Friday, August 26, 2016

Why Do So Many Cons Want To Kill Justin Trudeau?

A few weeks ago I was at a party in Edinburgh, and once they found out I was a Canadian, everyone I met wanted to ask me about Justin Trudeau.

Had I ever met him? Was he as cool as he seemed? When will he legalize marijuana?(So they know when to visit Canada.)

And how they wished he was their Prime Minister.

And although I was forced to admit that I hadn't voted for Justin. Which was embarrassing eh?

When I stumbled back to my hotel room, I was feeling pretty good about myself and my country.

Until I saw this story.

Because it reminded me of the violent hatred so many Canadians seem to have for the man who liberated us from the nightmare of the Con regime.

Reminded me how American-style hatred is spreading in this country, like a cancer.

And how despite the number of threats, so few are being charged like this ghastly creature.

A Saskatchewan man could face jail time if found guilty of uttering threats against Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. According to documents obtained from Yorkton Provincial Court, Christopher Hayes “knowingly convey(ed) a threat to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to cause death to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau” between March 6 and July 8 “by way of Facebook comments.”

So needless to say I found this story deeply disturbing.

Since last fall’s election loss, the Conservative Party of Canada’s Facebook page has come to look increasingly like the Rebel. Visitors vent, writing that immigrants and twenty-something pot smokers stole the election. Anti-Quebec rants are frequent. Comments are left that promote Western separatism, while conspiracy theories abound: Justin Trudeau is a Muslim convert, Mick Jagger is his father, and he and wife Sophie GrĂ©goire are bipolar.

For the comments on the Con's Facebook page are ugly and violent beyond belief, and it seems that they just don't care.

What this says about the culture of the Conservative Party today is reflected by the fact that these comments are rarely challenged by others, while the party itself maintains a silence. And so we find a remarkable situation in which Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition allows calls for the prime minister’s assassination from its Facebook page.

Which sadly enough makes complete sense, for it only reflects the monstrous way they have always portrayed Justin Trudeau from the moment he ran for office...

And how they have sought to demonize him in every possible way.

But of course it's not just the Harper Party Cons, the hatred also flows like acid from the pages of Ezra Levant's diseased hate mongering rag The Rebel.

Whose death threats I regularly publicize in the hope that the RCMP will notice them and take action.

And hopefully arrest and charge those responsible, close down that bigot rag, and send its monstrous hate cult leader to the place where he rightfully belongs.

But sadly, it's not just crazed right wingers who are to blame for this problem.

For to make matters even worse, some on our side are also guilty of fostering this climate of hate. Some old and bitter NDP types who blame Justin for the sad state of their party, instead of themselves.

Or bloggers like the miserable Mound of Sound whose obsession with Trudeau reminds me of the time when he was bombarding me with vile anti-gay messages.

Who once called Trudeau a bitch and suggested he should be raped in prison. And whose venomous hatred knows no bounds.

Neither the bounds of decency.

Nor the bounds of reason.

For it is all madness. Justin Trudeau should be criticized like any other political leader. But he is not the devil incarnate, he's a really decent human being.

He is better than Harper. No matter what the mouldy Mound might think.

And he does not deserve the venom he receives. Which is not only disgusting but dangerous...

And could lead to the most horrible tragedy.

There is no room and no excuse for violent political hatred in Canada.

The Cons and other hate mongers should control themselves. Or bite their tongues until they bleed.

The police should go after the guilty like they would go after any other terrorists.

For the madness must be stopped.

And enough is enough...

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  1. Unfortunately the nature of media today gives these loons more exposure than they deserve. Those calling for Alberta to separate talk big online but I have yet to meet in person anyone in all the time I've been here who seriously advocates this. The few polls I have seen suggest there is practically zero support. No provincial party or mainstream political party seriously advocates this either. One thing I have always admired about Alberta politics (and Western Canadian politics in general) is its ability to form new grassroots parties even if I don't always agree with their platform. I admire how many people aren't willing to accept the status quo and eat the pablum served up by the more traditional parties. I do think however, that the odds of a separatist party popping up here are minimal at best. No serious political will touch this as nothing here spells "loon" more than advocating for a separate Alberta. On a brighter note, I've read this morning that Satan resigned his seat :) Take care.

