Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Rona Ambrose and the Attempted Lynching of Jane Philpott

It's not a pretty sight, but Rona Ambrose and her Con bullies are in a high state of excitation.

They think they've found another helpless target, and a massive scandal that will destroy the Liberal government.

And no, this time it isn't the nannies and the Trudeau children they are going after.

It's the Health Minister Jane Philpott.

But sadly for the ghastly Cons, and their would be lynch mob, while Philpott  and her staff may have made a rookie mistake. 

Ethics commissioner Mary Dawson said Tuesday she will examine whether Health Minister Jane Philpott violated the Conflict of Interest Act in her use of a high-end car service owned by a Liberal supporter.

Dawson’s probe will focus on a section of the act pertaining to “preferential treatment.” It comes after Conservative health critic Colin Carrie wrote to the commissioner over the revelation that Philpott spent $1,700 dollars on one day for car service and more than $1,900 on another day.

The minister is also reimbursing taxpayers for $520 for the use of Air Canada lounges in North America and Europe.

The amounts involved are small ones, they have already been repaid.

This is not the Bev Oda limo scandal...

And as the Globe editorial board points out, the larger problem is the pettiness of some Canadians.

We have to stop demanding that our cabinet ministers book the middle seat in economy, or bed down at discount hotels. Ms. Philpott had to hire a car for two days of meetings that took her across southern Ontario; her error was giving the job to a Liberal Party volunteer who overcharged, instead of paying the going rate to another service. 

But she is perfectly within her rights to expense access to a not particularly exclusive airport lounge that provides her and her cabinet documents a little more privacy than the boarding area at Gate 24C. This is a woman who handles one of the most important portfolios in the federal government, and yes, she is entitled to some sensible perks.

And the hypocrisy of the Cons, who would also make a big fuss about this:

Environment Minister Catherine McKenna has also been under the microscope for her spending after it was revealed she spent $6,600 for photography documenting the COP21 climate change conference in Paris.

When they spent millions doing the same thing.

An investigation by last year revealed that the Harper government spent $2.3-million on photographers to follow around Tory cabinet ministers between 2006 and 2015.

And that's not counting the millions they spent on their private propaganda TV network...

For the sole purpose of trying to glorify their depraved leader, and brainwash us with OUR money.

But what really offends me is the way the Cons are trying to smear a decent doctor like Jane Philpott, who has the potential to be a great Health Minister.

Unlike the ghastly Rona Ambrose...

Who disgraced herself beyond recognition when she was Health Minister. Should have been charged with attempted murder.

But would now dare suggest that Philpott is in it for the money.

Even though Philpott is a noble idealist who spent fifteen years in Africa working with some of the poorest people on earth...

And will never forget the desperate car ride down a dusty road in Niger...

Where she was forced to witness the death of her two and half year old daughter Emily.

It was a race against time. The aggressive infection was going to win the race. Less than an hour into our journey, precious Emily had a seizure and then she stopped breathing. It was the most horrible moment of my life. We felt desperately isolated -- Pep and I and our two little girls -- driving along a highway in southern Niger -- 50 miles from the closest hospital -- and our beloved daughter had taken her last breath.

And the near death of her baby sister Bethany.

Adding to our panic was the reality that, as we drove, the purple rash began to appear on baby Bethany. It was a sign that both of our daughters were infected with this dreadful bacterium. We were living a nightmare -- Emily had died; eight-month-old Bethany was now fighting the same infection.

A tragedy which in my opinion helped make Jane Philpott the great doctor and great human being she is today...

We cannot change the past. But we can change the future. If I can help transform circumstances so that the children of today have better opportunity to live long, healthy and meaningful lives, I will have found grace in the face of grief.

Makes her the kind of Health Minister we need at a time when our medicare system is gearing up to deal with some major challenges.

And makes what the Cons are trying to do to her unbelievably shameful and disgusting.

For this is how those filthy perverts at Con headquarters are depicting her...

But then that is who they are, the absolute scum of the earth.

And why I always say, that we will not be truly great, or truly Canadian.

Until the day we bury those monsters forever...

