Friday, January 18, 2019

Are The Scheer Cons Trying To Soften Their Ugly Image?

Ever since Andrew Scheer and his ex-Rebel campaign manager Hamish Marshall set out to destroy Justin Trudeau, they have been pumping out a steady stream of the most disgusting attack ads this country has ever seen.

Depraved yellow and red tinted political pornography that demonizes Trudeau over and over again.

And has some of the yellow vested members of their base in such a fevered frenzy, they are calling him a traitor and demanding that he be executed.

But while their base may be moaning with pleasure, all that political porn isn't really moving the dial. The Cons are still stuck in second place, inhaling the Liberal's farts, and their latest polls are tanking.

So it seems Scheer and his Mini-Me Marshall are so desperate, they are preparing to try something different.

The federal Conservative party is canvassing its most faithful members to see if they agree with positions Andrew Scheer has taken in the lead up to this year’s general election.

Or at least something that looks different. For it appears the fix is in.

The issues the Conservatives’ grassroots are being asked about, in most cases, are already stated policy.

And when Marshall says this:

“I need you to help me write the Conservative party election platform that Andrew Scheer and his team of candidates will take directly to the voters in a few months.”

“Other parties rely on polls, focus groups and media pundits for their campaign ideas,” Marshall wrote. 

“We rely on you!”

It couldn't be more phony, or more hilarious... 

Since everybody knows that Scheer's Mini-Me has data mined their base so much, he knows what they hate, when they shit, and what they have for breakfast.

And no party uses polls, focus groups, and media pundits more than the Cons do.

But the Cons are clearly trying to reach out beyond their base, and trying to soften their image.

And this is more evidence of that.

A town hall to try to try to make Scheer look more human.

But unfortunately for him and his Cons, trying to appear more moderate will not be easy.

For if this poll is accurate 

Among decided and leaning voters, Jagmeet Singh has 38.8% support while Liberal candidate Karen Wang has 26.3% support. Conservative candidate Jay Shin has 22% and the People’s Party candidate Laura-Lynn Tyler Thompson has 8.7%.

And Maxime Bernier's People's Party has that level of support in other ridings in Canada, as Guido Maggi the Mainstreet CEO points out, the writing is on the wall.

“What is however clear is that the People’s Party at this stage has significant support and is likely peeling support away from the Conservatives,’ concluded Maggi. “If the People’s Party is still this strong coming into election day, the Conservatives will have no chance of winning.”

And the Cons will have to keep on doing what they have been doing to try to keep their filthy base onside...

And secondly, holding a Town Hall so soon after Justin Trudeau's strong performance at that Town Hall in Regina...

Is sure to make Scheer look weak by comparison...

And will almost certainly do him more harm than good.

As well as confirm what I have always believed.

The man is a loser. He's caught between a rock and a hard place.

And his time is running out...


Anonymous said...

Its common Con strategy to soften their inflammatory rhetoric and try and steal voters from the middle as election time approaches. Dog whistle politics and targeted social media messaging is used during this time to keep the base motivated. Mad Max potentially changes this dynamic as the high frequency dog whistles are ineffective when the real deal is shouting in their ears. Based on claimed membership the PP party has seduced approximately 15% of the Con base. This number will likely grow as Max ramps up the volume and mister nice guy tries to con uninformed voters. Under normal circumstances this would be the end of the Reform-a-Cons except they are skilled in the art of cheating. It would seem that Max would be a good target for a major real or imagined scandal that drives the base back into the fold when the time is ripe. Perhaps they are more inventive than that, the Harper-Cons certainly were.

Jackie Blue said...

Why do they need a second in-party referendum to "help the Conservatives decide their platform"? Didn't they already go through this at the Halifax convention? They decided that they wanted to put the kibosh on birthright citizenship, and a whole host of other regressive Trumpian policies. We know what they want. They want what no one in civilized society wants. Including about half the U.S. They want Canada to basically become the 51st state, and a Republican state at that. They want an unfettered First Amendment allowing free speech for Nazis and for fundamentalist white Christians to discriminate against "loose women" and LGBT people. They want a Second Amendment that guarantees gun hoarding as a God-given right, if not an obligation to be a good German -- er, good Canadian. Yet they yell at Trudeau over "globalism" as they would turn Canada into the one thing that, for decades, it has tried to define itself as NOT wanting to emulate!

Hamster Marshall and Android Sneer can't keep running their Microsoft Operation Paperclip computer program perpetually, asking the deplorable base over and over again if they're SURE they want to click OK to deport everyone darker than a paper bag or allow Holocaust denialists the "right" to debate historical facts and people's basic humanity. "CPC.exe has stopped working; abort, retry, fail?" (Well, not "abort," obviously.)