    1. hi Way Way Up....yes you're right, the internet has given every violent loon a pulpit to vent from, and we never would have heard from them before. But still even in the life of the internet I have noted a great increase in violent language in this country and that can't be good. We need to draw the line somewhere, or all these empty threats could inspire some maniac to do something horrible. And yes, I see Harper is finally resigning. I think it's time for my fireworks video again.... ;)

    2. Yet you give a free pass to the bleeding hearts and lefties that portrayed the Conservatives as Nazi.They posted nude painting of Harper and some twit (Liberal no doubt) proudly portrayed it in his place of business. Spare me your one sided,double standards!

    3. Hi Keith....posting an artistic version of Harper naked is not the same as threatening him with death. And if progressives did threaten him I'd feel exactly about them as I feel about those who threaten Trudeau. There is no place for political violence in this country....

  2. But is it just vile venting or a potential sign of intent? I think a lot of people are unnecessarily nasty online because we have no other forum to air our grievances. Of course, making clear threats to the Prime Minister should be taken VERY seriously, but mindless vitriol from the uneducated morass of Conservatism is hardly a genuine threat. Just a bunch of foot stomping.

    1. hi nonarKitten...yes, as I told Way Way Up, I think most of those threats are just hot air. Still, I spent ten years criticizing Harper and his Con regime on a daily basis. And never, not once, did I ever wish that him, or his family, or his ministers be hurt, and I never would, no matter how angry I was. It's just baked into me that political violence is bad, and can only lead to a very bad place. It's a line that should not be crossed in a democracy, for as I also told Way Way Up, it can create a a climate of violence, inspire some homegrown terrorist, and lead to tragedy. Since Trudeau became Prime Minister the situation in my opinion has escalated out of control, it's just not Canadian, it's something that is made in America, and it's something that all of us should condemn...

    2. And maybe that's where Harper has won a little victory. He brought American style politics to Canada. He's changed the dynamics between Liberals and Conservatives. The Right was pulled so far right that the centrist Liberals seem outright communist now. I wasn't condoning their ranting and have been the target of it myself many times -- we need to settle down. The horrors of the Harper government are behind us and hopefully, given time, Trudeau will undo most, if not all the damage he's done.

      But with the whole "foot stomping" line, it's like this -- as long as their getting a public forum to air their hatred, they'll continue. The best thing we can do is either respond to them as civil, sensible Canadians, or just ignore them outright.

      And btw -- keep up the amazing work -- you do our little country proud.

    3. Anonymous2:21 AM

      Get your $19 boys undies with his face on the fly for $19. No well you can re buy the nude Harper painting for $20,000 complete with Hitler comments.What a load... Libs are just as bad with comments,hatred.Excluding Trump,we are more American in other ways.

  3. Anonymous10:48 AM

    The mound never said Slick should be raped in prison, you totally twisted his words. I read what he posted it was a crappy joke. Harper stepped down today, you should be happy.

    1. Hi Mound....when will you ever learn that you can't elude my super sophisticated security system. Not even if you go through another website, in this case the Galloping Beaver. Parkville is a small place, and who else would use "Slick" your absurd nickname for Justin Trudeau? Are you going senile or what? You know, I could tell my readers a lot about you. From the details of your sad life and foul habits, to your bizarre story about your "gay brother." But don't worry I won't, because although bullies like you disgust me, I can't help but feel sorry for you. You really are a sad case and such a loser. The kind of loser who when you started bombarding me with your vile anti-gay messages, managed to do so at a time when a top level security firm, and my friends in blue, were trying to track down a monstrous freak who was threatening my life like so many these days are threatening Justin Trudeau. Shortly after another maniac/religious fanatic had come looking for me with a knife. Only to have you fall into the trap like a heffalump or woozle in Winnie the Pooh. You dummy. What you can do however is try to be a better person in the time you have left. Try cultivating a little empathy for right now you have none. And of course if you can summon up the courage and the decency to apologize to me that would be a bonus. But I'm not holding my breath. As the great Gord Downie said the other night, have a nice life....

