Wednesday, January 09, 2019

The Monstrous Cons and the Murderous Yellow Bellies

For more than two years I have been fighting the toxic Trudeau haters, and their murderous messages.

They include the bigot Cons, the human scum at the Rebel, some dirty old men in our own blogosphere.

And more recently the so-called Yellow Vests, or as I like to call them, the cowardly yellow bellies.

For they have taken toxic Trudeau hate to a whole new level.

So I'm glad to see that Facebook is finally doing something about the problem. 

Facebook began removing content from the Yellow Vests Canada Facebook group on Wednesday after Global News reported the page contained numerous comments about killing Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. 

Even though it's not nearly enough.

Comments wishing for and advocating the death of the prime minister remained on the page, which launched a month ago following the so-called “yellow vests” protests in France.

“Trudeau needs to be shot,” read one of the comments.

 “Why hasn’t anyone shot him yet,” another read. 

 “Shoot the mother already,” read yet another. 

Not when the hate is so extreme.

Not when the danger is so great.

“I’m surprised that they’re sounding off like that in a public forum,” said Doug Kirkland, a private security consultant and former Ottawa police officer. 

“The RCMP can’t afford to say it’s just nothing. All it takes is one of these to actually act out on what they’re talking about.” 

So I'm not satisfied...

And I vow to go after those terrorists, whether they are dirty old men on the internet spewing hate in every direction...

Or foul Cons like Andrew Scheer, whipping up murderous hate for crass political purposes...

That we can't ignore.

Our Canada is better than that.

Decency is important, and we must not settle for anything less...


  1. Threatening politicians these days is nothing. No names will be given, no arrests will be made, and no long jail sentences. All of what they are saying about Trudeau is quite similar to what has been said to women by men who later murdered them as in domestic dispute cases.

    I don't know if there is a law in Canada, but I doubt it, which says you can't threaten the P.M. It most likely just falls under the same old stuff as misogynistic, homophobic, etc. threats fall under.

    As I've written before I'm not sure all of this is coming from inside Canada. I would suggest some it is coming from Russia, China, Saudi Arabia, U.S.A., etc. If some one where to "investigate" where some of these people are getting their hate from, to motivate them to write such material, it would not be surprising to see it comes from over seas.

    What is going on with the "yellow jackets" in Canada, in my opinion is this is being fed by people who wish to influence the upcoming federal election, just as they did in the U.S.A. and Germany and they are currently doing in Israel.

    Israel will have a federal election in April and the Russian want bennie back in office. they are working hard at it and interfering nicely, just as they did in the U.S.A.

    We ought to take seriously the threats on any Canadian's life or any one living in Canada. However, when our political leaders lives are threatened it interferes with our democracy.

    How involved the Conservative party or their supporters are in this remains to be seen, so I'd give them the benefit of the doubt, until proven other wise. having read enough of what went around during the American election which came from other countries or organizations which were trying to "turn" the American election, I'm not so sure this is being all done by Canadians. As a matter of fact, I'd be happy to hear, it was being done by Canadians. At least we would know other countries aren't interfering with our up coming election.

    If Singh is elected to his chosen riding in North Burnaby, here in British Columbia, I'd like to see what is written about him. it is what gives me pause about Canadians writing this. Singh doesn't appear to have been targeted and given his ethnicity its surprising. I'm not aware the Mayor of Calgary has been targeted by these vile writings.

    As to Face Book doing anything about it, don't hold your breath. they don't care. its run by a young guy who, in my opinion, is still mentally sitting in his dorm room. He just doesn't get it and he just doesn't care. Face Book is interested only in making money. We have seen what has been posted in other countries and seen how people were murdered because of it. Face Book doesn't care. Face Book has been used in other countries to encourage genocide. Face Book did little to nothing to stop it.

    Your feelings are shared by many regarding the comments about Trudeau, however, this is the world we now live in. It maybe time to legislate organizations like Face Book, Goggle, etc., just as we have legislated other things like phones, media, electricity, etc.

    1. Anonymous8:03 AM

      "Threatening politicians these days is nothing. No names will be given, no arrests will be made, and no long jail sentences."
      Unless your name is Rob Gill and you post the address of the parents of a homophobic racist MP named Sam Oosterhoff. No threats were made nor called for yet a highly publicized visit by the police was deemed as warranted and news by the MSM.
      Lucky for Rob Gill that Thug Ford's BFF Ron Taverner wasn't the provinces top cop, yet.

    2. Hi e.a.f....There can be no doubt that many of those violent messages are coming from Con supporters. If you read the Facebook page of the yellow bellies in Canada, that's only too clear. Just like there is no doubt in my mind that Scheer's demonizing of Justin Trudeau is fuelling all that hatred aimed at him. And I haven't the slightest doubt that unless something is done to control that torrent of deathly hate, it will end in tragedy..ll

    3. Hi JD....I have been so wrapped up in some work projects that I haven't had much time to focus on what is happening in Ontario. But yes, the idea of that religious fanatic Oosterhof using the police to suppress criticism of himself is chilling, and a warning of what is to come. The morons in this province have elected a thug regime, and we're all going to have to pay for their idiocy...

  2. Jackie Blue10:33 PM

    What the hell is Harper up to anyway in India, and why is nobody investigating his right-wing organization? Putin orchestrated a plot to assassinate the PM of Montenegro, the one Trump rudely shoved aside at that G20 conference last year. We know Harper and his lackeys like Baird are blood brothers with Saudi thugs, Likudniks, god knows who else. Someone posted earlier a connection between Rebel, Marshall and that synagogue massacre in Pittsburgh. Read here. Who's funding Rebel? We know the Mercers are part of it. Does Harper's IDU have any connection to them? Is there an intersect between any of these dark-money groups and foreign outposts and the Yellow Vest fanatics? Where's your Robert Mueller?

