Saturday, January 26, 2019

Andrew Scheer Plays the Racist Card. Again.

He's been waiting like a spider waits for a fly, to make the border issue the centrepiece of his election campaign.

So he can appeal to the lowest instincts of Canadians and use racism and xenophobia to try to destroy Justin Trudeau.

So I can only imagine how happy he felt when he saw this story. 

And sure enough, he went for it, like a hungry spider, or a desperate Trumpling...

Blaming refugee screening for the alleged bomb plot.

As details emerge about a foiled terrorist plot in Kingston, allegedly involving a Syrian refugee, the incident is already being used as fodder for anti-refugee rhetoric on the right. 

It’s “clear that Canada’s refugee screening process needs to be seriously examined,” said Conservative leader Andrew Scheer in a statement on Friday afternoon, shortly after the RCMP provided an update on two terrorism-related arrests in Kingston on Thursday.

And reacting to this message from Justin Trudeau:

In this disgusting manner:

Once again accusing the Trudeau government of scaring Canadians with divisive politics.

When in fact Scheer and his scummy Trumpling Cons are the most divisive hate mongering political party this country has ever know,

And they are the ones who are trying to scare Canadians by turning pictures like this one...

Into this one...

They are the ones poisoning our country with their raw racism.

As are Scheer's good friends Faith Goldy and Ezra Levant who like him are also beating their bigot drums.

Ezra Levant, head of the far-right Rebel Media, criticized the CBC for publishing an article titled “Trudeau warns fear-mongering over immigration will be part of election campaign.” 

“Imagine publishing this headline, credulously, with no counterpoint or fact check or even self-awareness, on the day when one of Trudeau's Syrians was arrested and charged with building IEDs,” Levant posted on Twitter, referencing an improvised explosive device.

And when you read some of the comments in the newspapers you really have to wonder how many people they have poisoned. 

I am more worried about the fear mongering coming out of the Liberal party than any other Canadian source. - BC Thoughts

Justin Trudeau, the man who has pitted east against west, rich against poor, and divided the nation on gender, race and income. He is the ultimate fear monger. - Jack Bauer

Or wonder where Scheer and his Trumpling Cons might take this country if their racist, fear mongering campaign manages to stampede enough voters into returning them to power.

For Scheer and his Con bigots are playing with fire.

And if we want to save our country, it's time to stand up for our values.

Force the media to take racism seriously.

And of course, make racists afraid again...


Anonymous said...

Muslim bomb plots being foiled in little Kingston, Ontario. Ah well. Guess you can't make a diversity omelette without cracking a few eggs.

Jackie Blue said...

The Cons need a preemptive police inquiry of their own before someone (else) gets hurt. Big surprise Andy chooses Ahmed Hussen to focus on for another "scary black man" attack ad. I'm sure any number of Neon Nazis who can't count to 20 without taking off their shoes will "do the math" and draw the line that the looming dark figure with the mysterious suitcase "might be" Hussen himself. Scheer and his muppets are playing with fire by naming and shaming individual cabinet ministers, and it's only a matter of time before someone attempts a Jo Cox and cries "Canada First!" or "Thus always to tyrants!" or just "MCGA!" ("Mooga booga!") which is probably easier for them to pronounce.

Any response yet from Aryan Andy or Kluless Kluck Klanney on the Wolves of Odin (who have now apparently changed their name to the "Clann," because they're clam chowderheads who can't spell either) harassing people at a mosque in Edmonton? Rachel Notley condemned it. Paula Simons condemned it. Meanwhile Trudeau is in Sainte-Foy to commemorate the two-year anniversary of the mosque massacre there and condemn yet again the divisiveness and hatred coming from the Trumpist right-wing. But I bet Andy is hoping for a copycat attack from another Rebel scum stormtrooper that takes out his rival once and for all.

I read this story in the Guardian this past week as well. Anybody happen to know if Hamish Marshall is missing a database printout? I'm sure the algorithm looked different in the original German.

Jackie Blue said...

How about white eggs, eh? The rotten yellow Yolk Volk?

"Make the Great North White Again," the Conservative motto, eh?

Anonymous said...

Oh sure there's loonies attracted to the right. Right wing terrorism is terrible. I condemn it. However importing Islam en masse to Canada is not beneficial to the cohesiveness of our society.

Anonymous said...

The Clann sounds exactly like, well... The Klan. Great branding.

Jokes aside, it seems like white Canadians are kind of fed up with state enforced multiculturalism and mass immigration. This will eventually lead (and already has to some extent in our largest cities) to the balkanization of our once proud nation. Oh Canada, we no longer stand on guard for thee.

jrkrideau said...

Ah yes the book. Library and Archives Canada seem rather pleased that they got it, I'd say, after listening to an interview on CBC.

I wonder if any of those alt-right would-be Nazis realize that their names could have been on those Nazi lists if they had lived in the 1940's. IIRC the book covers more than just Jewish names. If you were a member of the wrong political party or wrong Christian religion things could get very dicy, very quickly.

