Friday, May 18, 2018

Justin Trudeau and the Humiliation of Jason Kenney

Well it's the night of the Royal Wedding, and maybe a little dress up, and a little Vaseline on the lens, will make Jason Kenney feel better after his bruising bout with Justin Trudeau.

Where he insulted Trudeau in the most queenish manner, by claiming he had the political depth of a "finger bowl."

Only to have most observers empty the dainty finger bowl on his tinsel tiara.

And have Justin Trudeau leave him looking more like a drag queen than a real one.

Or whatever...

For while Kenney stamped his tiny feet in his tiny glass plastic slippers, and refused to apologize for his vulgar behaviour. 

Trudeau invoked the memory of his father to thoroughly out class him. 

"It was almost 20 years ago that I spoke at my father's funeral and highlighted how I was raised. I welcome robust disagreements over policy, over issues," Trudeau said. 

"But it is not my practice, and it is not I think helpful, to make personal attacks or to denigrate an individual. My father raised me better than that and I'm not going to engage."

Or at the very least teach the old queen some manners, and show him how a Canadian politician should behave.

Which must surely have been one of the most embarrassing things to happen to Jasonella since he packed up his finger bowls, and his cocktail napkins, and set off for Alberta to become a pretend cowboy...

Or a midnight cowboy....

And to add insult to injury, even the Con friendly Don Martin is describing Kenney's attack on Trudeau as really dumb. 

As that great 1994 philosopher Forrest Gump once observed, "stupid is as stupid does". 

Watching a likely future premier like Jason Kenney going ballistic without cause, going personal without provocation and tainting future relations with a prime minister for no provincial gain does seem stupid. 

So it probably is.

Which no doubt left the old queen slowly stewing and vowing revenge...

But had most Canadians laughing their asses off, wondering why Alberta seems to attract losers like Kenney.

And of course giving thanks that we have a real leader like Justin Trudeau...

A real Canadian

And his father's son...


  1. Anonymous11:18 AM

    absolutely wonderful simon

    1. Hi anon@11:18 AM....Thank you, i’m happy you liked it. I despise the hate mongering bully Kenney, but he inspires me. Although as my Mum would say, in all the wrong ways...😉

  2. Why do I get the feeling that the Alberta NDP held a party while they watched Jason reruns.

    Conservatives used to be famous for circling the wagons and shooting inward but I cannot remember them gratuitously attacking allies.

    1. Hi jrkrideau...the situation in Alberta and BC. Really is a nightmare, and all because of the curse of oil. I think Justin Trudeau is doing what he can to elect Rachel Notley because he knows that if Kenney is elected this country will be stressed to the breaking point. Kenney is to our future what the iceberg was to the Titanic. I hope Albertans will see the danger in time but I’m not optimistic...

  3. Anonymous1:27 PM

    I lived in Alberta for a few years. It's Canada's equivalent of Texas. Guns, trucks, oil, rubes, and a whole lot of ignorance.

    Then you got the rig pigs with 2 houses, 3 vehicles, a motorcycle, a RV, an ATV, a skidoo, a boat, speeding around yelling profanities out the window. God forbid they lose their job, they blame Trudeau or Notley.

    And the many of the women ARE like Shiela "Gunner" Reid.

    1. e.a.f.3:25 PM

      That may describe some Albertans but not all by a stretch.

      Having friends who moved there in the 1980s they found neighbours to be much more friendly and helpful than those in B.C.

      when you refer to the rig pigs, remember most people living and working in Alberta came from other provinces. Alberta didn't have a big population prior to oil explosion. Calgary went from a nice sized city, which was easy to get around in the 1980s to a million people city in a couple of decades and they weren't all born there. A lot of those yahoos came from other parts of Canada.

    2. Hi anon@1:27 PM....I think that “rig pig” life as you call it, explains the bitterness that so many Albertans seem to feel, or the hatred they have for Justin Trudeau, as if he was responsible for the price of oil. I’m familiar with the situation since some of my childhood friends in Scotland, the sons of fishermen, who went to work on the oil rigs in the North Sea have also been affected by the fall in the price of oil. But somehow they have managed to be more philosophical than bitter...

