Wednesday, January 02, 2019

Why Andrew Scheer's Lies Need To Be Exposed

It's a measure of Andrew Scheer's desperation that he couldn't even give himself a break on New Year's Day.

But was spotted at a Giant Tiger store, apparently owned by one of his Cons.

Surrounded by a small and decidedly unenthusiastic crowd.

Bashing Justin Trudeau. Again.

And as he always does, mangling the truth. 

Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer welcomed 2019 with a warning that if Canadians re-elect Justin Trudeau this year, the federal carbon tax that’s going to take effect will only climb. 

“Canadians know what Justin Trudeau is going to do. Now that his carbon tax is here, it’s only going to go up. And if he gets re-elected in 10 months, it will go up even more,” Scheer said during a New Year’s Day news conference in a Giant Tiger store in Regina.

For not only is he making it sound like a carbon tax would leave Canadians homeless and hungry...

He fails to point out that most Canadians will get more money back than they pay in taxes.

And to make matters worse, this is all that Canadian Press story has to say about that:

Trudeau says Ottawa will return 90 per cent of the money it collects from a carbon tax to Canadians.

Which not only plays into the hands of Scheer and his Con gang of foul climate change deniers.

It makes it even more obvious that we can't trust our shabby media to produce more articles like this one. 

Then, as now, climate change is a political non-starter for the Conservatives. It is a decidedly liberal (and Liberal) issue to be pushed aside, along with (typically conservative) causes like ending gun control and abortion rights, for the sake of electoral victory. 

Beginning in 2019, the Liberal government will implement a $20-per-ton carbon tax on provinces that haven’t implemented their own carbon reduction strategies. Later in the year, before the October election, the same Liberal government will begin mailing out cheques to the citizens of these recalcitrant provinces — a payment upwards of $900 for a family of four, courtesy of the country’s biggest carbon emitters.

In short, cutting carbon pays ordinary voters. For Conservatives, lulled by ideology and obstinacy, this is perhaps their biggest threat in the coming year and beyond.

And that if we want the truth to win out over all those Con lies, we are going to have to do it ourselves.

Starting perhaps with a simple Twitter hashtag like #Scheerlies, and building it into a giant clearing house for the truth, which would put pressure on both the Cons and the media.

We shouldn't have to do that, Scheer shouldn't lie that much.

And the media shouldn't allow him to get away with murder, for climate change denial is a crime against humanity.

But if we don't do something, Scheer could lie his way to power, and do to Canada what Jason Kenney is planning to do to Alberta, and Doug Ford is already doing to Ontario.

For Scheer is both evil and desperate.

It seems his polls are starting to slide again.

As more and more Canadians realize that whatever he is, he's no prime minister...

Just an angry nerd, a #weakandy, a serial liar, who would torch the planet for crass political purposes.

And who along with his grubby Cons, desperately needs to be taught a lesson he'll never forget...


  1. Jackie Blue6:46 PM

    Meanwhile, Brazil Nut Bolsonaro is going to throw Indigenous and LGBT people out of helicopters and demolish the rainforest, and Andy and his inbred GOP cousins will hail him as an economic genius who rescued his people from the perils of "cultural Marxism" and "eco-socialism." Let's see if Andy sends out a tweet saying "I was for the Boys from Brazil before it was cool."

    Versus this poor chap who tries to help Indigenous and LGBT people (thus angering the "old-stock" bigots who want a white man's Christian nationalist homeland or else), but is faced with the prospect of a minority-government clusterfuck, unemployment, or assassination for his efforts at undoing the disaster that his oil-stained predecessor left on his doorstep after a decade-long Reign of Error. And all because he tries to thread the needle on climate change while having to placate a bunch of yellow-vested morons in Edmonton (and their deep-pocketed backers) who want him whacked no matter what he does to accommodate their "economic anxiety." But tell me again this is about "Al Gore takin' yer jerbs."

    Young Greta Thunberg is right, the so-called adults in the room aren't mature enough to really tackle this crisis like the existential threat it is. Not as long as political whims are easily swayed by appealing to selfish interests and people who don't get what they want threaten to burn everything down or shoot/hang/otherwise "take out" the guy who's telling them what they need to hear but don't want to listen to.

    Fuck Scheer, fuck Bolsonaro, fuck Trump, fuck Kenney, fuck Ford, and fuck Brett Wilson and Danielle Smith and T-Rex Murphy and Lorrie Goldstein and this Paper Tiger guy and everyone spreading disinfo and hatred for their own craven, salivating desire for power at all costs. They would take paradise and burn up the parking lot.

    1. He has also authorized police to shoot to kill. Snipers can kill anyone they think is a threat at half a kilometer

    2. Hi Jackie...Jair Bolsonaro is a religious fanatic, a climate changer denier, a misogynist, an anti-gay bigot, and a man who is prepared to bulldoze indigenous rights in the name of short term greed. Does that sound familiar? Is Bolsonaro not Andrew Scheer's perfect soulmate? And what kind of Canada would be living in under Scheer? To me it's clear that the new divide is not just left versus right, but Trumpism versus Canadianism. The beasts are at the gate, and in our midst, but we are going to destroy them....

