Monday, January 21, 2019

Andrew Scheer's Fake and Pathetic Town Hall

Andrew Scheer was no doubt hoping to show Justin Trudeau that he could perform at a town hall as well as Trudeau has shown he can.

And that like the prime minister he could answer any tough questions without losing his cool, and in the process get a lot of badly needed publicity.

But unfortunately for Scheer it didn't work out that way, and the event was a near total bust.

He couldn't attract anywhere near the number of people Trudeau did, and to make matters worse it wasn't even a real town hall. 

For although the event was supposedly open to the public, most of those in the hall were Con supporters, who had received emails letting them know the event was happening.

Which is why this was the toughest questions Scheer was asked.

At a town hall event in Toronto Saturday night, Mark Walsh made it clear to Andrew Scheer that climate change is an important issue, and it's not enough for the Conservative Party to simply oppose a policy like the carbon tax. 

"To say no carbon tax, is what we won't do. What will we do? We need a positive message out there," said Walsh, a Conservative supporter, who lives in north Toronto.

And his answer was more of the same, and as negative and as hollow as ever.

Scheer again took shots at the carbon tax, saying it's not an environmental plan but a cash grab. For his own party's plan, he provided few details, insisting that when it's unveiled it would "reward individual choices."

When he was asked what he would do to attract young people to his aging party, and make it "more exciting and hip." 

The answer that clearly excited him the most, couldn't have been more absurd.

As an issue, he said the Conservative Party's fight for free speech on university campuses is resonating with young voters. "We have so many universities where that isn't allowed to take place because a small group of people will shutdown debate or prevent someone from coming and giving their point of view," said the 39-year-old.

When the last thing most university students want is to have their campuses plastered with grotesque anti-abortion posters like these...

Just to please that creepy religious fanatic.

And as for his outrageous claim that the Liberals are more divisive than him and his ugly Cons, it might have been hilarious...

"This is how we know we're winning the arguments," he said. "When they throw these mean, nasty and personal attacks on us."

If it wasn't so disgusting, or such a big lie.

Especially since Justin Trudeau has had to face the hate of the ugly yellow vested bigots at his town halls, as he did again at this one last Friday in Ste Hyacinthe.

The yellow bellied extremists who Scheer helped whip into a murderous frenzy, with the fraudulent claim cooked up in neo-Nazi Europe, that the U.N. and Trudeau want to erase Canada's borders.

But then, that was the biggest problem I had with Scheer's fake town hall.

For although, as usual, he lied like a thief over and over again...

And although his lies were broadcast live across the country, not one member of our useless media called them out, or even tried to correct them.

So once again he was allowed to get away with murdering the truth.

And with an election now less than nine months away, we can't afford to let that happen any longer. 

Which to me means that if Scheer holds another "town hall," decent Canadians will have to try to attend.

And grill him like he deserves to be grilled.

Until he runs for cover...

For only the truth will expose this coward.

And only the truth will save our country...


  1. Talk about a set of softball questions this turkey had to answer! If I were there, I would have asked him if he agrees with me that the CRAP party considers itself to be the "tough on crime" party? And if so, why is all the talk only about street-type crime, why no talk of white collar crimes like offshore tax evasion, money laundering and corporate fraud? What is Andy's plan to tackle and deal with those crimes and put the perpetrators behind bars where they belong? After all, CRAP is tough on crime, right?

    1. Jackie Blue5:45 PM

      Or white supremacism. Ralph Goodale finally made a public statement about neo-Nazis on the march. Predictably, Scheer said nothing, because without the Rebel scum stormtroopers he'd have no one to vote for him. Instead he rattles off the usual Fox News, Sun News, Jordan Peterson, etc. strawman talking points about "freedom of speech." Yeah, unfettered access to the public square for racists, misogynists and other bigoted garbage people is working out just fine for the Yankee meth lab downstairs, isn't it? Sure, it's working fine for who it's intended to work for. Not so much for the "others" who Dimples McGestapo would have thrown in the camps once upon a time. Someone should ask him if he'd have snuffed out baby Hitler and watch him freak out over an existential crisis.

    2. Hi Unknown...That would have been a good question, and better than all the other ones that Scheer was asked to answer. I expected the questions would be soft, but They were worse than anything I could have imagined. If i ever had a chance to ask Scheer a question I would ask him this one: Why do you lie so much and have you no shame? For if the media doesn't press him on that one, the Cons could win the next election. When I say only the truth can save us now, I mean it...

    3. Hi Jackie....yes, I saw that story, and hope to use it in an upcoming post. I'm not surprised Scheer said nothing. He knows he can stay silent and that the media will never hold him accountable. The words free speech scare them off, and they can't tell the difference between that and hate speech. And they are seemingly deaf to dog whistles. I watched the French news the other night, and Scheer was blowing that dog whistle so hard his face was turning red. He can find dirty wedge edge issues like a pig can find truffles. Hopefully social media can prod the MSM into exposing Scheer's lies before it's too late. But with just over eight months to go before the election, time is running out...

  2. Anonymous4:33 PM

    I only watched about half of that fake town hall, but you are right it really sucked. Scheer sounded like a third rate televangelist, the questions were so soft they could only have been rigged, he lied again and again, and then left early claiming he had to catch a plane. If he ever comes up against the angry crazy people Justin Trudeau has to deal with all the time, I’m sure he’d run away as fast as his little legs could carry him.

    1. Hi anon...not only did Scheer leave early, he arrived late too. And then spent at least the next twenty minutes asking some local candidates to make little speeches, which since they were so mediocre was absolutely excruciating. But you're right, if Scheer ever came up against the kind of thuggish racists Justin Trudeau has to deal with all the time, he would first have to change his diapers, and then run for his life...