    3. Hi e.a.f...yes, one can’t generalize about the people in Alberta. The province has provided a lot of good working class jobs in a country that hasn’t made enough of them, so I’m grateful for that. And i’ll never forget how the Fort Mcmurray fire brought out the best in Canadians. But there is also a reactionary streak in that province that Kenney has been feeding with his dog whistles and veiled attacks on LGBT children which is both sad and dangerous...

  4. Anonymous1:42 PM

    I enjoyed all of your post but your last picture and captions made me laugh so much I almost fell out of my chair. How do you manage to keep your sense of humour in the times we live in? Does it come naturally or do you have to work on it? Thank you for brightening up my day.

    1. Hi anon@1:42 PM...I’m glad I helped brighten up your day. With all the bad news in the world just a chuckle helps, and although i’m a pretty quiet guy i’ve always enjoyed making people laugh. But yes, I do sometimes have to work on it. But the best part is that even when I can’t quite manage it, I find myself laughing at some graphic I made, and it makes everything worthwhile...😺

  5. Anonymous3:02 PM

    I think Kenney is just trying to get his name in the news again, by catering to all the Trudeau haters in that backward province. He has always been a disgusting hate monger and Alberta has always been more American than Canadian. So if they want to separate I say go for it.

    1. Anonymous4:30 PM

      Wow ! backward province you need to get out more ! I hope as well that Alberta separates' with in 10 years we will have no personal income tax and be one of the richest countries in the world. Alberta people have a better work ethic than most anywhere in Canada that's why people keep coming here from all over Canada. The jealousy by those like you are laughable. What I wold like to see as your kind would never do is stand up and reject the extra 15 billion a year Alberta has sent you because your elected idiots could never run a balance budget. 500 billion Alberta has sent east just so ignorant people as yourself can snub your ignorant face at Albertans. Sad that your that dumb.

    2. Jackie Blue8:03 PM

      @Anonymous 4:30 -- Right, because Brexit worked out terrific for the UK didn't it? I'm sure Albexit would meet with similar success. Sad that "your" that dumb. Low-energy, failing, dopey clown.

      At this point, I feel the same way as @Anonymous 3:02 about the Jesusland/Trumpland states on my side of the 49th. If they like their trailer-park Confederacy, they can keep their trailer-park Confederacy. We'll even send Ted Cruz back home so he can have a nice tar-swamp orgy rolling in the swill with his fellow punchable porkers Kenney and Harper.

      Let the redneck bastards freeze in the dark.

    3. Hi anon@3:02 PM...I agree that Kenney is trying to get his name in the news, but one shouldn’t generalize or wish that Alberta would separate because we are better and stronger together. Canada is a very young country, and it has its growing pains, but compared to places like Scotland where almost every inch of ground has been soaked with blood over the centuries, we’re doing pretty good, even if we could do better...

    4. Hi anon@4:30 PM...I wouldn’t call Alberta backward either, but your attitude doesn’t help things either. Your province is only rich because of all that tarry stuff in the ground. So don’t make it sound it’s because you work harder than people in the rest of Canada. In fact other Canadians have more of a reason to complain than you do. Thanks to the so_called Dutch Disease your booming oil economy helped kill good manufacturing jobs all over the place. And as for your separatist dreams, they are just a fantasy. Your oil wealth will not last, and unless you green your economy, you will end up dependent on the rest of Canada as you once were during the dust bowl days. As I said we are better together...

    5. Hi Jackie...I admit I sometimes feel the same way, and just wish that Alberta wasn’t so greedy or so aggressive and so American. But that is what history made them, there are a lot of good people there, and threatening to send Ted Cruz back to Canada would be cruel and unusual punishment. Even Alberta doesn’t deserve that...🤠

    6. e.a.f.4:13 PM

      Backward province???? get a gripe there kid. while Toronto was electing the likes of Rob Ford and his brother, the City of Calgary elected their mayor, the First Muslim Mayor of a major city in North America. A backward province doesn't do that. The Mayor of Calgary, Naheed Nenshi has a B.A. in Commerce and a Masters in Public Policy from Harvard. Backward provinces or states don't elected people like Nenshi They elect the likes of What we have and had in surrey, B.C. and the Fords. No Alberta even in the days of old did some progressive things.