And, he asks plantively, why does anyone make a hero of the biggest screw-up in the 20th Century? In 1939 Adolph Hitler was the undisputed ruler of the wealthiest country in Europe and probably most scientifically advanced country in the world in many areas of research. By 1945 he was cowering in a hole-in-the-ground in his- bombed out capital city contemplating suicide. Way to go, Adolph baby.

Do you think it is the snazzy SS uniforms that cons them into it?

Jackie Blue said...

@anon 3:50 -- The land doesn't belong to white Canadians anyway. Neither do "white Canadians" act or think as a monolith. Only racists are "fed up with multiculturalism." Decent people of all backgrounds look at people as people. And they don't vote for racist parties like the Northern GOP.

Jackie Blue said...

@anon 3:36 -- And you don't think Muslims condemn when one isolated extremist acts out a warped interpretation of his religion? "Terrorism" is not synonymous with "Islam" except in the minds of bigots. While you're giving the both-sides-do-it benefit of the doubt to boneheads because "multiculturalism" and "cohesiveness," Muslims are doing things like this:

So no. Scheer is 100% wrong on this issue and Trudeau is correct. So is Adam Goldenberg when he said on CBC that hostile and "othering" rhetoric towards immigrants and refugees actually drives radicalization. Making people feel welcome has the opposite effect. He also said that if Andrew Scheer doesn't get or doesn't care how dangerous his words and actions really are, then he doesn't belong in politics at all, let alone as a candidate for prime minister. And I wholeheartedly agree.

But it seems that's exactly what the Cons want is a self-fulfilling prophecy. Actual experts on the subject have said that Trump is the #1 driver of new recruits to ISIS. "Number one" being an appropriate designation. Scheer, the Canadian equivalent, piece of shit rather than peace by chocolate, might as well be called "number two."

Do you have a problem with people named Goldenberg living in Canada as well? French-speakers? Francophones from Haiti? Vietnamese boat people? Wiccans? Spanish-speakers? Students of the Klingon language? Furries? Leafs fans? I tell you what: I have a problem with bigots who couch their bigotry behind concern trolling about "social cohesion." The only people creating friction are bigots. Not immigrants, not Muslims and not liberals. Bigots.

Anonymous said...

I am white and I am sure I legally own my home and my property. Same goes for the Chinese couple on one side and the other white couple on the other side as well.

Anonymous said...

"Terrorism is not synonymous with "Islam" except in the minds of bigots."

Are women's and gay rights synonymous with Islam?

All one has to do is look up Molenbeek, Belgium or Bradford, England to see what our future could potentially look like. Unless one would prefer to stick their head in the sand and pretend that we're all going to sing Kumbaya together (and call anyone who points out the obvious a bigot).

If that's the case you're an idealist. Admirable, but terribly naive.

What's frustrating is that I'm sure you follow the news at much as I do.

There's thousands of acid attacks being carried out in London. Who do you think are the perpetrators? White Britons? Do you even care? Honest question.

What about all the young girls who were trafficked by rape gangs and the authorities admitted they were covering it up to avoid damaging "social cohesion"?

Do you even care or is being politically correct and "morally superior" more important?

jrkrideau said...

Leafs fans?
Not that I'm prejudiced or anything.

Steve said...

We seem to all get along reasonably well, better than any other multicultural society in the world, so enough with the divisions of differences, lets work with the saneness of similarities. Since 911 what terrorism has there been in Canada. A couple of crazy people unhinged. Far more people killed by crazy people who are not Muslim than who are.

The antidote to terrorism is liberty and a just society. Those who support weak Andy believe in neither.

Anonymous said...

Tired of being labeled a racist if I disagree with my government's policies on immigration. Calling elected officials pieces of shit if they oppose your position. That is what the left is doing here and in the USA. They have no other argument other than calling people racist when they disagree or better point to examples where elsewhere in the world integration has not worked. If stating facts makes me racist we should change the definition.

Jackie Blue said...

OK, Tommy Robinson, look up the Catholic Church, Warren Jeffs, or Trump's pal Jeffrey Epstein. What about all the young girls he trafficked and the authorities covered it up to avoid damaging financial cohesion? There's "bad hombres" in every group. To make this an Islam-specific issue is bigotry, full stop.

Jackie Blue said...

Don't be obtuse. You know what I meant by owning the land.

Now run along with your barbaric practices hotline and please don't play with matches at the Comet Ping Pong Pizza.

Anonymous said...

At long last Scheer has found a bogeyman to rile up the base and try to con the rest of us into thinking that only he can protect us from the evil hoards of Muslims that have invaded the country. Another failed Con attempt to con us, taken right out of the Harper playbook. And boy did he ever protect us that Harper did, NOT! Our former Dear Leader was such a he-man that when a white, YES, WHITE male basically walked into our parliament building with a gun, Rambo Harper went and hid in a closet and didn't address the nation for a full 10 hours after the assailant was gunned down. Did it take that long to clean the shit out of his pants or was Rambo to shaken up to face the nation. What a fucking coward.
Scheer is no different. The facts are that the biggest threats of terrorism this country faces comes from the right wing whack jobs who are fed their daily dose of hate from the likes of Scheer, Levant, Goldy, etc. They like to stir the pot then sit back and get giddy watching the results. They are the epitome of cowardice and one day Karma will catch up with each and every one of them.