  4. There is a clear growth in extremism among the rightwing of this country, and its growth seems to reflect a concurrent movement in the US. The fact that politicians like, say, Obama and Trudeau hardly represent a significant move to the left and, in fact, are fairly close in various policy choices to the mainstream conservatives, yet still elicit these kinds of extreme reactions demonstrates how far many on the right have drifted. Neither Obama nor Trudeau have undertaken any real radical policies by traditional mainstream standards, and yet they are branded with labels like "anti-Christ" by many on the right. We live in dangerous times indeed.

    1. Hi're right there has been a noticeable increase in the hateful rhetoric of the extreme right, and it is modelled on the the right wing movement in the U.S. And they way they have attacked Obama from the moment he came to office. In this country both Trudeau and Rachel Notley have been their main targets, but unless those violent freaks are reigned in none of us is safe, We need to become more like Britain, where hate speech is not tolerated, and the guilty are charged and punished. No society can long survive this onslaught of hate. We need to strengthen our laws, and the police should come down on those violent thugs like a ton of bricks...

  5. Anonymous12:10 PM

    The likes of Christopher Hayes, with his rotting teeth and rotted soul is the embodiment of the far right Con supporters. Their delusional hatred is borne from their insane jealousy of JT and the bullshit fed to them by the Con media and MP's.
    These lowlifes have no place in our society and need to be dealt with to the full extent of the law.

    1. Hi JD....yes, isn't he pretty? And according to the excellent blog Anti-Racism Canada, also a member of the racist gang the Sons of Odin. During the Harper years not enough was done to crackdown on those right-wing terrorists. Even though in the U.S. they are more of a threat than any other groups. And yes, as I pointed out in my post, the Cons must share a large part of the blame for the way they have demonized Justin Trudeau. If anything should ever happen to Justin they should all be arrested for they are the scum of the earth...

  6. Anonymous3:28 PM

    "And could lead to the most horrible tragedy."

    "snicker" Or really good TV.

    1. hi anonycon...oh my aren't you a brave keyboard warrior. Or just another cowardly Con sitting there in your soiled pyjamas blowing smoke out of every orifice. You know they say that Cons have extra large fear glands in their brains. You can read about that here:

      Well you must have a fear gland as large as a cantaloupe, you lowlife human scum...

  7. e.a.f.9:04 PM

    It is called Freedom of Speech. Now there is a line which many do cross and that is when it comes to hate speech and advocating the harm to another human being. Then it ceases to be freedom of speech.

    why the Conservative party of Canada continues to have these types of writings on their face book page is beyond me. On the other hand, it will be useful come the next election. They will be the party of hate and advocates the murder of political opposition members.

    Many of those who rave on are really harmless and would never carry out their threats. They simply do not have the guts. It will be up to the RCMP to figure out who needs to be charged and who is just another nut job in needs of mental health help.

    The internet simply makes it easier for people to "share" their views. At one time you had to write a letter and sign your name. Its much easier to be violent in your language when no one knows who you are. I don't think much has changed about how people think, they just are more open about it these days because no one knows who they are.

    1. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    2. The above comment was deleted for having made death threats against the Prime Minister and police officers. But the name, IP address, and home address have been passed on to the competent authorities.

  8. Cons libs nazi s kkk all the same

  9. Either way, the liberals are upping the immigration numbers because the polls show that they are soon to have a permanent and perpetual victory in this country if they do so. Selling out your kids to get elected. If things go to hell, imagine how your kids will think of your legacy and Trudeau's? Whether you are liberal or conservative you should always put your children first. That's not happening.

  10. Anonymous7:05 PM

    I don't think you know what "hate speech" is. Like every other libtard, hate speech is anything that you just don't like. You are a retard. The reason why people hate Justin is because he's stupid, he's an elitist, and he's a globalist. If you like him, hey, more power to ya. But it shows your complete lack of critical thinking and observation skills - like every other lunatic leftard extremist. Btw, quebec sucks and so does your blog :)

  11. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  12. The above comment was deleted for having made death threats against the Prime Minister and police officers. But the name, IP address, and home address have been passed on to the competent authorities.