Wednesday, May 09, 2018

Doug Ford and the Wooing of the Religious Fanatics

I didn't have a chance to watch much of the first Ontario election debate, but what I saw of Doug Ford was enough.

For there he was straining to remember the lines his Team Harper handlers made him memorize.

While his fake followers jumped up and down outside.  

But of course they were just performers looking to make a few bucks.

And this is the really disturbing part, the two faces of Doug Ford.

Who while posing as a moderate, is still seeking to attract the support of religious fanatics and bigots.

For he may have been forced to fire their leader Tanya Granic Allen, after she was caught on tape venting her foamy homophobia in a disgusting manner.

But Ford is now wooing her and her ugly followers back into his arms, by vowing to give them all they want.

Doug Ford moved to appease social conservative voters on Tuesday, vowing to scrap and replace the Liberal government's sex-ed curriculum days after dropping one of its staunchest opponents as a candidate in the spring election.

And they couldn't be happier.

On Monday Charles McVety, one of the most virulent anti-gay bigots in the country, was at the debate, looking deeply concerned...

You know this guy...

But now the bloated bigot can scarcely contain himself.

And neither can Tanya Granic Allen.

Who seems to be back with her King Kong, and apparently giving him advice...

Calling Ontario's sex-ed curriculum "intolerant" when it's both reasonable and necessary.

And she's the intolerant religious fanatic who would deny the reality of gay children, and make it more acceptable or easier to bully them...

Which is absolutely unforgivable, and should disgust every decent Canadian.

And then there's this: 

The Progressive Conservative leader also said he'd tie post-secondary funding to free speech as he announced three education pledges ahead of Wednesday's official start to the campaign.

Who do you think that is designed to pleasure?


The leader of the bigoted Cons and his disgusting alt-right followers.

So now you know who the man behind the mask is, and what I think of him and other Con bigots and bullies.

And what they might do to our country if they are not stopped.

First they'll hurt the children.

And then they'll kill our Canada...   


  1. It is hared to put together a team that surpases the Brazilian Cabinet and the Trump Circus but we need to give Dougie credit for trying.

    Actors, what actors
    We were very confused by this situation, because we are getting record numbers of supporters to every event across Ontario. This was done by a local candidate and it won’t be continuing.
    Who is Doug throwing under the bus this time?

    If the polls are that favourable for the Cons, why do they feel the need to hire actors?

    1. Hi jrkrideau... my guess is that they needed some young bright faces to give the impression that Drug Ford is a man of the future, as well as a man of the people, they had to go commercial. With a candidate like Ford, NOTHING can be left to chance. It's just a hint of how tightly controlled his campaign will be...

  2. Anonymous11:45 AM

    The final push of the mediocre white man.

    1. Jackie Blue12:54 PM

      Trump is not really a populist, but rather part of a larger right-wing effort whose goal is to actually hurt their voters and then redirect the rage at nonwhites, Democrats, liberals, progressives or some other designated enemy.

      Trump/GOP voters, Ford/Scheer/Kenney voters, Brexit voters... Cutting their own noses to spite someone else's face.

    2. hi anon@11:45 AM...I like the sound of that. Although I prefer to call it the final push of the Cons. Now so devoid of ideas they can only count on bigotry to try to win elections. We know we're going to win, but will we survive them?

    3. hi Jackie...yes, there is no doubt that Trump's political mind, if we can call it that, was heavily influenced by his time on the wrestling circuit. The "sport" requires that "villains" be created to whip up the mob, and make fake justice seem even more satisfying. And as another study recently showed it was all about racism...

  3. Jackie Blue11:57 AM

    "The two faces of Doug Ford" -- one just as ugly as the other. And plenty of pockmarks in each of his... cheeks.

    But I see that the Andychrist still "beleives" in freedum to mispel ur hayt speach. Perhaps the Saskatchewan school curriculum is the one in need of modifications to address the question of Y Andy Kant Reed.

    Nothing is quite so dangerous as stupid bigots in yuge numbers. As any civilized American can tell you. These assholes belong in prison for seeking to replace the Charter with Paragraph 175.

    1. hi Jackie...This whole anti-sex curriculum election issue has been lifted practically word for word from the campaigns of the religious right in the United States. And yes, nothing is so dangerous as stupid bigots in due numbers. We're not as bad as the U.S. yet, but thanks to people like Kenney, Scheer, Levant, etc etc we're getting there in a hurry...

  4. Anonymous12:11 PM

    McVety used to brag that he could pick up the phone and call Harper anytime he wanted. But Ford seems to want to make him his consigliere, We aren't even going back to the 1950s, we're going back to the Middle Ages. I saw some poll that said 74 percent of People in Ontario want change for what?

    1. hi anon@12:11 PM...I used to make fun of McVety's claim that he " had Harper's ear" by making photo-shop graphics suggesting he had eaten it. Oh the good old days. ;)
      But I have to say that seeing that bloated bigot posing as Ford's spiritual advisor isn't at all funny. The man is so disgusting, no politician should go anywhere near him. And he just became my number one reason for defeating Ford...

