Friday, January 04, 2019

Andrew Scheer and the Truth Squad

In my last post I looked at the way Andrew Scheer has been bombarding Canadians with anti-carbon tax propaganda.

And lying like only a climate change denier and Con clown could, over and over again.

I suggested that enough was enough.

And that since our useless media were doing nothing to expose Scheer's disgraceful Trump-like behaviour.

We should send our truth squads after him.

And so with the help of others a hashtag was born.

And as it turns out just in the nick of time. For this is Scheer's latest assault on the truth...

And it's his most outrageous, for it would strip us of our best weapon to fight climate change, 

And it is yet another grotesque lie, even if Bob Rae and other decent Canadians are too polite to call it that. 

But at least Scheer's mangling of the truth is finally being challenged, and so is the media:

I'm going to do my best to contribute to this growing movement...

And use the truth to stick a spanner into Scheer's wheel of deception.

I need to do that.

I'm tired of the ghastly geezers who spend all their time predicting doom...

But never do anything about it.

I don't need to be told that climate change is an existential threat...

I just want to do something about it. And now we all can.

And with only 290 days before the next election whose outcome could depend on whether Scheer is exposed as a serial liar, that couldn't be more satisfying.

Or more moving.

Lies fuelled the disaster called Brexit, and helped bring Donald Trump to power.

Let's make Andrew Scheer pay for his serial lying.

And make sure it never happens here...


  1. Jackie Blue12:37 PM

    I like the idea of the truth squads. The problem is social media is a double-edged sword. Lyin' Brian Lilley was whining on his Twitter account about some vague report that a helicopter pad might be installed at Rideau Cottage. Right away the goon squad started making their usual grunts about the Aga Khan, and about throwing the Trudeau family out of a helicopter. Then someone wanted to know if Margaret was living there "rent-free" -- and if not, where is she living so that the goon squad can go harass her in retaliation for the Sam Oosterhoff fiasco. Once again, nothing but crickets from the basement troll in dad-socks living rent-free at Stornoway. But "it's the economy, stupid"? Gee, Andy, what's any of this got to do with the price of oil in China?

    The CBC and CTV are biased and incompetent, but Postmedia is a liability to national security. Twitter and Facebook, I think, could best be compared to a superfund site like the Alberta tar swamp itself. If/when the Cons get demolished at the ballot box, something needs to be done to clean up the pollution that they've allowed to permeate the atmosphere of discourse. Change the Terms is a newly founded organization that's putting pressure on Internet companies to apply a zero-tolerance policy for fomenting hatred. Right now it seems to be a mostly American-centric organization but it's possible that the movement could be pushed to expand into Canada and Europe as well. The Liberals should be pressured to reinstate Section 13 of the Human Rights Act that Harper killed for his Nazi buddies, and strengthen it for the digital age. Freedom of debate is one thing. Freedom to be a misogynistic, stalking asshole is not.

    Something needs to be done to hold the Cons accountable as well as their media mouthpieces. They not only need to stop lying. They need to stop fomenting and/or turning a blind eye to hateful rhetoric, or someone is going to get hurt.

    1. Hi Jackie...unfortunately you're right, social media can be a jungle, but it is so influential these days that we must make sure the Con Trumplings can't use it to brainwash people into believing their lies, and fight back as hard as we can. That wouldn't be so necessary if our incompetent and biased media were doing their jobs. And yes, thanks to Stephen Harper our hate laws are weak and totally inadequate, and need to be strengthened before tragedy strikes....

  2. Anonymous3:31 PM

    I hear some of my neighbours repeating Con lies, so it's a serious problem and we absolutely must expose expose Scheer as a fraud. That's what happens when the media doesn't do its job.

    1. Hi anon....You're absolutely right on both counts. We must expose Scheer as a shameful liar, and we must pressure the media to do its job. For failure to do both could cost us our country...

  3. Anonymous6:23 PM

    The image of lying Scheer with his psychedelic pinwheel is a good one! He has been disseminating hateful Trudeau propaganda for so long that he now thinks that all he has to do is mention Trudeau's name to have the Cons clapping like trained seals in order to trash anything he wants. Its about time lying Andy gets some of his own medicine back, perhaps a illustration of him preaching from a golden tower while his supporters flee the raging rivers or fast moving forest fires below, perhaps a somewhat older and frail lying Andy limping past a Con grave yard with captions such as "died in the great (flood/fire/tornado/famine/heat wave) of 20xx. I understand why political parties do not ramp up the fear propaganda on climate change but unfortunately as both Scheer and Trump have demonstrated there is a significant swath of the population that only responds to strong negative emotional propaganda which of necessity has to contain lies or at least speculative exaggeration. Negative emotions such as fear spreads further and faster than positive ones so countering them is like fighting with one hand tied behind your back. Solutions such as rating content style and limiting bot amplification will eventually help level the playing field but for now its all hands to the trenches.


    1. Hi RT...I must admit that once upon a time I thought that Scheer could be brought down by the power of decency and reason. But now I think it's going to take a stronger approach. When the future of this country and the future of humanity are at stake, we do need to give the Cons a strong dose of their own medicine. If Hamish Marshall can appeal to base emotions so can we, and we should show them no mercy...

  4. Anonymous7:01 PM

    I hope you are not going leave us for Twitter, like so many other bloggers have done in the last few years. Progressive Bloggers is a shadow of what it once was, and if you left I wouldn’t bother visiting it.