  3. Anonymous5:22 PM

    The whole thing was so amateurish it looked like a Con rally. Many of the questions were so weird and the English of those asking them so poor, I couldn't understand what they were talking about. Scheer was made to look like a buffoon, and if I was him I'd fire the organizers.

    1. Hi anon....yes it was amateurish, and it was more like a Con rally than a town hall. Scheer spent most of his time repeating the same tired slogans he uses all the time, and of course lying like a thief. I kept waiting for somebody to get up and call him a liar, but that never happened. And when Scheer outlined his crude plan to woo younger Canadians I laughed so hard I almost fell off the couch. But of course it's not funny. Or we expose his lies or he could very well kill this country....

  4. Jackie Blue5:36 PM

    Complicit Bothsider Corporation aka Caucasian Bobblehead Corporation. People online are now calling the national broadcaster "CBCNN" because they're obviously as much in the bag for the slash-and-burn, old-boy-network Kovington Katholic Kons as our joke of a U.S. media was for Trump. Scheer is so boring that paint can't stand to watch him dry out. It's the lunatic fringe that his cyber chipmunk is radicalizing from behind the scenes who are the real problem. Yet what does Andy do but send out a Willie Horton ad for his "tough on crime" messaging, and gets no pushback whatsoever over the domestic terrorists threatening Trudeau's life and making disgusting comments about his wife, his mother, even his kids. Anybody ask him about the yellow straitjackets? No, of course not. That's how you know this was another kayfabe stage act for the Potemkin village idiots.

    Pathetic, selfish gits, all of them. Scheer, the spineless media and anyone who votes for this GOP shell company while railing against "globalism" knowing full well what that dog-whistle means. Pence got dragged for an asinine statement saying Martin Luther King would have wanted to build WALL. Scheer better damn well keep Lincoln Alexander's name out of his Twitter beak. Martin Luther King was NOT a Republican, but the indeed Honorable Mr. Alexander would be sick to his stomach over what the now Regressive Klanservatives have become.

    1. Hi Jackie...I am a huge supporter of public broadcasting but once again the CBC disappointed me. At the end of the town hall an anchor and a reporter discussed what had been said, and managed to make all of Scheer's lies sound legitimate. That's not journalism, and the CBC sound be ashamed of itself. But as I have mentioned before, Scheer says if elected he will kill CBC News, so they will pay a brutal price for their own idiocy...

  5. this got zero press coverage

    1. Hi Steve...yes that's true, and I should have mentioned that. I was so upset by the way Scheer was able to get away with all his lies, that I forgot to mention that the glass was also half full. I find it ironic that we have Daniel Dale from the Toronto Star faithfully chronicling all of Trump's lies, but nobody is doing the same for Scheer. Only in Canada eh?

  6. Anonymous11:46 PM

    You're right Simon, the media are failing our democracy. If they can't expose the lies of the Con who could very well be our next Prime Minister, what good are they for? Why don't they care? Why do they call themselves journalists?

    1. Hi anon...I don't know what's wrong with our media. I realize that they face financial constraints and must try to appeal to as many people as possible. But is it too much to ask that they expose all the lies Scheer and his Cons are constantly putting out? Surely they must realize that allowing such a situation to continue can only damage our democracy. The ignorance of many Canadians is appalling, but taking advantage of that ignorance is simply unforgivable...

  7. Anonymous3:14 AM

    It was just as I feared it would be. Softballs and bullshit. Disgusting. Scheer's mouth/methane dispenser farts out that the carbon tax would go into the government's coffers and the MSM couldn't even counter with the widely reported Liberal pledge to return the tax to Canadians in the form of rebate cheques. That is so pathetic.
    I watch CNN with envy as they routinely whack Trump like he's a big orange piñata. He deserves every bit of it and keeping it fair, they usually have a Conservative commentator on defending Trump's antics. Not up here though. One could surmise that they are being manipulated by their corporate masters to go easy on Scheer because of their inherently Conservative leanings.
    Our MSM should adopt some of CNN's catchphrases though with a slight twist that better defines them such as, "Facts don't matter", "Keeping them dishonest" and "Let's not get after it". The few like Doug Saunders are an exception that eventually get lost amidst the sound of crickets.
    It's clear that JT needs to keep in front of the cameras and continue to call out Scheer on his outrageous lies because evidently, our gutless MSM are certainly unwilling to do so.

    1. Hi JD...I wasn't surprised either, although I did hope that there would be at least one person in the crowd who would call Scheer on something. Instead the whole thing looked like a very boring version of the Jim Bakker show, and having the CBC "journalists" at the end fail to even mention the carbon tax rebate first enraged me and depressed me. I'm thinking of making some short videos where I can tackle one lie at a time, and hopefully inspire others to do the same. But as you and other readers may have noticed I have very little time to do anything. I have been travelling a lot, and I am not the kind of person who can write anything on a plane or in an airport lounge. Hopefully my clan duties will be over soon, and I can start seriously preparing for the election...

  8. I have been doing a thing recently, as I am completely appalled by the way our media is trying to hand the election to the CPC... Whenever I see bad coverage/lack of challenge/misleading headlines/biased reporting, I am now retweeting with the #WhereAreOurJournalists and #DoYourJob tags. And I am tagging the specific news entity, or all of the them. And if the CBC is involved (or should be), I also tag @CBCOmbud. It is going to take a lot of pressure from Canadians to get any of the media outlets to change the way they do things. If enough of us kleep hammering home the message that this is unacceptable, and especially from our public broadcaster, maybe there is a slim hope that something will shift.