Tuesday, May 29, 2018

The Day Andrew Scheer Chickened Out On Doug Ford

When it looked like Doug Ford was heading for a crushing majority, him and Andrew Scheer were the best of buddies.

And Scheer even made plans to hit the campaign trail with him.

But what a difference a few weeks can make.

Now when the wounded Ford needs him the most, Scheer has suddenly changed his mind.

Or suddenly chickened out. 

After announcing federal Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer would campaign with provincial Tory Leader Doug Ford just a few weeks ago, Scheer’s office now says no plans have been made.

And a provincial party source confirmed that, with just nine days left in the Ontario election, no joint events are planned.

And although the Cons are claiming it's just a scheduling problem, it's hard to believe that when Scheer was in Toronto the other day he'd find time to celebrate Buddha's birthday...

But no time to meet with Ford.

Golly, with friends like that who needs enemies?

In fact, if his Big Daddy hadn't come along to see him, we might never know he still supported Dougie.

Even if we are left to imagine what Great Fallen Leader really told him.

Of course, it's also not hard to imagine why Scheer might want to avoid Ford.

If Dougie loses, he too could look like a loser. 

And if he wins, Ford could turn Ontario red in less than six months, and give Justin Trudeau an even larger majority than he got last time.

Although it has to be said that Harper is a bit of a hypocrite. 

For he surely must remember what happened to him when he cuddled up to Doug's late brother Robbie for crass political purposes.

Only to have that bromance turn into a nightmare.

That some say was the final nail in the coffin of the Con regime.

But there is something to be learned from this sordid little episode.

Stephen Harper is still determined to use his support for Ford to become a power broker again.

He will do what he can to get another Ford elected for his own crass political purposes.

And Andrew Scheer can't be trusted as far as one can spit.

And is like his Great Fallen Leader just another Con coward...


Anonymous said...

Scheer really is a coward. He pours out vitriol on his Con site but apparently he can’t criticize anyone face to face. When he shouts at Justin Trudeau during Question Period he goes red in the face, but when Justin occasionally shouts back at him he turns visibly pale. He belongs in that closet with his Great Leader.

Anonymous said...

I love that graphic of chicken Scheer, and I’m sure if Ford bumps into him in the few days a few feathers are going to fly. Whether Scheer would be much help to Ford is another question. Because at this point I don’t think he would. Scheer isn’t well known enough or popular enough to give Ford a boost.

Anonymous said...

"just a scheduling problem"
This is one of their favorite go-to's when they're not finangling the fear factor. My riding's CPC MP has had the same scheduling issues through his last three terms when it comes to the one day/hour/10 segment every year that sees Pride Flag raised at city hall.

Anonymous said...

finangling should have been finagling...jeez more than enough typos in MSM.

Simon said...

hi anon@5:49 PM...I think he is a coward. And to make matters worse he acts like a bully. His site and the CPC site are practically political pornography sites, that spew out hatred to a degree never seen before in Canada. You'd think with a Church Deacon for a father that he would a little more decent, but alas he isn't...

Simon said...

Hi anon @5:57...I'm glad you liked Chicken Scheer's costume, but I wasn't too happy with it. I know there's a better one out there somewhere, because I used it to dress Chicken Harper. I've got so many photos and graphics of the Cons I didn't have time to look it up. but believe me I will... ;)

Simon said...

Hi jacshellac...yes isn't it? And the Ford Cons are now playing the same game. As for your MP lying like thief to avoid the raising of the Pride flag, it's simply pathetic. But I guess the beautiful flag is just serving the cause by exposing the bigots in our midst...

Simon said...

Don't worry about it, I knew what you meant. And goodness knows when I'm really tired, the damn auto correction system makes changes I don't notice at the time, and makes me look like an absolute idiot. With friends like that who needs enemies? :)