. Maintaining that silence, the cons are pleased to accept this support both electorally and in the propaganda effort. It’s obvious that they’re estimating that more is to be gained than lost in this approach. Every vote counts and these ones would be cheap at twice the price.

    It’s happening. With transnational assistance (and a little from the likes of that fat guy and his flunkies who call themselves “rebels”), the foundation of the Hate State is being constructed on computer screens all over the country. As we joked about this dystopian fantasy when I was a teenager, I couldn’t have guessed that one day we’d be at risk of living in it. The “ignorant masses” quip we tossed around turned out be a reality. I don’t know whom to thank most, so I’ll go with Spiro Agnew.

  10. Anonymous8:53 AM

    Global News did a story on the Yellow Vests threatening Trudeau's life. The disgusting comment section only proves their point. This isn't going to end well.

    1. Jackie Blue1:09 PM

      I just read that Justin's starting his town hall tour in Andy's riding. Already, credible threats have been made. As if that wasn't bad enough, the social media thugs are blaming Justin for the Humboldt bus crash now that the driver is facing sentencing, because (surprise) he's brown and has a foreign name, so therefore it was a "religion of pieces" attack. Yet the guy's name is Singh; probably the only reason the mob hasn't blamed Jagmeet is because everyone knows Justin and, well, Jag who?

      I seem to recall that when it happened, Justin went to a vigil for the victims and Andy had the nerve to get on Twitter and bash him again, because he's such a craven asshole he couldn't take a day off from trolling the PM to commemorate dead kids in his own home province. But does the media cover this? No. Instead they had a wankfest about India.

      Now a year later, Justin's back in enemy territory, and something always happens at these events, usually benign and blown out of proportion by the Con media (like "people-kind" or what have you). This time it might be really bad. And if something does happen, Andy and the sycophantic numpties at the Ceeb and CTV will respond with nothing but a shrug, a meme, victim-blaming over "western alienation," and then the usual fallback of thoughts and prayers.

      Fuck Scheer, bloodthirsty, power-mad piece of Schit.