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  1. Anonymous9:02 AM


    I was listening to coverage of this "limo" story while in the car the other day. According to the report she was in a Lexus ES 300. Conveniently I was waiting at a traffic light right behind that very model of car. Ok, the Lexus/Toyota people would love to make a distinction between their two brands but let's be honest here. The ES 300 is a Toyota Camry with some nicer options and finishes. Most people would not be able to tell the difference between the two. Neither looks like a "limo".


    1. hi're absolutely right, as a minister Jane Philpott had every right to have a limo to conduct official business, but she chose to rent a car, and still the Cons and their bought media would call her "limousine Jane." They really are scumbags, and the decent Philpott doesn't deserve the treatment she is getting....

  2. Anonymous9:08 AM

    Great post Simon! This con fixation on our Philpott is disgusting, and I suspect it will backfire on the Harper hacks. Evidently without ideas of their own, they need to resort to Trump tactics.

    Although I had read about her work in Africa and in Canada, I didn't know the sad story of her daughters passing. Thank you for sharing. We are very fortunate to have people like Philpott serving in government. Cons give public service a bad name.


    1. hi TS...thank you, I'm glad you liked the post. Jane Philpott is a decent person and the kind of doctor I admire. And by attacking her in such a disgusting manner, the Cons are only showing what bullies and beasts they are. I first read the story of what happened on that road in Niger on Philpott's blog, and I don't think I'll ever forget it. So to see her attacked like that makes me absolutely furious....

  3. Harper will be always idendified with Nickleback, Justin forever linked with the Trajiclly Hip.

    1. hi Steve...yes, and it's not a favourable comparison.... ;)

  4. Anonymous7:23 PM

    Giving aid to Africa is a mistake in my opinion. If you feed/save 2 people then they have 8 kids who also have 8 kids now you got 64 people to feed. The population of Africa is exploding as opposed to nature taking it's course. You progressives are just causing more hurt and pain in the long run just to feed your ego in the present.

    1. Anonymous2:09 AM

      anon 7:23 This is the most insulting, immoral post I have seen. You would deny the basic necessities of life to millions of people just because you think they are less deserving of life and you want them dead? I really am sorry, but I think you missed your preferred country by about 76 years.
      A very good reason to deny the Con-Formers any hint of power, ever again, Simon. GS

    2. Anonymous10:25 AM

      For your information, Africa is still being drained of resources and capital by multi national corporations. There is far more cash moving out of Africa than moving in. Much of the aid and development money moving in ends up in the pockets of corrupt officials and rulers, making Africa the poorest continent on Earth. By your reckoning, we should just let them all starve, which is so reprehensible as to defy imagination.

  5. hi anon 7:23.... I find your comment absolutely disgusting, and you should be ashamed of yourself. Not feeding people is not the way to reduce the population explosion. Providing them with birth control and safe abortions is the only way to go. But if you remember Stephen Harper and his grotesque Cons were opposed to that, and like you deserve to be condemned by all decent people...

    1. Anonymous10:18 AM

      They don't use birth control and abortions. Their population is going to triple in the next 50 years. White people are going to be a minority in Canada soon. You progressives are ruining our country and our heritage. You people are sick.

    2. Thanks for the wisdom Donald.

    3. Anonymous11:29 PM

      anon 10:18 Why are you so scared about being in the minority? Surely we have equality laws that protect minorities, right, so we should no reason to be afraid? As far as our Heritage- colonialism, theft, genocide, degradation, child abuse, racism- is not really a heritage I want to hold onto. Why not try compassion, love, equality, peace as a heritage. GS

  6. Anonymous10:10 AM

    Simon and anon 7:23,

    Here's what a world expert in public health says is the answer to the question; "Does saving poor children lead to overpopulation?"


    1. Anonymous4:15 PM

      Interesting video but around the 2:00 mark on it's all speculation and theory.

  7. Anonymous10:17 AM

    It would be kind of funny if these people weren't living on the taxpayers' dollar and breathing good air. It takes an especially small mind to scrape up these nothing little bits of flotsam. If this is their idea of being the Official Opposition, we could certainly do without them.
    Now if we look at the board of the CBC, mostly appointed by the Harper government, and almost all in return for donations to the CPC, we can see how this pales in comparison. Harper's government ran on patronage, fraud, and misappropriation of funds, which is one reason they are in opposition now. I shudder to think that our governance was in the hands if these miserable excuses for human beings for 10 years.

    1. Does Rona get a car and driver as leader of the oppression ?