Monday, August 29, 2016

Jason Kenney's Shameful Virtual Reality Campaign

As we all know, Jason Kenney's burning ambition knows no limits.

Often exceeds the bounds of decency.

And his leadership abilities exist only in his fevered imagination.

And for more evidence of that please check out this photo from his Unite Alberta website.

Which suggests that Kenney's campaign to seize control of the Progressive Conservative Party of Alberta is a huge success.

And that Kenney is being mobbed by delirious supporters, as he continues his tour of that province in a Made in Mexico pick up truck.

When in fact many of Kenney's meetings could be held in an old Volkswagen bus...

And that photo of a younger, and much slimmer Kenney, is just a photoshopped version of this one...

And as the good people at Press Progress point out, as fake as they come. 

The adoring supporters – apparently stirred to their feet by Kenney's powers of oratory – do not exist. In reality, Kenney's campaign has selected a photo of Jason Kenney that is eight years old, removed the original background from the photo and replaced it with a photoshopped image of cheering fans.

The original photo was taken at the Conservative Party of Canada's November 2008 Winnipeg Convention by Herman Cheung, who lists himself on the public payroll as manager of new media and marketing in Stephen Harper's Prime Minister's Office back in 2008.

But then as Press Progress also points out, Kenney has a long record of flogging fake photos like this one...

Which he hoped would whip up hatred against Muslims in this country, only to be made to look like an idiot.

On International Women's Day last year, then-Defence Minister Kenney tweeted a series of "misleading photos" featuring Muslim women being led away in chains to justify the Harper government's airstrikes in Syria and Iraq. 

But as Glen McGregor pointed out in the Ottawa Citizen: although a "casual viewer" might think the ex-Defence Minister was tweeting "compelling photographic evidence" of war crimes in Syria and Iraq, in reality Kenney had spread photos of "actors in a play that depicts events said to have occurred 1,300 years ago."

And who can forget the fake citizenship ceremony he organized for his friends at Sun TV? 

And how he refused to apologize for that act of mass deception. As only a Con artist or a coward could.

And the good news?

The Alberta PC's have finally come up with some new rules for their leadership race. 

Alberta's Progressive Conservatives have laid out the rules for their leadership race, including retroactive finance disclosure and a rule forbidding candidates from doing harm to the party or its brand.

And for Kenney who has been trying to conceal his list of donors, this could spell real trouble.

O'Neill said the board of directors has also decided that all candidates must disclose all spending, donations, and donors tied to the leadership bid in the pre-writ period starting June 30. 

 "If they can't give us that report … we don't officially call them a nominated candidate," said O'Neill.

Which in my opinion would be the perfect end to Kenney's ethically challenged campaign.

And if he can photoshop his pictures so can Simon...

Jason Kenney, still a freak and a faker, or a Con artist.

Still heading for a painful collision with reality.

And the death of his shameful political career....

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