Friday, May 04, 2018

Doug Ford's Ghastly New TV Show

When we last left Doug Ford he had been muzzled by the Harper gang who are running his campaign, after being caught on tape offering to carve big chunks out of Greater Toronto's Greenbelt, and hand them over to salivating developers.

Muzzled like Hannibal the cannibal in The Silence of the Lambs, for embarrassing himself, and making the Cons look like the mob.

And of course for making a lot of people in Ontario wonder, if he is acting like this now, what would him and his Cons be like if they were THE GOVERNMENT?

And Ape Ford really was the Premier of Ontario.

And that's such a bestial and scary image, the Harperites are desperately trying to put lipstick on their ape.

By giving him his very own, fake or simulated TV news show.  

The report on the Ontario Conservative Leader’s electricity-rates announcement this week looked and felt like an actual TV-news item. But the video was not produced by a television station or working journalists. 

 It was one of several generated in recent days by the Ford campaign itself, a seemingly unprecedented way to showcase his message before the June 7 election — and compete with real news coverage that tends not to be so glowingly positive.

Where Dougie gets to ask himself questions, and doesn't have to worry about getting any hard ones he can't answer...

Because the "reporter" is his executive assistant, her job is to make him look good, and hopefully fool the ignorant masses into thinking that he knows what he is doing.

When of course he doesn't have a clue, and there's a reason he's muzzled.

But then it's not the first time his Harperite handlers have run a fake news show. 

Before there was FordLive there was 24/Seven...

The Con propaganda show where Great Leader always looked good, even as his brutish regime crumbled.

There was so much propaganda, and so many lies, even Big Brother was envious...

But of course, it didn't last.

It went down in flames in the ruins of the Con regime, and I must admit I enjoyed this version of its last show or Grand Finale...

And then there was the ill fated Ford Nation show...

Which was pulled off Sun TV News after only one airing, because the Ford brothers were so bad it took five hours to record, and eight hours to edit.

And hopefully Ford Nation Live will suffer the same fate.

But let nobody be fooled. It may be a freak show, it may be hilarious. But it's a totalitarian exercise designed to conceal the truth, or distort it, or turn it into fake news.

At a time like this one we need that like we need a hole in the head. Or a muzzle.

There are dark forces swirling around out there. 

The future of a province, and maybe even a country is at stake.

And the Harperites and their performing ape must be given the hook if our values are going to survive...


  1. Anonymous3:53 PM

    Thanks for that video Simon, and for reminding people how the Cons tried to brainwash us with that 24/Seven show. And let's not forget the almost one billion dollars they spent on those action plan ads trying to bribe us with our own money.

    1. hi anon@3:53're welcome I'm glad you liked it. I quite enjoyed researching this post, since I had almost forgotten the Con's propaganda campaigns, and how they tried to brainwash us all with our money. I worry that people will forget what a nightmare those years were, so I'm happy to do anything to keep those bad memories alive...

  2. Anonymous4:50 PM

    I'm surprised that his Harperite handlers have dared give Ford another show after what happened to the original Ford Nation. I'm sorry I never saw that one-show wonder because it must have been really bad. But I suppose Ford will just be reading his lines in this one, if he can read, so it will just be boring.

    1. hi anon @4:50 PM...I can't remember whether I watched the original Ford Nation or not. But they did produce five others on YouTube and I saw one of them, and yes it was really bad. Rob Ford had the personality or the weirdness to keep people watching, but Doug Ford has always been boring. Although I'm sure that if he does become Premier the province will become such a dog and pony show it will demean the whole country...

  3. Anonymous4:55 PM

    How cute. Doug's own "news channel" to promote all things Doug.
    Can I suggest a call sign, Simon? Ford's Universal Call to Kooks Everywhere, Duh! Or, FUCKE,D.

    1. hi JD...yes, that would be the kind of call sign that show requires, as well as a large gong. But what worries me more than the show itself is that it will almost certainly be used to restrict other media coverage. And worse like 24/Seven copies of the tapes will be distributed to small TV stations, who can't afford to be too fussy about where they came from. And then you'll have legit stations peddling Con propaganda masquerading as news, and we'll have a real problem...

  4. Anonymous6:35 PM

    The Harperites running his campaign know that unless they can muzzle Ford he will stick his foot in his mouth and self destruct. Watch them come up with some excuse to dodge the debates. By the time the campaign is over Ford is going to look like a giant blow up doll.

    1. hi anon@6:35 PM...just the thought of Ford as a giant blow up doll was deeply disturbing. But for the Harperites running his campaign it would be a dream come true. No embarrassing statements or bozo eruptions, and only a short list of talking points to memorize. Maybe I'm wrong, but knowing the Harperites that is the campaign they are going to run...

  5. Anonymous8:58 PM

    With a candidate like Dougie,distraction is a good strategy. Move the debate to media conspiracies and tainted politicians rather than Dougie's dismal track record and leadership ability. Considering the moderate stance that many of the party candidates adopted before Dougie and Allen rigged the vote it should be quite a circus in the legislature with baby Ford at the helm and the party is rebranded as the FordNation. Normally it takes one or two election cycles to oust the old guard after a significant change in direction. The Harper Cons had an advantage due to merger but it still took time to completely relocate into the sewer. Trump is still working on replacing Republicans with Trumpians as many not seeking reelection. Dougie is going to smack his gang over the head on day one. Should be interesting to see if they are all sheep or if some actually have some moralistic backbone.

  6. Hi RT...I have been reading up on what people who have worked with Ford in the past have to say about him. And if he does get a majority government I think it's going to look a lot like a second or third-rate Trump show. Dougie will start off by taking direction, but after a while his belief that he knows best will take over, and then the fun will begin. Or the nightmare...

  7. For what it is worth the select liberal hating QP panel is split on the idea that Ford should be both candidate and media medium.

    Should Elections Canada not look into AM640, and Postmedia for illegal campaign contributions?