Thursday, August 18, 2016

Scotland and the Battle to Free Canada

Every year when I return to my family home in Scotland I find myself doing the same things.

Reliving my childhood on the massive beaches that line the north east coast.

Returning to the bay where I first learned to sail, as the jet fighters from the nearby RAF base scream overhead.

Or just hanging out in the quiet streets of this small town.

Where the biggest event of the year is the Scotland in Bloom contest.

And then there is this place, the bloody battlefield of Culloden, where in 1746 the English crushed the highland army of Bonnie Prince Charlie.

And where the mass graves of the different clans are marked by simple stones at the places where they fell.

Or their sacrifice honoured by this large cairn.

I visit the place every year, for it has always had a special meaning for me as a symbol of resistance.

So for the last ten years it was a place where I came not only to honour my clan's dead.

Or celebrate the survival of Scotland.

But also to renew my vows to defeat the monstrous regime of this mad king.

For I always refused to believe that Canadians were born to be slaves.

So this year, as you can imagine, it was an even more special occasion.

And when I returned to Edinburgh Castle for the Royal Military Tattoo.

And I saw the Vancouver Police pipe band march with others into the castle's court yard.

It seemed like I was also celebrating the survival of Canada.

Never forget what a battle it was. Or how we almost lost our country.

Let's finish the job we started last October, and bury the Cons once and for all.

Canada my home, and Scotland forever...

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Anonymous said...

Looks like Scotland has a ton of space for refugees. Hopefully once they get into the EU they can take a bunch of muslim migrants to help pay their pensions. It'll also help make Scotland more multicultural and diverse.

Anonymous said...

Great post Simon. Present day, recent past and historical reflections... You keep connected, motivated and positive!

Cheers, Bill

Simon said...

hi anon...honestly is that all you can say? Do you Cons really have to turn every story into an excuse to bash Muslims? You really are pathetic...

Simon said...

hi Bill...thank you, it was easy staying connected because I was travelling around a lot, but I did promise to share my journey with you guys. And as always, even in these challenging times, I refuse to surrender to pessimism. I only wish I had included more shots of dancers in my little video. But I may try to find an excuse to produce an expanded version... ;)

Anonymous said...

I'm not bashing them at all. They are a great addition to any country, I hear they really believe in gay rights too. Scotland would be wise to let in as many as they can. It would be very progressive.