Steve said...

immigration has not worked out well in Canada either if your a native person. What Trudeau is calling out is Yugoslavia Nazi like fear mongoring. There is no immigration crisis.

e.a.f. said...

Lets have a look at this. First the tip came from the FBI. given the American carry on about terrorists, I'd take that with a grain of salt.

The person who has been charged is a minor. Means the person is under 18. We actually don't know how young this person is. Was he a 14 yr old playing without thinking. Is this one of those cases where the kid was "entrapped", we don't know what this "bomb" was supposed to be.

This kid is a Syrian refugee, so of course Scheer got out the racist card and started working. There is no way to determine the future actions of any child prior to them coming into the country. the younger they are, the less able to question or predict behaviour.
Its great for Scheer to suggest this was some how due to a lack of "careful" examination of all coming into Canada. Now I'd like to know what Scheer would suggest Canada do about this. Don't know if any reporters even asked that question.

Lets now have a look at all kids born in Canada to Canadian parents and check and see how they stack up as "criminals" compared to those born elsewhere.

Wonder what Scheer is going to say if they found out they made a mistake and this kid did nothing wrong? In B.C. it was found a couple arrested for making pressure cooker bombs and placing them at the Legislature were actually not mentally capable of doing any of it without being led astray by the RCMP.

hinofan said...

The demonisation of muslims has become fashionable as a result of US foreign policy since 9/11.
The rise of extremist radical islam occurred because of US foreign policy before 9/11.
Canada's foreign policy is made in Washington as evidenced by the detention of the Huawei executive on spurious Iran sanction violations and the instant recognition by Canada of the self proclaimed President of Venezuela, Juan Guaido, in lockstep with the US.
Imagine Jagmeet Singh declaring himself PM and having China recognising him as legitimate.
Canada is evidently a vassal state of the US.
Further the appointment of Elliot Abrams as the US special envoy bodes ill for the peoples of Venezuela.
Abrams policies in El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras and Iraq created such horrific conditions that Mr. Trump now wants his precious Border Wall.
Our courageous trade partner with the US, Mexico, has not recognised Sr Guaido.
I think that fact speaks volumes and shows that Canadian foreign policy is indeed made in Washington.
Mexicans are too proud to kiss American ass!
I might apply for Scottish citizenship if the opportunity arises in the very near future because the smug here is getting far too thick!

Simon said...

Hi anon@12:13...Congratulations, that comment deserves the Con Scum Dummy Award of the week. You do realize don't you that if we started listing the religion of those charged with any crime, that Christians would come out looking worse than all the others? What are we going to do about them? Will Jesus Scheer make us safe? And did you know that refugees have one of the lowest crime rates in Canada? I bet you didn't. But then that's why you get the Con Scum Dummy Award. You must be so proud....šŸ™„

Simon said...

Hi Jackie....yes, it's appalling how racist the Cons have become. They are as you say the northern GOP, or as I like to call them Canada's Trumpling Party. And Scheer and his gang are guilty of inciting hate and if they are not stopped it will lead to tragedy. The yellow vests are the brown shirts of today, and many of them belong in jail. I'm still confident though that the Cons will only end up shooting themselves in both feet. Canadians helped beat the Nazis once, and they will do it again...

Simon said...

Hi Steve... Well said. We are a very successful,and peaceful country, and the envy of the world. We have made multiculturalism work for us, and are stronger and better for it. So Scheer and his racist gang deserve to be condemned as strongly as possible...

Simon said...

Hi e.a.f...It seems to me that way too much is being made of this incident in Kingston. I am glad to see that we can come down on any would be terrorists like a sledge hammer on a fly. But unless I read the story wrong, the 16-year-old was not a refugee. And the older guy who was a sponsored refugee, was released without charges. So having Scheer use it to whip up anti-refugee feeling is both cowardly and disgusting...

Simon said...

Hi JD...As I said in my post, I bet Scheer goes to bed at night praying for a terrorist attack, as do his good buddies Ezra Levant and Faith Goldy. When in fact as you point out, the most dangerous terrorists are his supporters who are always threatening to kill people, including Justin Trudeau. Statistics show that in North America the number of people murdered by right-wingers far exceeds those murdered by Muslims or any other group. So the police need to crack down on Scheer and his wannabe terrorist supporters, and send them to the Big House where they belong...l

Simon said...

Hi Hinofan...You're right, the U.S. was largely responsible for the rise of extremist radical Islam, and like you I'm not happy with the way our government is trying not to offend the Trump regime with the Meng Huawei affair, and neither am I happy to see our country getting involved in the Venezuela coup story. We are simply out of our depth and I don't think we know what we are doing. We should remain above the fray, try to seek a peaceful compromise, and above all send food and medical supplies to the suffering Venezuelan people....

Steve said...

wonder how much collusion between the Tories and the US right has taken place historically and will be a factor in the upcomming election.