Thursday, January 24, 2019

Andrew Scheer and the Mad Max Nightmare

You can see the fear in Andrew Scheer's eyes.  

His creepy smile has gone, and with every passing day he looks and sounds more and more desperate.

And while his regular pornoCon propaganda is as disgusting as ever.

Now it's more like what you might expect from an alt-right extremist.

For lying like a thief, and blaming Justin Trudeau for the actions of an accused criminal in 2017 is morally depraved. 

A woman has been charged with smuggling several people across the Quebec-U.S. border at Roxham Road in the summer of 2017, when there was an increase in the number of asylum seekers crossing on foot.

Especially since it shows that our border controls are working.

And it is just another attempt by that grotesque un-Canadian Con to whip up hatred against refugees and immigrants.

But then what everyone needs to understand is that Scheer isn't just trying to smear Justin Trudeau, by claiming he's trying to erase our borders.

And by so doing encouraging his supporters to threaten our decent prime minister...

He's trying to fend off this other nightmare...

For believe it or not, The Creeper Scheer and Mad Max Bernier are in life or death race to out bigot each other.

And now that Bernier's People's Party is registered, and apparently raking in large amounts of money.

Maxime Bernier claims that his newly-registered People’s Party of Canada raised more than $300,000 in its first weekend as a registered federal party.

And now that Bernier's attempt to position his party to the right of the Cons seems to be attracting more and more people to his meetings.

You can be sure that Scheer is running scared.

For while losing to Trudeau would be the end of his political career.

Losing too many supporters to Bernier's People's Party could mean the end of the Cons.

So no wonder Scheer is so desperate, and sounding like an alt-right extremist...

Now isn't that a happy thought to brighten up the darkness of January?

And don't you love those Con races to the bottom?

Where they can't win, and we can't lose...


  1. Jackie Blue6:08 PM

    Did you see the clip from Power & Politics where Scheer stumbled over his answers re: "McCallum-gate." Arguably worse than Singh's earlier "What's Aleppo?" moment. And the illiterate Cons have the nerve to say "Trudeau is dumb and goes 'um' and 'uh' when he talks"? This is why the bought-and-paid-for media needs to hold Scheer to account and ask him tough questions. The fact that they haven't held his feet to the fire is why he's still even in the running at all.

    Meanwhile, Moron Max went on a podcast called Dave Rubin Report to show off his flashy socks and fashy hair. I had no idea Canada's elections could get this stupid. He's literally trying to position himself as a hybrid of Trump and Trudeau. How is that even possible in any universe? Well, he even unveiled his slogan the other day: wait for it.... "Make Canada Great Again"! And now Doug wants to build a MALL and make Ottawa pay for it. I guess to out-Trump the both of them, Andy will have to pick whatever's left over from Trump's Twitter feed, and have Hamster run it through an AI generator. Something like "Vote for Andrew Scheer's Conservatives: Because Dopey Loser Meek-and-Mild Justin is a Lying, Failing, Crooked Covfefe! SAD!"

    I only hope Max's fundraising numbers end up translating into Andy's lost votes come October. Equally as important, however, is not to get complacent, and to get enough of the 2015 coalition out in droves yet again to keep the pestilence away. The stupid will only get biglier and louder as the months wear on. For instance, now the Con cult is even having a freakout that the new, plant-heavy food guide is a UN plot by self-castrating feminist "Justine" to poison Canada's children and turn them into Gillette-sponsored "soyboys" for the gay environmentalist depopulation agenda. EAT MOAR BBQ LOBSTER on the Jordan Peterson scurvy diet, because Justin wants to turn the fluoridated frogs gay.

    I find it sad, unfortunate and a point of tragic irony that a schoolteacher is tasked with staking his re-election against a growing wave of people who plug their ears and have violent tantrums when confronted by critical thinking and basic facts. Please Canada: Vote for the geek and Make Intelligence Cool Again.

    1. Hi Jackie...sorry I took so long to answer this comment, but I have only got back home after spending more time in the air than on the ground. I didn't see the whole interview with Scheer, only selected clips. But you're right, Scheer doesn't perform well when questioned by reporters. So I would love to see how he would react if our hapless media asked him why he lies so much. If they ever ask him. 🙄
      Your also right when you say we can't take anything for granted. If we allow people who think that the new food guide is a secret plot to make them gay to win, we'll be back in the Stone Age before we know it...

  2. love the road warrior, let him turn the cons to dust

    1. Hi Steve....I don't know what inspired Bernier to come up with the Mad Max meme, but believe me I'm grateful...😺

  3. John B.1:17 AM

    United Conservative Party, Freedom Conservative Party, Saskatchewan Party, Freedom Party, PC Party, Libertarian Party, Christion Heritage Party, Conservative Party of Canada, People’s Party of Canada … I’ll stick with “CRAP”. It has a nice thud to it. I hope they all give it their best because the more CRAP parties we have participating in any given election - the better. If they have trouble thinking up more names, I’ll gladly assist.

    1. Hi John...I think you have a fine list of names, but I agree CRAP fits all of them. And like you I hope they multiply like mushrooms or toad stools until they start consuming each other...

  4. Anonymous4:28 AM

    Scheer sure likes to throw around the word failure an awful lot. I've found in life, someone who does that is usually the biggest failure of all. Also, for someone who bills himself as being, ahem, "Mr. Positive", he sure has a funny way of showing it. You're supposed to lead by example, not a stool sample, Andy, you big shithead.
    I can picture Scheer angrily grinding his rat-like incisors together over losing some of his beloved racist base to Max but what I find odd is that, unless I've missed it, he never seems to attack Max in the frenzied, deranged way he does with JT. In the despicable world of racism, is that what you would call professional courtesy?
    At some point he'll have to turn his "positive messaging" towards Max or risk losing more support so I expect the delightful prospect of Cons eating Cons to be a sideshow Andy does not want to happen except it will and I will love every minute of it.

    1. Hi JD... I have a little game, where I count the number of times the Cons use the word "fails" or "failure" in every filthy screed directed at Justin Trudeau. They really seem to think they can brainwash us, and it's pathetic. As for why Scheer doesn't dare speak badly of Bernier, it's only because he doesn't want to alienate any of his supporters, in the hope he can win them over, or win them back. I'm pulling for the Bobo Bernier at this point, because if he gets anywhere near ten percent support it's going to look like a Con cage fight...🚑

  5. Anonymous7:26 AM

    If Scheer declared himself PM and took the oath of office in the streets of Ottawa, would the US and UK accept him as Canada's legitimate leader?

    Just asking for a Venezuelan friend...

    1. Anonymous8:59 AM

      What's rich is Macron coming out and supporting regime change. The guy gasses his own people every weekend and has a lower approval rating than Maduro.

      I'd love to read Simon's take on Venezuela but I fear he's a communist sympathizer.

    2. Hi anon@7:26 AM...No. And I don't like the way non Latin American countries are interfering in the internal affairs of Venezuela. As far as I'm concerned we should be supplying that country with food and medical supplies, and leave the Venezuelans to sort out their own problems...

    3. Hi anon@8:59 AM...Yes I'm a communist, and you can call me comrade Simon from now on. As I told anon@7:26 AM I'm against foreign intervention, unless it's for humanitarian purposes.