    3. Hi Steve...I know Brazil well because my parents once lived there, and I used to go down and visit them every time I could. I absolutely love the place and its people. But crime has been a growing problem, 63,000 people killed in 2017, and that is what brought Bolsonaro to power. And what I fear now is an absolute bloodbath...l

    4. Anonymous8:49 PM

      I'm glad you mentioned Brett Wilson. He should not be allowed on the airwaves, BNN, CBC or otherwise, without this disclaimer: "This is a paid political announcement by the reactionary party."


    5. I am terrified about Bolsanaro. I have feminist friends from there whom I see at international meetings who knew Marielle Franco very well. I also have an older friend (a well-known academic) who fled the earlier dictatorship, which began a decade before those in Chile, Argentina and neighbouring countries. Bolsonaro already has blood on his hands, and wants to destroy the rainforest, its creatures, and its Indigenous peoples.

  2. Anonymous7:14 PM

    I just watched Power and Politics and they did a power panel on what Scheer said yesterday, and not one of the panelists challenged his numbers. So I agree with you, we need to set up truth squads or as you say the Cons could lie their way to power.

    1. Hi anon...yes, no CBC News programs are anything but Con propaganda vehicles. As a big supporter of the CBC I am deeply depressed by the situation. But I am even more distressed by what the Con media could do to this country by legitimizing the behaviour of the Scheer gang, and normalizing their inexcusable behaviour. So I'm prepared to fight the CBC as hard as I am all the others who betray our precious Canadian values...

  3. Anonymous12:57 AM

    Interesting that Scheer would do this next to the vegetable aisle when the fertilizer aisle would have been much more appropriate.
    Andy can lie 'till the cows come home and the media can omit the facts all they want but the fact is, when Canadians start cashing their carbon tax rebate cheques in the run-up to the election, they will see Scheer's doom and gloom scenario for what it is and they will vote accordingly.

    1. Anonymous8:26 AM

      I hate to sound skeptical but until I receive a cheque in the mail I don't believe it.

    2. Anonymous12:31 PM

      Anon 8:26, Unless you're in the six figure range of salaries I'd say bank on it. For the Libs to do otherwise would be political suicide.

    3. Hi JD...yes, the fertilizer aisle would definitely have reinforced Scheer's absurd message. And when Canadians fully understand that the Cons want to prevent them from getting money from the government, I'm sure they will want to compost them. Scheer is counting on human greed prevailing over human survival and I think that the odds are against him. I just read an editorial in La Presse where Scheer is called Mr Denier so bye bye Quebec...

  4. Here's to Bernier winning one of the upcoming Byelections!

    1. Hi Kathleen....I think it's too soon for Bernier to win one of those by-election, but hopefully he can steal enough votes away from the Scheer gang to cost them some seats in the federal election...

  5. At least in eastern Ontario and Québec, Giant Tiger is a place where poor people shop; it is beneath even WalMarde. And benefits the friends of the plutocrats.

    1. Hi lagatta...I have never heard of Giant Tiger stores, but then I have never shopped at Walmart either, so what do I know? I only hope that after that Scheer informercial Giant Tiger loses a few customers...

  6. Anonymous4:28 PM

    Although other political parties may dabble with the use of negative emotions such as fear to promote themselves or an idea, their advertising propaganda is usually buffered by positive messaging as well. By comparison the Cons are the champions of using negative emotions amplified by half truths and sometimes outright lies to maximize effect. For anyone that believes "you become what you think" or as stated in the scriptures "for as he thinks in his heart, so is he" why would they want to commit themselves or their country to that type of bleak future. Its not just the lies, half truths and part stories, its the negative emotions and feelings they are trying to evoke that causes the real damage to everyone involved.
    Although perhaps too complex for twitter it would be interesting if the lies they tell could be matched with the emotion and basic propaganda technique they are using.
    Basic techniques


  7. Hi RT....yes, the Cons count on data mining to find out what makes their base angry, and then feed that anger with e-mails and requests for money. It's the same method Hamish Marshall used at the The Rebel, but as you point out, it leaves them looking somewhat less than a real party. In the last election was able to counter that negativity with his sunny ways. Whether that will work again remains to be seen. But that won't stop us from attacking the Cons as hard as we can..l

  8. .e.a.f.8:36 AM

    In B.C. we've had a carbon tax for at least a decade and our economy didn't collapse. I'm never happy about paying more taxes, but a carbon tax maybe the only way to go to cut back on the amount of pollution and carbon which is emitted into our air. if we don't do something thing it will not get better. Now it maybe its not much compared to what India and China produce in the way of carbon, but if we do nothing, nothing will ever get solved.
    As I understand it this carbon tax is being implemented only in provinces who have refused to introduce a carbon tax. all this federal tax is doing is leveling the playing field in Canada and keeping some provinces from increasing carbon emissions. As Trudeau has said, most of it will be returned, so what is the problem?

    Perhaps Scheer is one of those climate deniers or perhaps he is one of those "Christian" types who thinks his god will save him or they're all going to heaven so it doesn't matter. Well it does matter. Science has told us we need to do something and the least we can do is try to reduce our dependence on gas as a start. I'd like B.C. to stop shipping coal over seas also.

    Keeping this planet habitable for future generations is not going to be easy and its not going to be cheap, but if we want our grandchildren and other descendants to live on this earth, we need to do something.


  9. Anonymous12:08 PM

    Heil Trump ! Heil Scheer ! Heil montrealsimon !