    Something is very wrong here and it needs to be brought out in the open. Questions need to be asked and answered immediately. I have heard that Harper is separated from his wife and has been trying to mount a comeback with his book tour and involvement with that organization. He has nothing to do but stew that he was beat fair and square by the son of the man he hated with a passion. I don't put anything past him. It's evidenced by their complicit silence that the Cons want Trudeau dead. Harper said himself that this is his party that he created in his image. Follow that fat cat and dig into his piggy bank. I think he wants the ultimate revenge. And there are plenty of people who, for the right price, would be glad to oblige. God save Justin Trudeau.

    1. Anonymous10:16 AM

      "I have heard that Harper is separated from his wife."
      Now he's free to legally marry his true love, his Ray of light.

    2. What IS Harper up to in India hobnobbing with hindu extremists and the European War Criminal Tony Blair?
      Why is there not a website to arrest the arch parliament proroguer Harper, war criminal, to avert attention on the Afghan detainees sent to torture?
      As for his comment about Canada needing a PM to suck up to Mr Trump, it seems that he is angling for the job as being a better US arse licker than Mr Scheer.Let them fight it out!

    3. Hi Jackie....Harper has always been a good buddy of Narendra Modi. Who can forget how he once flew across Canada on Modi's plane, in what has to be a low point in prime ministerial history. Or the way he slobbered all over him. But then Modi is right-wing and anti-Muslim and Harper as the head of the right-wing IDU is attracted to him like a mouse to cheese. Like you I also believe we need to investigate the right-wing conspiracy for it binds all those wacko groups together by pumping dark money into them. And yes, God save Justin Trudeau from all the crazies who would destroy him...

    4. Hi JD....until I read Jackie's comment I had no idea that Harper had separated from his wife. The last picture I saw of them was one where they were celebrating their wedding anniversary at the South Pole. The Harper story is such a bizarre one, dare I say only in Con Canada? But if Steve does marry his Ray, I will expect an invitation. I don't attend weddings normally, but I wouldn't miss that one for anything...😎

    5. Anonymous12:02 PM

      Hey Simon, Celebrated their anniversary at the south pole??? Now that is funny and an even funnier way of thawing their relationship. It's to bad she didn't leave him there.

  3. Anonymous6:21 AM

    The saddest thing is that the alt-right bozo white supremacist trash here in Canada have co-opted the yellow vest theme from France under false circumstances. The gilets jaunes in France aren't right wing bozos, they're regular folk fed up with being kicked around by Macron's bid to change society there. From shortened vacations to longer working hours to making the French more "competitive", to reducing speed limits on secondary roads thus forcing use of toll highways to get to work (or waste personal time driving more slowly) and raising fuel taxes to really kick regular people in the nuts, Macron is a giant neoliberal joke.

    But the sinister twisted minds of the alt-right here seized only on the higher fuel taxes in France, conflated them with the Trudeau carbon tax and pretend they're just regular folk looking out for working people, hence yellow vests. It's vile, standing logic on its head from beginning to end here. About as expected. The woof-woof far right wing of slobber-brained goons we have here who hate even legal immigrants of non-white colour, now show their lack of comprehension by threatening Trudeau. And Scheer with his rictus grin is nowhere to be found criticizing these bozos. Grabbing power is all these disingenuous right wing political creeps known as Conservatives can think of.

    Uttering threats with intent is illegal in Canada.

    I hope you Simon don't go off on an anti gilets jaunes tirade simply because our far right have grabbed the symbol but not the substance of the French version.


    1. Hi I'm perfectly aware of the difference between the giblets jaunts in France and our yellow bellied which have been infiltrated by the far right. It is vile, and when Ezra Levant is peddling yellow vests at his Rebel store you know exactly who they are. And judging from their Facebook page they are about as low as you can go. Something needs to be done before some crazy does something violent. As far as I'm concerned they are potential terrorists and should be treated accordingly...

  4. Anonymous10:12 AM

    Other than the Global news story, there's not much else out there reporting on this and that has to change. Some obscure Con MP spoke out against it but where's their leader showing some leadership? Oh yeah, it's the supposed God loving alt-right Andy Doolittle who's hateful yap doesn't open unless it's to vilify JT with his daily dread.
    It's no wonder hate crimes were up 47% in 2018 and it's no wonder the threats agains our PM are constant and seemingly unchallenged by the authorities. Take a bow Andy. Harper must be beaming with pride.
    Anyone who comes across any threat against our PM on social media or rebel commenters needs to report it immediately to the RCMP and be sure to include a screenshot of the offender's username and threat.

    1. Hi JD...Global News to its credit seems to be the only MSM outfit that is covering the story, which is scandalous considering the extraordinary number of threats against the prime minister. If heaven forbid Scheer was prime minister and was being bombarded with death threats as Trudeau is today I would be equally outraged. It's just not the Canadian thing to do, and if we allow that kind of behaviour to be normalized we'll regret it to the end of our days....

  5. Uttering threats with intent against ANYONE is illegal in Canada, whether the target is a politician or an anonymous citizen.

  6. Thank you for the clarification, lagatta.

  7. Anonymous3:42 PM

    As you have written Simon, this Trudeau hate has been building for a long time. First they threatened to beat him up or rape him, now they’re threatening to kill him. We need names and addresses, we need arrests.

  8. Hi anon....Yes, it has been building for a long time, and now this hate is everywhere. Hate crimes are up, and we need to draw a line in the sand, and say enough is enough....