Saturday, August 27, 2016

Michael Harris On The Shabby Legacy of Stephen Harper

Yesterday I wrote a short post about Stephen Harper's legacy. 

It had to be short because there wasn't much legacy to write about.

Only the lingering stench of a nightmare that had to be lived to be believed.

And after spending every single day for almost ten years writing about Harper and his filthy un-Canadian regime I'm just about out of words.

So I thought I'd let Michael Harris, who fought the tyrant so well, render the final verdict.

By saying goodbye Harper, and good riddance.

Like fame and drugs, politics consumes its own. Stephen Harper is no exception. Marketed as the archetypal Strong Leader, he ends as a rickety Wizard of Oz. Out of office, he was left wriggling and exposed when the curtain of power was drawn back. It revealed a very small man in a very big office. He didn’t so much leave public life as skulk away.

Good riddance to the little man behind the curtain, who tried to destroy this country...

And failed miserably.

Good riddance to the little leader who came in as a reformer, and left like a thief in the night, to become a pension porker...

It took 20 years for Stephen Harper to become a pension porker himself. But his head could as easily be placed on the body of an alpha wild boar, given that the man who once pilloried McLellan and Bethel for their pensions is set to collect $5.5 million in taxpayer’s money.

Maybe that’s what Harper meant when he said in his farewell that “the best is yet to come.” As it is, the defeated PM will immediately receive an annual “pension” of $120,000 from Canadians. The Canadian Taxpayers Federation calls that “generous”. 

There is a prize for euphemism somewhere in that. A better description? Oink, oink, oink.

Good riddance to the Con artist who tried to fool or brainwash Canadians into believing he was a Great Economist Leader...

And a Great Warrior Leader.

When in fact he was just our own mini Trump.

Stephen Harper was Donald Trump before Trump was Trump, right down to the bigotry, fear-mongering, divisiveness, scapegoating, and profound anti-democratic impulses that had Canada’s entire parliamentary structure tottering, according to experts like Peter Milliken and Robert Marleau.

The monster who summoned up the mob... 

Used fear as a weapon, and tried to muzzle a country.

Throughout most of that time — while he was smothering critics, stifling information flow, practising vigilante justice on people like Mike Duffy and Helena Guergis without facts, attacking the Supreme Court, promoting unconstitutional legislation and surrounding himself with people even Trump might not feel comfortable with — nobody called him out for what he was. They were too afraid, because this guy took down numbers.

The political thug who had we not defeated him, would have turned our Canada into a police state...

The would be dictator who the MSM still dares not call a fascist.

And yes, Harris is right. 

When we see the Con media trying to whitewash Harper's record, let's challenge that view of history.

And always remind Canadians of the damage he did...

When you read all those airbrushed pieces today, aimed more at the office than the man, remember how much rubble must be cleared away from the Harper years before this country will recognize itself again.

So nothing will be forgotten, or forgiven.

And the Cons will never rule this country again...

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  1. Anonymous11:57 AM

    His legacy is that his people can issue death threats on line against the Prime Minister and other politicians at will, it seems, and neither CSIS nor the RCMP do anything about it. And the main stream media ignores it. If it was a Muslim issuing threats they sky would fall on them. Why are conservatives allowed to be sickos and face no punishment?

    1. hi anon...It is indeed disturbing that the Cons would ignore all those vicious comments on their own Facebook page. And it's also disturbing the the police don't seem to be doing enough to crack down on the ones making those threats, and that the MSM has ignored them for so long. Because if that behaviour is allowed to become normalized, it will take us to a very bad place....

  2. Anonymous2:56 PM

    Using the words of ReformCON Michelle Rempel.......... Harper was a f()$&g embarrassment...... And a true A$&hole!!!!!! FS

    1. hi anon...please don't say that because Rempel might see it, and be traumatized even further... ;)

  3. It still amazes me that there are so many "Nasty" people in politics!

    1. hi Kathleen...yes I'm afraid our standards are falling, there is no excuse for vulgar language. And needless to say I blame the Harper gang for having turned our parliament into a Roman circus, and dragged our political discourse into the gutter. But we did defeat their nasty Harperland, and hopefully we can do better in the future...

  4. I agree -- Harper's legacy is that he normalized hatred in this country.

    1. hi nonarKitten...I believe that Harper's normalization of hatred and over the top partisanship is indeed Harper's most disgusting and dangerous legacy. It is of course heavily influenced by what has happened in the U.S., but if we want to keep our peaceful kingdom we should not tolerate it...

  5. e.a.f.10:28 PM

    Thank you for printing Mr. Harris's article. He did a good job.

    Stephen Harper who did nothing while more military personnel and Veterans killed themselves than died in the middle east wars.

    Stephen Harper who made a lot of us second class citizens with his crazy acts of Parliament.

    Stephen Harper who placed so little value on the life of First Nations children he cut the budgets to provide for them each and every year. Yes, they received less in health care and education simply because they were First Nations. that is not a great P.M. That is a P.M. who is a nasty piece of business, who ought never to have been P.M.

    1. hi e.a.f... You're welcome. After all Michael did to indict Stephen Harper I was curious to see what he would say on the day that Great Ugly Leader resigned. So I was only too happy to share those comments with all of you.
      I know that with the passage of time some progressives are starting to forget what he did to this country, but I never will...

  6. Anonymous7:31 AM

    I came across the following at the Beaverton. Whilst I appreciate it's a satirical site I think they have hit the mark on Harper's saltiness....

    Warning; Graphic language

    Anon 2

    1. That does seem more likely a speech than the one he actually gave.

    2. hi anon know I think the Beaverton nailed it with that one. For behind the scenes harper would turn the air blue with his foul language. And he always hated the Canada we love with every bone in his body...