This is how pathetic and weak Scheer is. He wants to pass off his outsourcing of a platform to the micro-targeted mouthbreathers as being a "man of the people." When actually it's more like he's so weak and pathetic he can't come up with one himself unless his Facebook fake-bot friend does his homework for him. What a spineless piece of shit and an empty-vessel drone he really is. I hope he and his little computer chipmunk follow Malfunctioning Max so far out the Overton window they all fall out and down an electoral cliff, like Wiley Coyote and his ACME whiz-bang gadgets. "Have you tried turning it off and not turning it on again?"

Steve said...

I wanna be sedated.(Romones) This should be weak Andys campaign. One cavet, big doug became PM with no platform and no idea except he was not liberal.

jrkrideau said...

@ Steve,
Dougie had the distinct advantages that the provincial Liberals had been in power for 17 (?) years, a couple of nasty scandals behind them and a lot of the electorate, rightly or wrongly, hated Kathleen Wynne.

Andy has none of these advantages.

Anonymous said...

If the town hall is attended by a balanced mix of the left/center/right leaning voters then Scheer is toast. However, as RT pointed out, "they are skilled in the art of cheating", so I expect that the crowd will be stacked with card carrying clapping Cons and some are most likely practicing their softball lobbing skills and predetermined questions so as not to make Andy get all rosy cheeked and smirky faced.
This could turn out to be one big photo-op campaign ad depicting Andy as a positive beacon of hope against the evil JT amid an adoring crowd of Scheerlings, clapping on cue, all without a clue.
I hope the MSM gives this the attention and scrutiny it deserves. Anything less would once again give Scheer a free pass on his nonexistent platform and secret agenda so please, do your job MSM.

Simon said...

Hi RT...I find it interesting that the Cons aren’t criticizing Bernier, at least not openly. It’s as if they are so scared of him they are trying to pretend he isn’t even there. But then Bernier is looking a little desperate himself. That number in Burnaby so far isn’t reflected anywhere else. And unless he can get up to at least five percent in the next few months, he won’t get the momentum he needs to be a real threat to the Cons. And as you point out, the possibility of bimbo eruptions could sink the Bernier dinghy at any time...

Simon said...

Hi Jackie...I think that survey is more for show than anything else. According to what I’ve heard, many Cons are grumbling about the relentless negativity of the Scheer gang. So this is an attempt to make it look like they are reaching out beyond the base. However, they can’t go too far or their base will panic, and it will be all over. I like to think of him balancing on a tightrope, and hoping he falls off long before the election...😼

Simon said...

Hi Steve...Anything by the Ramones would be too exciting for that nasty little bore Scheer. And as for Ford, by the time the federal election arrives he will have done so much damage to the Con brand, Canadians will do anything to avoid the same mistake...

Simon said...

Hi jrkrideau....yes, Ford had a perfect storm going for him, and Scheer does not, at least not at this time. I suppose that could change if thousands of dangerous bandidos swarm across the border next summer, or the economy collapses, but failing that I don’t see the Ontario nightmare happening again...

Simon said...

Hi JD...Well now that I’ve watched that phony “town hall” I have to say it was even worse than I had imagined. It was just more of the same, and so dull I could barely keep my eyes open. I won’t say anything more because I might write a post about it, and there is so little to say about it, I don’t want to repeat myself...😉

e.a.f. said...

I gather the rankings with Singh's name refers to the Burnaby Bi election. O.K. the Liberal candidate was kicked to the curb for a racist comment. She was "reminding" people in the riding, on a mandarin language equivalent of facebook she was Chinese and Singh was Indian. According to reports she didn't actually resign but was fired by Trudeau's office. She has been replaced by Richard Lee a 4 time MLA here in B.C. who comes with his own election team. he would have run as a B.C. Lieberal and that of course comes with the most corrupt government B.C. if not Canada has ever seen. They now think the B.C. LIeberals sat around while they laundered $1BILLION via the casinos and another BILLION via the real estate market each and every year.

I think the candidate for the pee pee party is one of those wack jobs who doesn't want the education system to teach kids about gender, etc.

There isn't a whole lot of attention about the bi election. I thought there was more energy regarding the announcement that Sven Robinson was going to run in his old riding, with parts of North Vancouver in it now, in the upcoming federal election. Now that ought to be fun?! If he gets elected to Parliament things may have a tad more zing to it.