      In the 1980s, friends of mine moved there from B.C. and instead of having to go to 2 different day care centers, the children went to one, were taken to and from school, took the infant, all for more than half of what they paid in Vancouver and to top it off they were government licensed and inspected. You don't have that in back ward provinces, decent day care back in the 1980s which was affordable.

      Much has changed in the intervening years because some of the premiers weren't that great, but certainly the province of Alberta was way ahead of B.C. in some areas and that included seniors care back already in the 1980s. They passed laws which made it much more difficult for families to financially abuse seniors, small community hospitals, which of course other premiers closed, but on the whole Alberta has always looked pretty good to me. Oh, and Calgary had great community centers for kids.

      Yes Alberta has the red necks and some times as some say, the closer you get to Red Deer, the redder the politics. As to rig pigs you can find them in any province. Some times they're Porsche pigs also and Lamborghini pigs and snobs.

      Having had relatives who might have qualified as "rig pigs", they were also very generous and did a fair share of charity work. Best not to judge a book by its cover. Some people like to spend their disposable income on "toys/rigs" other on drugs and booze, or trips to other countries, art, etc. In our own way we are all variations of "rig pigs" and pretty snooty about it also.

      As I've always said, better employed in Alberta than unemployed in B.C.

  6. e.a.f.3:21 PM

    The first picture almost make me loose my coffee. reminder to self, don't look at the pictures with coffee in your mouth. Laughing so hard will wreck the keyboard. thank you for starting my day off well.

    Kenny most likely picked up the line from some one else. Its funny, but not in the context he used it. Its one thing to use the line while talking about people at a cocktail party but to use it on your political revivals in public is oh so tackie. that's the sort of line you'd expect from an American politician.

    It is comments like this which make me think the Cons in alberta made a mistake to elect Jason as their leader. They ought to hve gone with Brian. Didn't like his politics any better, but he has more substance.

    The Conservatives may not get elected in the next Alberta election. Notley might win. Given her handling of things like Fort McMurray, good and the pipeline "debate", excellent. Hey I don't like her position, but from a political perspective, she is doing a great job for Alberta and it might just get her re elected. (living in B.C. I don't want the tankers going through our harbours and out onto our waters).

  7. Jackie Blue7:53 PM

    Those poor Corgis. I hope they got their shots to inoculate themselves against whatever diseases Jason the swamp creature is carrying around.

    But try as he might he just can't drag JT down into the muck. Once again Trudeau wins by default TKO as Kenney somehow managed to punch himself square in the snout. Rope-a-dope, works every time.

  8. Hi e.a.f....I dislike rudeness of any kind, and I thought Kenney was both vulgar and disrespectful. No politician in my life time has been attacked as viciously as Justin Trudeau, and yet he never responds in kind, which is one of the big reasons I like him so much. Like you I am hoping that Notley can defeat Kenney, but that ghastly freak has poisoned the well so much I’m not optimistic, and mark my words, it will be a tragedy for Alberta and Canada...

  9. Hi Jackie...yes, the SPCA should definitely intervene, and take the Corgis off to one animal shelter, and Kenney off to another, preferably one for monkeys...🙉

  10. Of course Alberta is just a stepping stone to his real desire, to be the Governor of the 52nd state Canada.

    1. e.a.f.4:15 PM

      steve, he wants to be P.M. of Canada, not just one of 52. He just doesn't understand a lot of people in Canada won't like him and as to the U.S.A. he couldn't get elected to much of anything.

    2. my take was he wants to make Canada the 52 state, not just Alberta.

  11. e.a.f.7:26 PM

    No he doesn't because he could never be President of the U.S.A. Kenny has an inflated sense of his qualities. It comes from his religious delusions.

  12. Anonymous1:02 AM

    Kinder Morgan abandons a permit application as Ottawa ponders Trans Mountain takeover

    Prime Minister Trudeau is now offering to bail out this Texas-based multinational corporation. This taxpayer-funded bailout could be up to $10 BILLION!


    (Video) The Kinder Morgan pipeline: too risky for BC's coast