Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Doug Ford and the Swamp People

Doug Ford's handlers have been pulling out all the stops, trying to portray their candidate as Mr Nice Guy.

The kind of guy you can trust to run a lemonade stand, and/or Canada's most powerful province.

But sadly for him too many people know Dougie.

And it's just not working.

For as the Toronto Star's editorial board recently remarked, Ford is neck deep in the swamp.

Call it a swamp. Call it a gravy train. But this week, the Ford campaign is looking messier by the day.

He doesn't have a costed platform, the police are already investigating some of his candidates, the stench of corruption is everywhere. 

The National Post has reported that Parm Gill, a PC candidate in Milton, asked another party member in 2016 not to challenge him for a nomination, suggesting a gravy train of well-paying jobs would be available should the party win the election.

One promise after the other has already been broken.

Ford rode in to succeed disgraced former PC leader Patrick Brown on the twin promises of clean government and watching every penny of spending. 

The latest news of corruption and enthusiastic, if premature, trough-snuffling suggested he hasn’t succeeded at that even within his own party.

And whether you call it the gravy train or the porky train...

It seems the people are noticing and he's going down, down, down. 

The Ontario election race is heating up as a new poll shows the New Democrats gaining momentum and Progressive Conservatives losing ground.

If the election were held tomorrow, 37 per cent of decided voters in Ontario would vote NDP, up two points since last week, according to a new Ipsos poll conducted on behalf of Global News. Thirty-six per cent would vote for the PCs, which is down four points since last week.

But here's the problem. A recent Abacus poll that also showed the gap narrowing.

Also made it clear why Ford is still favoured to win...

More older people than younger people can be reliably counted on to vote.

So we need to do something about that.

As I told my followers on Twitter, I've got my own ideas about how to make voting more exciting...

But if you live in Ontario, I don't care what age you are, we need you to help get out the vote.

And I know you won't regret it eh?

For what could be more exciting than snatching victory from the jaws of defeat? 

Burying the Cons under a heap of their own manure.

And returning this beast and his Cons to the swamp where they belong....


  1. The conservatives have the most diligent group of voters wrapped up. Always have too.
    The challenge is always to get the young people out.
    They can and do make a difference. Every vote counts.

    1. Anonymous9:40 PM

      You are so right, Ryan, and it's a challenge across North America from what I've read/observed. The "crawl over broken glass to vote" standard hasn't been passed on to younger generations...yet, anyway. Let's hope they come out to make a difference.
      In the last Alberta election (that elected the NDP), my nephew (who had NEVER voted, ever) actually went out and voted, believing that change was possible. So, it can happen.

    2. Hi Ryan...It is difficult to get younger people out to vote, principally in my opinion because few parties ever make an honest effort to address their concerns. Which is of course a Catch 22, for the fewer younger people who turn out, the less their concerns are addressed. However, in the last federal election they turned up in large numbers, and helped win Justin Trudeau his majority. So if they do that again, they could at least deprive Ford of his majority...

  2. Anonymous9:04 PM

    I don’t dare say out loud that we can defeat Ford and his swamp people lest I jinx us.đŸ€ž But I am hugely encouraged that Ford no longer seems to be heading for a humongous majority. I remember how you urged the young generation to get out and vote during the last federal election, And I’m glad you are doing it again. It’s going to be harder this time because many millennials are scattered all over the place starting summer jobs. But we will do it!!

    1. hi anon@9:04 PM... I know how you feel, not daring to open your mouth, lest you jinx our side. I suspect you're not alone. At least I sometimes feel that way too ;) But I'm glad you are at least hopeful that we can get younger people to turn out and vote, even though as you point out it will be harder this time...

  3. stop the madness vote strategic or NDP

    1. Hi Steve...I never tell people who to vote for until the very last day of the campaign, but judging from the polls I think many people are already following your advice. What I do hope for is that both the NDP and the Liberals stop spending so much time attacking each other, and more time attacking the real enemy, Ape Ford and his gang of criminal incompetents...

  4. Anonymous9:41 PM

    Although I was impressed with Wynne's talk at a campaign stop in TO today, it's now clear that the way to avoid Ford is to vote NDP.

    With no path to victory for Wynne, I trust that Liberals will cross their fingers and vote NDP rather than splitting the vote on the left and handing the Ontario government to a thuggish drug dealer.

    1. hi anonymous...It does seem that the NDP has the best chance of defeating Ford and forming a government. But if they are to count on the support of many Liberals they should stop attacking them harshly, or the net effect could be to make many of them not want to vote at all...

  5. e.a.f.9:49 PM

    Loved the last picture. If Ford gets elected Ontario will become the most corrupt province in Canada. First Quebec had it. they had an inquiry. Then B.C. had the title. They voted another political party into office, actually two. If Ford is elected Ontario will win the title.

    The people of Ontario have three other parties to vote for, Greens, Liberals, and N.D.P. Combined they will be able to keep Ford out of the Premier's office, or we do hope so.

    those investigating Ford trumpster, might want to get on with the job quickly or they like the American FBI, etc find themselves under fire by the leader of the government.

    1. Anonymous8:40 AM

      Like their American cousins Con corruption tends to be immediate and thuggish. Not that other political parties are squeaky clean but with the modern Cons its anything goes crony capitalism at its finest.

    2. Hi e.a.f...I have never doubted that if Ford is elected he will preside over a government that will end up reeking of corruption. Every time I hear him speak he reminds of some character in a gangster movie. And if you've ever seen him in a rage, all he would need is a fedora and a baseball bat and he'd be a cinch for the part. And of course let's not forget that the Globe and Mail once wrote a huge story accusing him of being a major hash dealer, and that Ford threatened to sue them, but somehow never did...

  6. Anonymous7:33 AM

    I don’t believe the polls anymore but the latest seems like a nice dream. I wouldn’t be surprised if the NDP has an even greater lead. I suspect that those responding to polling questions are hard core politicos and those of an older demographic. The final results we see are always “adjusted to properly reflect the demographics” - whatever that is supposed to mean. It is supposed to be objective but has become very subjective - especially with Net polls. As for IVR polls & telephone polls, how many young people answer their phones to talk to pollsters instead of their friends?


    1. hi UU...I don't blame you for not believing the polls. They have been all over the place. I have never received a call on my mobile phone. And as you point out, even if many younger people do receive a call, how many are willing to spend the next ten minutes speaking to some pollster or robot? What also concerns me is that I have yet to see a political ad on even good old fashioned TV directed at any demographic. And since I live in a downtown neighbourhood dominated by high rises I haven't seen any lawn signs or any signs either. If you weren't paying attention you might not know that we are less than three weeks away from an election that could determine the future of Ontario and Canada...

  7. Jackie Blue1:50 PM

    Great article Simon, and hilarious artwork as usual. You should write a comic book about Doug and the swamp people. Maybe throw in some of Jordan Peterson's mutant lobsters and Andrew Scheer as Pepé the Frog. And Stephen Harper as the Loch Ness Monster. The kids gotta get out there, drain that swamp and keep the stench of con pollution the hell outta Lake Ontario!

    1. I am a socalist, who wonders if communism will bring us to a star trek universe. However attacking people for language in a free speech democracy rubs me the wrong way.

  8. Great Message Simon. The NDP should say if you want a good liberal goverment
    vote NDP, because the one called liberal became conservatives.