Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Jason Kenney and the Mexican Tour of Alberta

Yesterday I wrote about Jason Kenney's absurd pickup truck tour of Alberta, and his plans to ask Albertans to surrender their bedrooms.

Which had me questioning his sanity.

Well now as that tour continues, I also find myself questioning his political judgement.

For who else but Kenney would drive around Alberta talking about local jobs in a foreign-made truck? 

During a press conference Monday, Kenney told reporters he was heading out on what he calls a "unity truck tour" of Alberta.

Kenney announced that he would visit communities big and small across the province, to "listen" to their concerns about the domestic economy and explain what he would do to put an end to "policies that are driving away business and investment." 

And then Kenney turned around, climbed into a Ram 1500 and drove away from the press conference in a pick-up truck that is manufactured at assembly plants in Saltillo, Mexico and Warren, Michigan.

But then of course when Kenney and his depraved leader Stephen Harper were running Canada's economy into the ground, they did all they could to favour foreign car companies.

While the Harper Conservatives were in power, a government agency even gave the German car maker Volkswagen half-a-billion dollars to help build an assembly plant in Mexico.

And who can forget this ghastly scandal?

When Kenney first flooded the country with foreign workers, and then claimed only he could fix the problem. Only to screw that up as well, and end up pleasing nobody.

So who can be surprised that his tour is off to a REALLY bad start?

And one really has to wonder about his chances of finding somebody willing to let him sleep in his or her house.

Which as I pointed out yesterday, could drive a desperate Kenney into the arms, or the showers, of the wrong people...

Or leave him at the mercy of strangers...

Or worse, force him to get a real job...

And yes, as I also said yesterday, Kenney's absurd tour reeks of desperation.

He overestimated how popular he was in Alberta, after spending the last twenty years in Ottawa.

He's trying to pose as something he isn't.

And he really is heading, in a foreign made pick-up truck, to the dead end of his political career...

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Anonymous said...

Meanwhile KiaGuy whose tweet you use, after spamming the Twitter verse in "outrage" over Kenney driving a foreign made truck, drives a Kia built in South Korea.

Anonymous said...

Second last photo make him look like Randy from "Trailer Park Boys." Does Kenney have a liking for cheeseburgers?

Anonymous said...

Pincher Creek is in the heart of Conservative country so I'm honestly quite shocked by the pathetic turn out. Great little community though. Actually considered moving there at one point. Nice to see it might be shedding its Con clothing. Proud home of Matthew Halton who followed Canadian troops during WWII in Europe. I suspected this Kenney bs would take off like a lead balloon.