Thursday, August 11, 2016

Justin Trudeau and the Pornography of the Cons

As you know I am up in the north of Scotland, where it has been too wet and too windy to take off my shirt.

But even here I heard about this story.

And how the Cons are trying to exploit it.

As only those political pornographers can.

Even though Justin is not the first political leader to take off his shirt in summer.

And the only reason Stephen Harper never took his shirt off, was because had he exposed his flabby tits he might have caused a feeding frenzy...

Or caused an ugly scene like Tony Clement did recently when he took off his shirt...

In the middle of winter, for no apparent reason.

And let's not even think about what Jason Kenney might look like shirtless...

For that would truly be a frightening sight.

And as for the missing poster, perhaps somebody should remind them of how Joe Oliver disappeared during the election campaign...

And could not be found anywhere, even as the economy drifted onto the rocks.

But then the Cons have always been obsessed with Justin Trudeau's body...

Stephen Harper was always a political pornographer...

The most depraved leader in Canadian history.

And as I said yesterday.

The Cons will never clean up their porno act.

Until the day he is gone and forgotten...

You know, only the ghastly Cons could make going shirtless into something bad, or yet another weapon of personal destruction.

Instead of one of the joys of summer...

In Canada or Caledonia.

And it is just one more reason why they are the ones who should be destroyed...

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  2. Anonymous4:28 AM

    The trouble with you is that you have no sense of humour. That poster is priceless - I laughed my head off. And the last thing I am is a reformacon, but that is about the only original thing I've seen that humourless lot ever come up with. Poor old Jason Kenney sweating away whenever he moves is obscene, but he can draw hope from the fact that his namesake Jason Kenny of the British Olympic Cycling Pursuit team won a gold in Rio. I bet our own Kenney would have cardiac arrest after 100 metres pumping a bicycle pedal. And have to be revived by copious amounts of draft ale, three burgers, two hot dogs, triple fries and a double milkshake, so that he can clamber aboard that old RAM truck and exercise his oratorical skills preaching to the dumbfounded.

    I still cannot get over the abject rah rah you have over Trudeau when any objective look at his performance so far would class his performance as weak at best. Perhaps when you get back from Scotland, to my taste the best piece of real estate extant (lived in Montrose, well inland a bit, and on Islay) maybe you'll be a bit more realistic, but I doubt it. You've swallowed the bait whole.

    When everyone realizes that the three major parties are as dead in the head as last year's Nunavut kohlrabi crop, the better off we'll all be trying to get Canada to become an independent nation again. Long live Mel Hurtig!

  3. I hope the Cons keep up the good work. It makes them look sooo petty :).

    On a more serious note, it's probably a good thing the PM takes some breaks. Too much time at the job actually can be bad for overall job performance. Some time off gets one away from the minuta of the job and let's one get a better grasp of the overall picture.

    Come to think of it, those ads of Harper late at night at his desk proves my point.

  4. I agree with anon, that poster is funny as hell, give credit where credit is do Simon.

  5. Anonymous10:51 PM

    Typical Cons, stole the photo had it modified but now have to cease and desist because of copyright infringement. As I recall they tried to pass a bill to make using copyrighted news content legal if it was for political purposes.Turns out they didn't need the bill .. just steal it instead. The legacy lives on.

  6. e.a.f.12:13 AM

    Don't know what the Cons are on about. Trudeau was on a family vacation and the last time I checked that is what M.P.s do in the summer, go on family vacations just like millions of other Canadians. Trudeau went to Long Beach on Vancouver Island, right here in Canada.

    Now if he is surfing lets hope he takes his shirt off, they're tough to get under a wet suit.

    Now as to leaders with their shirts off, there was Obama and that was the first U.S. President who looked that good without his shirt.

  7. Frankly, I'd love to know where the hell my Con MP is given the largest community in his riding had a big chunk burned out of it in May.