Monday, January 21, 2019

Doug Ford's Con Clown Climate Change Show

It was a scene that for some reason reminded me of the original Planet of the Apes. 

When the apes first talk talking, and everyone gasps in shock.

For there was Doug Ford at the snooty Economic Club of Canada, pretending to be an economist.

And claiming that Justin Trudeau's carbon tax plan will plunge us into a recession.

Even though he forgot to mention that Canadians will be getting big rebates. 

Or that most real economists don't agree carbon taxes will cause a recession. 

Ontario Premier Doug Ford has fired another salvo at Ottawa’s climate-change plan by warning of a “carbon-tax recession,” a claim dismissed by both the federal government and economists.

“There could well be a recession, but the carbon tax would have nothing to do with it,” said Nancy Oleiwer, an economics professor and director of the school of public policy at Simon Fraser University in British Columbia. Prof. Oleiwer said B.C.’s carbon tax, implemented in 2008, has never been associated with lower economic activity. 

She said Mr. Ford is “creating a crisis and scare-mongering.

Or that while Ford isn't bothering to fight climate change.

And is only interested in fighting Justin Trudeau.

In the United States, an economic braintrust has just concluded that the U.S. should be doing the same thing Trudeau is doing here. 

An all-star lineup of economists, from Alan Greenspan to Paul Volcker, is endorsing a plan to combat climate change by slapping a tax on greenhouse gas emissions and then distributing the revenue to American households. 

All living former Federal Reserve chairs, several Nobel Prize winners and previous leaders of the president’s Council of Economic Advisers have signed on to a statement asserting that a robust, gradually rising carbon tax is “the most cost-effective lever to reduce carbon emissions at the scale and speed that is necessary.”

Great eh?

So why does Dougie not give a shit about the future of the planet? Why is he trying to hurt so many people, from LGBT children, to poor students and poor seniors?

And what on earth gave him the idea that he's an economist?

Because he certainly is not. He's too dumb or just plain ignorant.

And sadly he's no premier either. 

But I think we can agree on this:

He never should have been elected. He's a beast if ever there was one.

And in the name of Ontario, Canada, and our burning planet.

He can't be resisted strongly enough...


Jackie Blue said...

Conspiracy Bullshit Corporation is running some inane report about U.S. environmental organizations allegedly influencing the Liberals/NDP/Greens and "posing a threat to Canada's sovereignty." This is Clinton Cash-level disinfo from a partisan hack masquerading as a "scientific whistleblower." The so-called Fair Questions documentary is nothing but tinfoil Soros fearmongering about the Tides Foundation and Al Gore, and it shouldn't be given airtime by your national broadcaster. Especially since the real threat is the Koch Kleptokrat Klan's oiligarch network funneling untold zillions to the Oil Can Cons. Instead you have another NYT-style "Cletus safari" about the poor plighted "clean coal" industry of "regular folks" falling victim to social engineering by champagne-swilling Hollywood eco-socialist elites on private jets pumping an anti-competitive Chinese communist hoax. Gee, where have we heard that before?

Your media is as bought and corrupt as ours in the U.S., and as dumb or willfully blind as the punch-drunk deplorables who voted for methane producers like the Ford monster truck and the orange tyrannical dinosaur Trumpasoreass Rekt. D'ohFo has no ideas of his own. He probably thinks a carbon tax is a tax on carbohydrates that'll negatively impact sales of Buck-a-Beer and Evil Homer's Donuts. He's just reading phonetically from the coloring book given to him by Fat Cat Harper and his petrosexual pals. Like I said: there is no Conservative Party of Canada or provincial offshoots thereof. They're all just shell companies of the GOP: Gas & Oil Plutocrats.

jrkrideau said...

He probably thinks a carbon tax is a tax on carbohydrates that'll negatively impact sales of Buck-a-Beer and Evil Homer's Donuts.

Nicely put. It seems clear that Doug has no idea of what a carbon tax is. He does not seem to have much of a grasp of a lot of things.

Back in the good old days of Rob Ford as Mayor of Toronto it was very apparent that Rob had no idea of what light rail transit was--we think he thought it was a new street car--and it seems apparent that Doug is carrying on the tradition of total and wilful ignorance.

Both brothers are/were great examples of the Dunning Kruger Effect.

Steve said...

My Animus for Trump is decades old. Yet I feel he is getting a raw deal on the whole made up Russia thing. This is a deep state control mechanism.

When we see and hear the Canadian franchise of the deep state attack over and over with the same lies the Carbon tax, you gotta thank GOD, Medicare was instituted before facebook and google.

e.a.f. said...

Those who already have a "carbon tax" or something like it know it won't cause a recession. In B.C. we've had one for a decade or more. Its just part of life and it goes on. Our economy is doing very well.

As to a recession, perhaps as part of a world wide one, but not one caused by any carbon tax. Actually a carbon tax may cause improve the economy because people will receive the rebate cheques.

Ontario elected this bozo and now they're stuck with him. If people want to listen to him, fine, but they most likely had issues to begin with. Ford is just a dumb ass.

Anonymous said...

Humans are a strange lot. Its almost as if we became bored with incrementally muddling through complex change and decided to turn our political system into a lawless wild west reality show with drastically increased potential outcomes. Will we strike the mother load or die in the desert? So much for maximizing risk vs reward strategies and hello to dumb, dumber and really dumb high rollers.