    1. Hi anon...I'm not going anywhere, and would never desert all the great readers who have followed this blog for so long. Our journey to victory will continue together. I will be spending a bit more time on Twitter just because it's more suited to organizing a resistance movement, and I can reach many more people than I can with this blog. As for Progressive Bloggers, it is indeed a shadow of what it once was. It's packed with old Trudeau haters, and is almost as Con as the Blogging Tories. But hopefully the election campaign will attract some new blood and it can be again what it once was....

  5. e.a.f.8:33 PM

    omg this made me laugh. the line Scheer lies is just so fun, thank you! its a good idea to get this started and get it going. Expect prior to the election those who traffic in lies will be out and about, just as they were in the American and German elections. We need to be ready, as individuals because we can't depend upon the MSM. They'd love to have Scheer and his cronies run the country, right into the ground, with them being relieved of having to pay taxes.

    Some should take Scheer to Alberta so he can tour all those "orphaned" wells. The corporations just left the mess. Now tax payers have to pay for the clean up. So if Scheer wants more of that, he's welcome to it. I just don't want it for me, my friends and all those children coming into the world. We are still one of the few clean places in the world. Lets keep it that way and keep scheer, his lies, and his fellow travels out and away from us and office.

    1. Hi e.a.f....I'm glad you like the idea of setting up truth squads to go after Scheer and his gang of serial liars. And you're right, we can't depend on the MSM because they know what their bosses want, and they have no choice to do as they are told, or find themselves out in the street. It won't be easy, progressives are good at finding reasons to fight themselves instead of the real enemy. But if we can't rise above that petty stuff and defend our country and the planet, we too will live in infamy until the end of our days....

  6. Jackie Blue9:51 PM

    Someone just shared this thread with me, about how media creates a narrative. A must-read that you might want to share with the truth squads, because I don't have Twitter.

    Pay attention to the description of the Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez caricature, because it's actually pretty damn accurate of what the Ceeb et. al. have been saying about Trudeau. Indiagate was his, "dancing on the rooftop." And the fact that she's female doesn't even make much of a difference as the Sun, Rebel etc. love to do their homophobic schtick and dress him up in Photoshopped makeup and doll clothes, call him the Princess of Papineau or Tinkerbell Trudeau or similar derogatory names. (Methinks they're projecting too much.)

    Right-wingers are never subjected to the same narratives, or really any "narrative" at all. Max is a "motorcycle maverick," Scheer is a humble farm boy who shops at discount stores, Harper was "principled" or "disciplined" rather than a deceitful, wannabe dictator who ruled with an iron fist and fingers crossed behind his back. Doug's not a moron, he's "plain-spoken." Kenney's "looking out for Real Albertans™." Not "eco-socialists" or the "whiny" First Nations and their "primitive ways" (oh, the settler irony) who need to "get out of the way" of the "captains of industry."

    But only Trudeau is a "trust-fund elite" who dances around in drag and is out-of-touch with "Real Canadians™" because he "panders to special interests" and "travels the globe." Only Kathy was "corrupt" and not a "real woman" because she wore a pants suit ("lock her up!"). Then the thugocracy forms a government (or a pathetic excuse for one), and the media says, how could this have happened? They need to look in the mirror -- and not to admire themselves the way they clearly do.

    1. look at was happened to Eldon Musk. Maybe the greatest innovator mover since tesla and others. Tesla as a car free of the gas pump is the best in the world by a large margin. Yes a ICE car is easy to fill up, but that will change.

    2. Hi Jackie ...That thread by David Roberts is a good one, and it's true that the right is better than we are at building and reinforcing a narrative. But I've been trying to build a narrative about Scheer as a serial liar and would be Trumpling, and if we all got on the same page we could take him down tomorrow. But for that to work we must also get the media onside, and that in itself will be a mighty challenge. Can we do it? Yes we can. And we are going to defeat them...

  7. Anonymous12:36 PM

    First we had Lyin' Brian, then we had Deceivin' Steven and now we have the new Con champion liar, Scheer Bullshit.
    The media may give him a pass on his world of make believe, however, he's banking on Canadians being too stupid to see him for the fraud that he is and that will be his downfall. Lies always tend to come home to roost and for Scheer Bullshit, it will be no different.

    1. Hi much as I despised Harper, I have come to believe that Scheer is worse and even more dangerous, if only because he lies so much and is backed by the treasonous Trumplings of which he is one. My greatest fear is that many Canadians do not realize the magnitude of the threat. But I think we can do something about that, and I for one look forward to doing that....😼

  8. I think its an old con trick, make the waters so muddy no one from the holi poli can see clearly and then vote with the idea I have one more cent in my pocketbook.

    I have brother in laws who are part of the 1% and they dump on electric cars.

  9. Jackie Blue5:25 PM

    As an afterthought: When you're setting up this truth squad network, pay attention to the "yellow vests" because those people are nuts and probably getting funded from Big Oil and whoever's bankrolling Harper's thug organization. They're all over Facebook threatening Trudeau's life and it only takes one to change history.

    1. Jackie, I'm happy you've made the comment regarding the "yellow jackets" in Alberta. When I first saw them I thought they were most likely an organization set up to go after the federal Liberals in the upcoming federal election. I suspect not only are the oil companies happy, but in my opinion this may come from Russia, China, and Saudi Arabia also. And lets not forget some branches of the American Republican party. All of them have a stake in our upcoming federal election. We saw what happened in the American and German federal elections. We can expect no less from them here in Canada. Trudeau is a major irritant as is Ms. Freeland.