  5. Anonymous3:51 PM

    Canadians better wake up. The religious right is keeping Trump afloat, and in this country they have elected Scheer and Kenney as party leaders. If they make Ford Premier of Ontario they will be halfway to turning this country into a theocracy. Everything we fought to build will be lost and this country will be just a shadow of what it once was.

    1. Jackie Blue6:35 PM

      As an American, I'd like to apologize for the partial responsibility of U.S. dark money and right-wing influence that's had an effect on you guys up north. The relationship between Canada and the U.S. has always been a sort of co-dependent abusive partnership with an unstable significant other. As we do not allow the president to have unlimited terms, the rest of the world has to hold its breath and pray every four or eight years that we won't have another angry outburst again. As Robin Williams said, "Canada is like a nice apartment upstairs from a meth lab." We're trying to fix that, but unfortunately, progress comes in fits and starts. And it'll take generations to repair the damage that we've done to our allies, including our neighbors upstairs.

      Part of me wonders if the goal of the American/international right-wing isn't to cripple Canada and Europe so that Americans will have nowhere to escape to and neither will anyone else. As one rather deplorable troll put it when issuing a drive-by comment on this blog, the goal of right-wingers is simply to have liberals live under their "tyranny." They don't care about what's best for the country, or the planet. They just want a jack boot on everyone's face for all eternity. See my posted comment about "sadopopulism" above. They're nihilists. False saviors that their own holy books warned about if only the sheep would pay attention and stop voting for, well, the Wolf Pack.

      Now, I have faith that most Canadians will vote against this garbage and that the arc of history in the long run bends toward justice. There is a determined and active Resistance that has every intent of disposing of villains like Trump, Harper, Scheer, Ford, Kenney, Le Pen, Putin, Erdoğan, Orbán, and Netanyahu in the dustbin of history. But as a warning, I want to say: don't get complacent, and always be on guard for dirty tricksters and Con artists who have no viable agenda other than grabbing power for themselves.

      Fight the good fight.

    2. Hi anon@3:51 PM...I'm afraid it won't be easy to convince Canadians that the religious right is now a major threat in this country. Most of them seem to believe that could only happen in the United States. But the Harper years saw many right-wing Christian groups spring up all over the country. They've spent a fortune trying to brainwash people into believing all kinds of nonsense, and now they're starting to flex their muscles all over this country. As you point out, so far they've helped elect Kenney, Scheer, and Ford. If Canadians can't spot a trend after that, they must be bind...

    3. hi Jackie...don't worry we don't blame you, and you don't have to apologize for anything. I'm afraid the late and very lamented Robin Williams was right: "Canada is like a nice apartment upstairs from a meth lab." Canadians might cling to the quaint notion that it couldn't happen here, but it was only matter of time before we were invaded by those religious fanatics. And like you I hope that what's happening will serve as a wake up call. The arc of history bends towards justice, and if we fight them harder than ever, we will get there sooner or later...

  6. Anonymous9:08 PM

    The actors were paid 75 dollars for six hours of work....less than minimum wage( 6 x 14 = 84 dollars),that is all you need to know about duhgie.

    1. Hi anon@9:08 PM...well as you may know, Ford is planning to do away with the minimum wage, so that's no surprise. His economic platform is early Mussolini, and his slogan "For the People" is nothing but a bad joke...

  7. Anonymous9:42 PM

    During the debate Dougie kept referring to his great political track record and how the Ford brothers saved Toronto a billion dollars during their political reign. For some reason no one asked him if he was so great why wasn't he elected mayor in 2014. Perhaps the question was too negative. Well it turns out that like all Cons the truth is a mirage. Dougie doesn't know the difference between the credit and debit side of a ledger... overall taxes increased and budget surplus decreased. Also electoral support at around 30% showed he was popular in higher income more affluent households. With the implosion of the Libs well underway and the NDP continuing to gain momentum a minority Con government or NDP/LIB coalition could be on the horizon. Dougie restrained would be a perfect ending to this mini Trumpian horror show. Suspect that the simplistic BS baffles brains Con artist does not do restraint very well.

    1. Hi RT...I honestly believe that Doug Ford is so dumb, he can't even properly memorize the very simple talking points Team Harper prepares for him every morning. His record at City Hall was simply appalling, and the Liberals and the NDP shouldn't let him get away with it. He was NOT for ordinary people, just another weapon for the rich to use to lower their taxes even more. And as that Keenan story shows, his campaign runs on fake news. The problem is that the campaign is a short one, a lot of people outside Toronto have no idea what Ford did or didn't do, so the opposition parties have to go after him like a pack of wolves or run out of time. If they do, I believe he can be held to a minority, or lose to the NDP and the Liberals. But if they don't, the result could be disastrous...

    2. Anonymous2:45 PM

      Speaking of talking points, you PMO trolls had better get to work. Aunty Kathleen is sagging in the polls and right now it looks like a PC government of one degree or another with NDP Opposition or an NDP government of one degree or another if they keep gaining. So Aunty Kathleen will need saving, and Team Trudeau had better get the fear mongering ramped up of how ON is going to burn if Kathleen isn't re-elected.

      ANYONE But Liberal.....

  8. I cant wait until Doug promises a monorail, you know its going to happen.